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Forgotten Baby!Ashton Little!Michael

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Prompt: Can you please do one where one of the babies is sick and both daddies are too busy with him that they other baby feels forgotten and he somehow hurts himself and then he accidentally upsets his brother so his daddies get mad at him and spank him and put him in time-out and he feels like they hate him so he runs away and the daddies notice and they go out looking for him and can it be cute and fluffy at the end please

Ashton: Headspace of 2y/o

Michael: Headspace of 4y/o

Luke: Daddy

Calum: Papa

(I have a lot to say at the end lmao {mostly 5sos related})

"Daddy!" Ashton whined, dragging out his words. Luke snapped opened his eyes and groaned. He knew it was going to be a long day. As the cries grew louder Luke rolled out of bed.

"Wha... what time is it?" Calum slurred, groggily.

"6am, Ashton's crying. I'm gonna go see what's wrong. Go back to sleep." Luke mumbled and kissed his forehead, stroking his hair softly.

"Mkay." Calum mumbled and fell back asleep. Luke sighed and went into Ashton's room.

"Daddy." Ashton whimpered as Luke walked into the room. He was stood up against the rails crying.

"Yeah buddy, I'm here. What's all this noise huh?" Luke soothed, picking him up and cradling him to his chest. He immediately felt the heat radiating off him.

"Icky." Ashton whimpered, rubbing his face into Luke's neck.

"I can tell Bud. Let me go get Papa and we'll get you some medicine huh?"


"Yes lots of cuddles baby. Just stay in your crib for a second, okay?" Luke mumbled kissing his forehead and placing him back in his cot. Ashton hummed. Luke rubbed his baby's belly until he fell asleep again and then left the room.

"Is he okay?" Calum asked, sitting up.

"I thought you were asleep?" Luke asked raising his eyebrows.

"Nah." Calum smirked.

"He's sick. I'm gonna get him some medicine and a thermometer. Can you make him a bottle please?" Luke asked.

"Sure." Calum said, suddenly more awake.

Calum and Luke brought the medicine and bottle to their baby and took his temperature. Ashton wailed and whined until it was the time for cuddles.

Michael woke up to all the commotion. Why was everyone so loud this morning? His head hurt and he just wanted his Daddies. He stood up in his crib whining.

"Daddy? Papa?" He whimpered but no one came.

He stood there for what felt like ages. He finally felt the pain was too much and tried to climb out of the crib. He finally got one leg over after a lot of effort but his other leg was stuck. Michael tried to wiggle his leg out but it rocked the crib and it came down with a loud thud. Michael flew to the ground, landing on his back and banging his head off the floor. His head just hurt all over now, along with his back. His forehead just stung. He moved his hand up to his forehead in between his eyebrows and hissed. It hurt too much. He retracted his hand and saw something red. Blood. He started whimpering and crying. He ran to his parents room, but they weren't there. He went into Ashton's room and saw them all cuddled up.

"Daddy?" Michael whimpered. Neither of his Daddies looked at him.

"Michael, go away please."


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