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Prompt: Can you do a y/n one where the boys are her dads please :) 

Y/N - Headspace of 2y/o

Ashton - Daddy

Calum - Papa

Luke - Dada

Michael -  Baba

"Y/N... baby. It's time to get up."  Ashton said quietly rubbing your belly to wake you up. You had slept a long time last night, you must have been extremely tired.

"Daddy." You whined and yawned.

He picked you up and gave you a cuddle. He quickly changed your diaper and then he got you dressed in a cute white and pink polka dot summer dress with some little pink shoes.

"Breakfast?" You lisped around your dummy.

"Baba made us strawberry pancakes!" Ashton giggled kissing your forehead.

He took you downstairs and greeted all the boys good morning. They all have you cuddles and a kiss on the forehead before you were put in your high chair.

"There you go munchkin." Michael said as he gave you your breakfast and kissed your forehead.

You began to eat your pancakes messily while the boys talked, ate, drank their coffee and occasionally steal a look at you and smile adoringly.

"So bub what should we do today??" Calum asked you as he took your plate away.

Luke began to tickle you whilst cleaning your face making you giggle. He kissed you lovingly.

"Park!" You shouted clapping your hands.

"Want a picnic too?" Michael asked. Ashton nodded and they began to rush around making picnic foods.

"Come on sweetie we'll go play while they sort out the picnic." Luke said taking you to the living room. You got out your colouring book and one for Luke and you began to colour in a picture of a cat.

"Look Daddy!" You beamed as Ashton walked in the room 20 minutes later.

"That's wonderful! I love purple cats!" He said looking at the scribbled over cat. He could tell you'd worked hard to stay in the lines but with no avail.

"It's beautiful baby. Should we put it on the fridge?" Luke asked ripping it out of the book and picking you up.

"Yes Dada!" You giggled with glee. He took you to the kitchen and you placed it among your other drawings.

"Wow!" Calum said kissing your nose.

"You're gonna make it big someday kid." Michael said pretending to tear up making you giggle.

"Come on! It'll be dark soon!" Ashton shouted from the front door.

"Calm down its only 11am." Michael chuckled as you all walked out the house. You sat on Luke's shoulders marvelling seeing the world this high.

You pointed out every bird, tree, flower and thing you could find, fascinated by the colours and beauty of the nature surrounding you.

"Bootiful!" You shouted clapping your hands making your Daddies giggle.

They loved seeing you happy and they would do anything to get you there. They would fly to the moon to get you a hot dog if you asked them to. Your love was unconditional.

"What do you want to go on first?" Calum asked.

You took his hand and lead him to the swings.

"Papa push me high so I can touch the clouds!" You giggled.

"Okay baby." You swung your legs and went into the clouds. The wind swept through your hair and you felt like a superhero flying through the clouds to save people.

"Papa! We need to go save the cat over there." You giggled pointing at the treehouse climbing frame.

Calum caught onto your game and ran with you and helped you up to save the cat.

"You're safe now Kitty." You said to the imaginary cat in your arms.

"SuperY/N to the rescue!" Calum shouted and lifted you up spinning you around.

You ran around with him for around 2 hours before you both went down the slide and went to join the rest of your family.

"You hungry munchkin?" Michael asked you.

"Very." You sighed and collapsed in Luke's lap.

"PB&J?" He asked you, holding out a sandwich.

You nodded and took the sandwich and ate it quickly.

"Another?" He laughed.

"Keep 'em coming." You said. Your daddies laughed at you and gave you some sandwiches and a ribena.

You eventually fell asleep on Luke and Michael. They smiled adoringly at you soaking up the last few hours of sunlight before taking you home and tucking you into your crib.

"We love you baby." Ashton whispered as he kissed your forehead, the other boys following suit.

They left you to dream and they went to bed themselves tired from the day out, especially Calum who felt like he'd run a mile - thanks to you.

So I updated!! So the next 6 weeks are exams so expect little to no updates but after that I have until September off with no holidays booked so I will post more then but you might get sporadic updates like this because I need to relax sometimes lmao.

I love you all and hoped you enjoyed this. It's short but sweet.

Thank you for everything

H xx

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