Get Well Soon Michael

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Okay so if you have a Twitter account and you're alive you'll know about Michael's accident with the pyro on stage.

I actually had multiple panic attacks over this accident mostly bc Michael is my sunshine and I'm still so fucking worried about him and it's been 4 hours.

I want to say that the jokes people were/are making are disgusting and some people who call themselves fans really shouldn't. If you were booing Michael outside the hotel or even followed him to the hospital and screamed for your money back you should be so ashamed of yourselves. He's hurt and it's not his fault. leave the poor guy alone.

Also the bond in the family has been strengthened and we've all come together to cheer up Michael and support him.

I wanna thank the other fandoms who've helped ours because it meant a lot. Also to the crew and security at the venue for dealing with it sensitively and so well, there's a video of a security guard hugging a crying fangirl and assuring her it's okay and it's so beautiful. Also the paramedics for reacting so quickly and helping my baby. And the boys for keeping us updated.

I want to give the crew, security, the boys, the family and especially Michael a massive hug BC this was a traumatic experience for all.

I want to say how proud I am of Michael for being such an angel and tweeting and smiling when he's in pain to reassure us. He's so fucking precious.

Now listen carefully. This accident may have caused scarring and baldness and you shouldn't point it out or make jokes, because it's going to upset him and he's always going to be beautiful inside and out no matter what. I don't want him to go back to the self conscious boy he used to be. If anyone does this I will personally come and stick a cactus up your ass.

Also if Michael doesn't perform tomorrow don't complain, just accept it. He'll be in a lot of pain and may still be in shock. He needs love and support okay?

I love you baby boy, get better soon. you mean the world to me ❤️

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