Manchester Tribute

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Hey guys. I know I haven't been on at all recently. I've had a shit ton of college work and I have been and I still am very ill. I've been trying to work on stuff in the background and I will be back soon as I finish college in 4 weeks at the most. This post, however, is not about me.

I want to talk about the awful events of what happened on Monday night. As most of you know after Ariana Grande's concert in Manchester an evil, twisted man detonated a bomb. This killed 22 people and injured 120.

I don't even have the words to express how sad and broken I am over this attack. It was senseless and pure evil. The victims were children. Children who had their whole life ahead of them. Children who went to a concert to see their favourite singer. Children who will never get to experience that again. Concerts are meant to be a safe space where everyone comes together, and then this happens.

I think this attack has affected me so much for a lot of reasons. The biggest one being that my little sister begged and begged my mum to let her go see Ariana in Manchester. She loves Ariana so much and she begged for months to go. My Mum refused because it was too expensive but all I can think about is what if my Mum had let her go? Would I still get to share a room with her and laugh with her? Would I still be seeing her face every day? It hurts so much because even if I was lucky and I didn't lose my sister because she didn't go, someone else did. They lost their sister, their brother, their son, their daughter, their mother, their father, their best friend, their family. I cannot begin to imagine what it would be like to be in their position. My sister had friends at that concert. All of them but one got out unharmed. One of them got a shrapnel injury. I'm so glad that it wasn't worse. They are all so lucky and I thank my lucky stars for that because I couldn't stand to see my sister broken over losing her friends.

Another reason is I live literally an hour away. It could've been my city. That is so so scary to think that I could've been in that attack. The fact there is police roaming around on the streets is scary, but we don't have military because we're not that big of a city. I'd say hopefully I'm safe but who knows anymore.

This attack has made me cry since it happened. They were fangirls, fanboys just like all of us. They were part of a fandom. They probably saved up for months for tickets, got them for their birthdays, begged and begged for them. We know what its like to be in that position. They're one of us. They're parts of our big family. That makes my heart break.

Ariana. She has such a big heart. I hate the fact she is going to blame herself for this when she couldn't have stopped it. She's broken right now. She's offered to pay for all the deceased's funerals. She's donating money to the victims. Her heart is beautiful. I feel so so bad for her. Right now she will be all over the place. If she doesn't perform for a while, don't be mean to her. If she wants to take months off, let her. If she cancels her tour, don't send angry messages to her. She needs time to heal. Don't make that any worse. Ariana, I love you. Please try not to blame yourself. You have so much support and when you're ready, we're here.

I also want to mention Syria's bus bombing the other day. It killed 126 people, 68 children. They were all refugees seeking safety and they were killed before they made it. That deeply saddens me. They don't deserve this. No one does.

My thoughts and prayers are with all of the victims and all of the deceased's families and friends. My heart goes out to you all. I hope you feel better soon.

Although Manchester's attack has shocked the world it has brought us all together. The amount of money raised for the victims and the people who helped such as the homeless man who tended to the wounded is so beautiful. Terrorists will NEVER tear us apart. When diasters happen we all pull together. I hate that this happened. I can't believe it still does. It enrages me and breaks my heart. When will it end?

I love you all, stay safe. If you need to talk, I'm here.


H xx

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