Kidnapped Baby!Michael Teenager!Luke

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Prompt: Can u do one where Luke and Michael are in age plays Michael is 2 and Luke 14 and because Luke has a teenage tantrum at the park Luke gets kidnapped but he gets found at the end

Michael: Headspace of 2y/o

Luke: Headspace of 14y/o

Ashton: Daddy/Dad

Calum: Papa

Ashton woke up to blissful silence, which was a change in the 5SOS household. No screams, no fighting, no crying just serenity. It was almost too quiet.

"SURPRISE!" Ashton's wonderful boyfriend and sons shouted as they came into the room. Well Calum and Luke shouted, Michael just gurgled and clapped happily.

"Aw you made me breakfast?" Ashton grinned as Calum put it down on his lap and dropped Michael beside him.

"Of course baby." Calum smiled and kissed his forehead.

"Hey baby boy." Ashton cooed and kissed Michael's hair. "Thank you bub." He smiled at Luke.

"Hey I was thinking... how about we take a family trip to the park today? We could use a bit of fresh air." Calum laughed.

"I have plans." Luke groaned.

"Luke, you are coming out with us. Family is more important." Ashton sighed and took a sip of his coffee.

"But Dad..."

"No Luke. Go get dressed." Ashton said firmly. Luke huffed and stomped off to his bedroom muttering a string of curse words under his breath.

"And cut the attitude Luke!" Calum shouted after him.

"Mikey don't ever grow up to be a stroppy teenager." Ashton chuckled and gave his baby boy a cuddle. Michael just giggled.


When they finally arrived at the park Luke took Michael to the swings with a scowl on his face. Ashton and Calum were smiling to themselves at how childish he was being.

"Higher Lukey!" Michael giggled. Luke pushed him higher and higher until Michael was crying and begging Luke to let him down.

"Stop!" Michael sobbed. But Luke was in his own world glaring at his parents and cursing them out.

He hated them. They made him come to this stupid park with his stupid kid brother.

"DADDY!" Michael wailed. He wanted to get off and Luke wouldn't listen.

Ashton and Calum came running over as soon as they heard Michael scream. Ashton quickly stopped the swing and grabbed Michael off of it and cuddling him close, only for the swing to knock into Luke and push him to the ground.

"What the hell? Dad what the fuck are you doing?" Luke huffed from the floor.

"LUKE!" Calum shouted. Luke groaned in pain from the ground. The swing had really winded him. He slowly got up and glared at his family.

"What he hit me with a swing and I'm the one in the wrong?" Luke shouted. Everyone was staring at them by now.

"You swung Mikey so high he was screaming to get off." Ashton snapped.

"What so I deserve to be hit with a swing? Bullshit. I'm going for a walk." Luke snapped and walked off towards the pond.

He sat down on the grass infront of the pond and looked at the water. The tears began to pool in his eyes. It was obvious he felt like he didn't fit in, in his family. He felt as though his Daddies didn't care about him and it was all about Michael and Michael's happiness.

Suddenly he felt a hand go over his eyes and a gruff voice in his ear. Luke screamed as the man covered his mouth with his dirty hand. Luke struggled against him until the man kicked him and shoved him towards his van.

"Get in and shut up." The gruff voice said. Luke continued to struggle. He wished he had stayed with his family instead of running off. He was so stupid.


Ashton and Calum let Michael stay at the park for a while in hopes Luke would come back. After an hour had passed they were getting tired of waiting around. Michael was in the sandpit and it was beginning to drizzle.

"Come on bub, lets go home." Calum smiled and picked Michael up from the sand pit.

All of a sudden there was a very loud scream to be heard. Luke.

"That's Luke!" Ashton shouted and began running in the direction it came from. Calum kept up at a close distance with Michael on his hip. They were so worried about the teenager. He was in danger.

"STOP!" Ashton screamed seeing the grubby man with a withering Luke in his arms. Luke sighed in relief. Ashton came up to the man and began to punch him until he let Luke drop to the floor. Calum rushed to him and pulled him into his chest. Ashton continued to punch the man over and over again until he was a bloody pulp on the ground.

"Luke baby are you okay?" Calum asked the now sobbing boy.

"Did he hurt you?" Ashton asked frantically. He checked him over for bruises or marks and pulled him into a giant hug. "I love you so much baby boy."

"I'm okay." Luke hiccupped. He snuggled into Ashton's chest. It was safe in there."I'm sorry." He whispered.

"It's okay baby. I shouldn't have hit you with the swing." Ashton sighed and picked the boy up as he would with Michael.

"Love you Lukey." Michael shouted, reaching out to hug his brother. Ashton brought them in for a group hug.

"We all do Luke, that's why we need family time sometimes. So we never forget it." Calum smiled and kissed the boys forehead.

"Can we go home?" Luke asked shyly, the tears beginning to fade.

"Of course baby." Ashton mumbled as Luke fell asleep in Ashton's chest, right where he should be.


Okay cheesy af ending but I tried lmao, this took me 4 days to write because I've been ill and I'm tired 24/7 and take naps before I finish things ooops.

But I do have some very exciting news coming up...

Okay so I find this kinda exciting but the next few requests are either boys and y/n as baby or y/n as mummy so if you don't like that sorta thing then you don't have to read it, if you do it's probably going to be terrible because I've never wrote it before but I'm gonna try.

Also I'm collaborating in a 5SOS one shot book on homiecalum's account with a bunch of amazing authors so you should check that out!

I also recently found out so many of my favourite authors read this book and vote or comment and even request things {most of which I didn't realise it was them until I stalked them oops} but yeah that's cool. Hi homies! Moral of the story - I probably read your books and wait for them to be updated and don't realise it's you.


IT'S MY BIRTHDAY IN 5 DAYS FUCK YES!!!! I TURN 16 ON NOVEMBER 15TH! I'll probably try to do a birthday update but I'm going to be drinking the night before so I'll have a major hangover so I might have to write that beforehand or I can write you a drunk age play one shot or authors note on that night lmao that'd be funny.

I'm rambling anyway, I hope you've all had an incredible week.

Love you all,

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