Bad Girl Baby!Y/N Daddy!5SOS

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Prompt: Can you do one where y/n is in the headspace of a 2 year old and she gets dropped off at the guys house with a anonymous note explaining she does age play so the guys start taking care of her and she's scared so she acts out being naughty and they punish her and she gets even more scared and idk end it with a fluffy ending?

Y/N - Headspace of 2y/o

Ashton - Daddy

Calum - Papa

Luke - Dada

Michael - Baba

"I am so gonna beat you!" Michael shouted as him and Luke played Mario Kart. Calum was just laughing at them whilst he was on his phone and Ashton was cooking food for all of them. 

"No you're not!" Luke screamed as he, as Princess Peach skided past Michael's Baby Mario just before the finish line. 

"Get in!!" Luke shouted doing a victory lap round the room. Calum recorded it on his phone for the fans to see online.

Ashton chuckled as he walked over to the door, which had been knocked on previously. He opened it to see a teenage girl there around 19. You were dressed in a pink dress with pigtails.

"Hello?" He asked curiously. You began to cry. Ashton didn't know what to do. 

"Ashton who are you making cry?" Calum asked as he walked over and saw you. "Woah." He spoke looking at the beautiful girl.

"There's a note." Luke said coming over with Michael. Ashton picked up the note attached to your pink backpack and opened it up.

This is Y/N. She is an ageplay baby and needs a new home. Please take care of her. Supplies are in her bag. Her headspace is around 2. Thank you. M x

"What the hell is ageplay?" Michael asked as the boys brought you inside. 

"It's when someone goes into a headspace of a younger age and someone takes care of them. Or someone dresses up as a baby during sex." Luke said. Everyone stared at him awkwardly. "What? I was searching stress relievers and it came up. It's meant to be a good one too." He said scratching the back of his neck.

"Okayy... So what do we do?" Calum asks him.

"Treat her like a two year old. Bottles, naptime, highchair, baby food, cot, diapers ect." He said. Ashton looked in your bag and saw a few diapers, some jars of baby food and a bottle.

"Well if we're doing this we need more supplies." Ashton spoke. Him and Calum agreed to go out while Michael and Luke settle you in.

You looked at the strange men towering over you. You knew they looked friendly but you couldn't help but be scared. 

"Y/N? Do you want us to be your new daddies?" Luke asked you softly. You stared up at him with your big Y/E/C eyes. 

"Wes." You mumbled hugging your teddy bear closer to your chest. You peed your diaper a little as the blonde man picked you up. You began to cry again softly.

"Hey, hey. It's okay baby. Don't cry." Luke said bouncing you up and down. When that didn't work Michael got his guitar from the other room and began strumming a familiar tune. 

"I was already missing before the night I left. Just me and my shadow and all of my regrets. Who am I?Who am I when I don't know myself? Who am I? Who am I? Invisible." Michael sang andyour tears subsided. 

"There we go thatta girl." He smiled at you. You reached out for him and Luke handed you over. You snuggled into Michael's chest and laid your head there bobbing on your dummy. You locked eyes with Luke and hid from him in his chest. 

"Hey! I'm not that scary am I?" He chuckled beginning to tickle you.

"Luke you're a fucking giant of course you're scary." Michael chuckled.

"Fuck." You shouted happily. You thought if the tall man with colourful hair said it you could too. 

"Shit, don't say that!" Michael said.

"Shit!" You repeated.

"Crap!" Luke said and rubbed his hands down his face.

"Crap!" You said. Luke and Michael looked at eachother.

"They are bad words Y/N. Okay? You can't say them or you'll get punished." Luke explained. You nodded and wriggled to get down. Once you were on the floor you sat in the middle of the living room.

"Hey babygirl!" Ashton said as he walked through the door with millions of bags. 

"FUCK!" You shouted, running over to him.

"Y/N? Where did you hear that word?" Calum asked. You pointed at Luke and Michael and smirked. 

"You can't say that." Ashton spoke sternly.

"FUCK! SHIT! CRAP!" You shouted as you ran around the living room. You knew it was bad but you wanted to see how far they would go. You didn't trust them yet.

"Time out." Ashton said as he picked you up. He sat you on a kitchen chair facing the wall. 

"You do not get up. You do not speak. I will be back to get you in 5 minutes." Ashton spoke to you and walked off.

You began to cry. You didn't like being punished. You felt alone. 

5 minutes later Ashton came back to you.

"Y/N why were you punished?" He asked you.

"I said bad words." You whispered. 

"And will you do it again?" Ashton asked you.

"No Daddy. I'm sorry." You said and gave him a hug. He grinned at you as you pulled away.

"You called me Daddy!" He shouted happily. You nodded and giggled. He picked you up and the boys all came in for a group hug.

"Papa." You said pointing at Calum. "Dada." You said pointing at Luke and finally looking to Michael, your favourite already you said "Baba."

"Baby we love you." Michael whispered in your ear.

"Love you too." You mumbled as you drifted off to sleep. Today had been an eventful day.

OMG I wrote one. FINALLY! Okay so I have finished exams I took a few days to myself because I had a bad migraine during my last exam and I'm not on speaking terms with my dad anymore lmao. BUT I am back!

I expect to write more of these from now on. I think I have 3 requests? I don't really know I'm pretty sure I lost them all so if you did request something give me a nudge. 

I am also going to start a Teen Wolf preference book soon. I know it's more and more but it's a looooong summer and I'm getting rid of my One Direction Age Play after I do the last few prompts.

I watched Teen Wolf all 5 seasons in a week lmao. I am so obsessed. Also OITNB OMG THAT FINALE THO. I cried in episode 12 omg. And PLL what the fuck Rollins?

Omg anyway I am in a lot more fandoms than you think so is there anything you want me to write about?? Also any good suggestions for me to watch whilst I'm bored haha.

Last thing, I recently started a diet and I have lost half a stone. I am really hella proud of myself, and I can't wait to carry on my journey.

I love you guys, I'm back.

H xx

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