Lost Baby!Luke {Lashton}

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Prompt: Can it be a baby!luke and daddy!ashton where he takes Luke to Disneyworld however Luke's get lost and Ashton finds him crying and wet so takes him home and comforts him

Luke: Headspace of 2 y/o

Ashton: Daddy

"Come on Lukey, it's time to meet Mickey and Cinderella and Peter Pan." Ashton soothed, rubbing Luke's belly trying to wake him up.

Luke giggled as his daddy kept rubbing his belly because he was tickling him. "Daddy top!" Luke shrieked happily.

"Okay baby. Let's get you dressed." Ashton smiled picking him up out of the portable crib Ashton had set up in their hotel room.

"Mickey" Luke shouted. Ashton gave him a pointed look. "Sowwy." Luke smiled sheepishly.

"It's okay baby, just don't shout next time." Ashton smiled and grabbed Luke's Mickey Mouse costume. He first changed Luke's diaper and put his red dummy into his mouth. He then dressed Luke up whilst making faces making Luke giggle. He placed the mickey mouse ears on top of his head and smiled at his baby.

"Lukey Mickey?" Luke asked cutely looking in the mirror and smiling wide.

"Yes baby. You look so cute." Ashton smiled. He packed extra nappies, clothes and some money and a dummy just incase. "Remember baby, you can't have your dummy today." Ashton sighed. He was allowing him to stay in his headspace as long as he was careful and a dummy definitely wasn't careful. Ashton dressed up as Peter Pan so Luke didn't stand out.

He held onto Luke's hand tightly and lead him downstairs to the disney golf carts to take them to the park enterance.

Once they were inside the park, Luke looked around in amazement. Everything was so big and he could see Cinderella walking around taking pictures with people and he saw Snow White with the seven dwarfs. Luke was in his element and he never wanted to leave.

"What ride do you want to go on first Lukey?" Ashton asked the younger boy.

"Dumbo!" Luke squealed and pointed to the flying Elephants. Ashton chuckled and lead Luke over to the queue. They sat inside a pink elephant and Ashton put his arm around Luke after he strapped him in so he would feel safe.

"I drive Daddy?" Luke asked. Ashton nodded and Luke took the little wheel at the front and made out like he was driving.

"You enjoying this baby?" Ashton asked and Luke squealed as the elephant got higher. His eyes lit up. He whined as the ride began to stop.

"Topping Daddy." Luke pouted misprouncing stopping. Ashton smiled at his cute face and kissed his forehead.

"It's okay we can go on another ride okay?" Ashton smiled. Luke nodded.

Once they were safely out of the ride and on the ground Luke pulled Ashton towards the Magic Carpet ride. The queue was quite big so Ashton pulled Luke backwards a bit.

"Baby the queue is too big. How about we get some food first and then go on it?" Ashton asked.

"Okay." Luke pouted, mad that his Daddy wouldn't let him go on the ride.

Ashton brought Luke over to the hot dog stand and stood in the small queue. Luke saw Cinderella pass by again and he just needed to say hello to her.

Luke ran towards her and smiled and waved. She waved back and gave him a hug.

"You look cute Mickey!" She smiled and booped his nose.

"Thank wou Cindy." He smiled at her and clasped his hands together rocking backwards and forwards on the balls of his feet.

"No worries." She smiled and walked on. Luke looked around to go back to his Daddy but he was nowhere to be seen. He started to cry turning around trying to spot his Daddy but it was too hard. He ran to the closest bench and curled up into a ball and began to sob.

Meanwhile Ashton had just got two hotdogs and looked behind him to find Luke was gone. He muttered a string of curse words under his breathe and dropped the hot dogs running around food court to try find his baby.

"LUKE! LUKE!" Ashton screamed as he ran. People gave him odd looks but he didn't care, he needed to find his baby.

"Daddy" Luke wailed loudly. Ashton spotted him and ran to him, scooping him up into his arms and holding him close.

"Baby I'm sorry. You're okay. You're okay I promise." Ashton mumbled and kissed Luke's forehead repeatedly. He walked towards the toilets and continued to calm Luke down. He got to the baby changing toilet and walked in, locking the door. He placed Luke on the changing table and gave him his dummy.

"I scared." Luke mumbled around the dummy, sobs slowly subsiding. Ashton changed his soaking diaper and dealt with the angry nappy rash he had obtained on his bum.

"I know baby but Daddy's here now. You're safe." Ashton mumbled, picking him up and cuddling him again.

"I love you Daddy." Lukey mumbled resting his cheek on his Daddy's shoulder.

"I love you too Lukey." Ashton smiled, taking him to the other rides and ending the day watching the fireworks, hand in hand with his baby boy.

Okay so the ending is crap but at least I finally updated!

School has been so stressful and I was getting bullied and my depression got out of control again. I started counselling but my counsellor thinks I'm okay and said I don't need anymore sessions which is bullshit.

But I'm off for the next week so I'll try write as much as possible and the next two weeks will be okay too but the week after that I will be bogged down with mocks.
Just be aware I may not be able to update consistently anymore. I'm in my last year and it's stressful af.

I love you all and thank you for all your continuous support

H xx

P.S I have 2 prompts for this book so send them babies in :)


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