Secrets Baby!Calum Teen!Ashton

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I'm sorry I didn't put this in sooner I wasn't in the headspace at the time and wasn't thinking about other people's triggers. I hope I haven't offended anyone and please do not read if you are triggered by these things. I'm always here if you need help.

Prompt: Could you PLEASE PLEASE do a 5SOS One Shot where Ashton invited his best friend over (best friend a girl) and then Calum annoys them the whole time saying that Ashton has a girlfriend and then Ashton locks him out of his room. When his best friend leaves Luke and Micheal go and talk to him but Ashton get pissed off and then a yelling match starts and Ashton locks himself in his room once Luke and Micheal leave and then he tells his real parents that he is gay and they disown him so he then tells Luke and Micheal but they don't believe him so he tries to commit suicide but Calum walks in when Ashton is about to jump off a char with a sting of rope around his neck attached to the ceiling fan and blood dripping down his arms so Calum comes out of his head space and saves Ashton and then Ashton tells him that he is gay and Calum believes him. Luke and Micheal then find out about Ashton and then they have a big fluffy ending wih Ashton and Calum in their headspaces.

Calum: Headspace 2 y/o

Ashton: Headspace of 13 y/o

Luke: Dad/Daddy

Michael: Papa

"Dad, can I have a friend over please?" Ashton asked Luke coming into the kitchen where Luke was feeding baby Calum some mashed bananas.

Calum banged on the high hair table. "Hey bub, that's naughty." Luke giggled giving him another spoonful of food. "Um sure, who is it?" Luke asked wiping Calum's mouth.

"Annabelle." Ashton smiled, making faces at his baby brother.

"Sure but keep the door open." Luke smiled giving Calum his last spoonful of food.

"Thanks Dad." Ashton smiled and hugged him tightly before skipping out of the room.

"Ashy!" Calum whined, trying to get out of his chair.

"Calm down Cal." Michael chucked coming into the room. He took Calum out of his highchair and set him on the floor where he ran to Ashton's room.

"Ashy!" Calum shouted going into his big brothers room, wanting to play.

"Cal, I'm busy. We can play later." Ashton smiled.

"Now Ashy." Calum pouted.

"I said I'm busy now leave." Ashton mumbled angrily as the door bell rang. He shoved past Calum and went down the stairs.

Calum started crying. He only wanted to play with his big brother.

"Hey baby, what's wrong?"

"Ashy won't play with me." Calum whined.

"Well he's with his friend. Why don't you colour him a picture?" Michael suggested sitting Calum down in his playroom.

"Okay!" Calum nodded enthusiastically, sitting down at the colourful table and grabbed a piece of paper and the pens.

He grabbed the blue and drew a face and a long body. He then grabbed the green and drew a small face and body. He drew a yellow sun in the corner and grass on the floor. He then used the full space left to draw two long bodies with small heads, and arms. He stuck his tongue out in concentration as he scribbled across the paper. He smiled to himself proud and giggled.

He rushed to Ashton's room and burst in to see him and a girl on his bed.

"ASHY LOOK WHAT I DR- is this your girlfriend Ashy?" Calum giggled, looking at the girl. She cooed the younger boy and took the picture from him and smiled, pinning it on Ashton's wall.

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