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So I wanted to make this "Public Service Announcement" to address a couple things, so here we go.

1. My Update Schedule
So as you guys know I haven't updated regularly in a while, and I haven't actually updated in a month. Let me explain that.

So basically two months ago my step-mum died and it hit me hard as you know and it took me a month to actually get used to the fact she's gone and it's still hard but I'm okay.

Also my mum's very sick. She has a condition which makes her very ill and tired and sometimes she's unable to move and I have to help her do things and she's in a lot of pain. Until she has her tumor removed I have to help her around the house which is why I'm always busy.

And I'm also sick. At the minute I'm basically mute. And maybe you're thinking 'how does this affect your writing?' Well 3 and a half weeks ago I was diagnosed with 2 throat infections and I lost my voice to a squeak and a whisper and everyone laughed at me and took the mock out of my voice and it hurts. It really hurts when people do that to something you can't change. Anyway I'm still like that although I have improved and it's a louder higher whisper. But people still make jokes and it sucks. It's frustrating because I want to talk, I want to sing, shout, scream but I can't. and it's driving me crazy. I've always wanted to sing for a living and make my voice heard and do good in the world and I could have no voice forever from this if I've damaged my vocal chords and my plans will be ruined. So it all around sucks and it brings me down so I don't feel up to updating.

I've also been having trouble sleeping. My insomnia is really bad at the minute and one night I got no sleep at all and had to run on coffee all day at school. I was exhausted yet still couldn't sleep that night. It makes me tired to do things and restless and nothing gets me to sleep and it sucks.

I've also had my exams and tests and assessments to deal with and school has been hard. I have to deal with this stress as well as everything else and I get anxiety at school because of my voice and I can't ask for things or answer the register and it's really annoying.

But as you guys know.. iTS ALMOST SUMMER! Time to watch Netflix, eat food and update wattpad and most importantly sleep. so I will be updating more if not in the next few weeks when summer begins but I'll try to as much as I can.

2.Caitlyn Jenner

So most of you will know that the beautiful Caitlyn Jenner debuted herself to the world this week. I believe that's an amazing and beautiful thing to do. She's finally happy and that's all that should matter. People are being transphobic towards her and even using the wrong pronouns and names and I just think that if someone is brave enough to show their true selves to the world then that's beautiful and everyone should respect that. I think Caitlyn is doing an amazing job at handling everything and she is inspiring many transgender people all over the world and that's so amazing and makes me so happy and proud to be in a generation where the vast majority of the population accepts her for who she is because that's the way it should be.

I applaud you Caitlyn for coming out and being yourself so feircally (Audrey will know) and just inspiring people all over the world and using your media attention to try and make people understand transgender issues. You're a truly beautiful person inside and out and I'm so happy to be alive in the same generation as you.

I love you Caitlyn. Be free.

3. Be You

So I have recently been reading many fanfics that show different gender and sexuality issues and I believe that should be explored and taught to the whole world.

Sex doesn't define gender. Sex is physical and gender is mental. You feel like a girl? Great! You feel like a boy? Good for you! You feel like both? Amazing! You feel like neither? Go you!

Trying to be someone you're not isn't worth the pain. There are people in the world that will listen and give you advice and will help you deal with everything. You're not weird or abnormal, you're you. And that's the most beautiful version of yourself.

Whether you're female, male, transgender, genderflux, bigender or no gender at all it doesn't matter. You're your own person and you're you. Its your body and your life. Be yourself and be free.

Whether you're a boy and just like wearing make up and skirts that's okay. If you're happy then fuck everyone else.

Also with sexuality, who cares who you're attracted to or not. Who cares if you're straight, gay, bisexual, pansexual, asexual or anything else? You're the way God made you to be.

And the whole homophobic Christian thing is bullshit. If God didn't want people to be gay men wouldn't have a g spot up their ass.

God made you to be you and fly free and show the world what you're made of. You should never be afraid of admitting your gender or sexuality or anything else. Because that's what makes you you.

I was wondering if you wanted me to add another book with 5sos or one direction or both based on all these genders and sexualities to kind of explain them a little better or try to accurately display the struggles people go through.

So I guess that's it for now, but I just want to say if you ever need to talk to someone I'm here and I'll message you back asap or reply to your comment. I want you guys to be happy and be yourselves.

I love you guys.

H xx

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