Terrorist Attacks

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Following the horrific events last night in Paris I wanted to make this to express my sorrow. Hundreds of innocent people were killed last night by terrorists who most of which were suicide bombers. More were injured and 100 people or more were taken hostage at a concert. There was shootings and grenades. London, Rome and Washington DC were then threatened. Gatwick Airport in London's north terminal has been evacuated today for a suspicious package found. Lebanon, Baghdad and other places have also been a victim of terrorism over the past couple of days. As well as Japan's earthquake and tsunami warning.

My prayers and love goes out to all those affected and all the dead ones families. What happened is horrific and shouldn't be happening in this day and age. Violence of this sort should never be a problem but unfortunately it is.

I just want to remind you all that terrorism is the face of no religion. They may use religion to justify their actions but they aren't. No religion condones violence and killing. People blame Isis on millions of innocent Muslims. ISIS have bombed Mosques and killed muslim followers. Don't stereotype terrorists. It could be anyone, any where.

Guys please stay safe. We never know when things like this are going to happen and I'd hate to see any of you injured or hurt. If your area has been put on lockdown or is at risk, stay indoors and stay safe. Don't risk it if you don't need to.

There will be a one shot up later

I love you guys,
Stay safe.
Hannah xx

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