The Waterfall

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I slip my swimsuit on and pull on my shorts and zip up my sweatshirt. I slip on my sneakers. I grab my backpack and put it in my back. I grab my bowl of fruit salad from the fridge and ear that while I wait for Brady and Collin.
The door opens and Paul comes on followed by Brady and Collin. "You ready Jess?" Brady asks.
"Yeah."I respond. I stand up and walk over to them. "See you later Paul." I tell him.
"Take care." He says.
"Always do." I respond. We walk outside and walk to the store to by some food and drinks. "So where are we going?" I ask.
"You'll see when we get there." Collin answers putting his stuff in his backpack. Leave the store and Jacob is leaning on the wall with a backpack as well and wearing swimming shorts, and a t-shirt. I stop and look at Brady and Collin.
"What's he doing here." I ask them.
"He heard us yesterday, asked if he could come. We said you wouldn't like him to come but he said he was coming anyway, if you liked it or not." Brady answers. He sees us and walks over.
"You guys ready?" He asks.
"Yeah." Collin says.
"Let's go in the woods at the beach." Brady says. Brady and Collin walk infront talking and Jacob walks next to me behind them. I was looking in the woods avoiding him. I would feel him looking at me but I ignore it. We watch our step so we don't trip with the tree roots. I start to hear a water falling like a waterfall.
"We are almost there." Brady says and they start to run, so do Jacob and I. The sound of the water cones closer and closer until it's infront of us. I stop and take in the view. I set my backpack on a branch and unzip my sweatshirt, undo my shoes and take off shorts. "Brady, Collin this is awesome." I tell them. They smile, "We found it one day when we were potroling and we have come ever since." Collin says.
"I brought a rope so we can tie it from that tree and swing into the water." Brady says taking the rope out of his backpack. "Jacob can you tie it to the branch?" He asks.
"Sure." He takes it and ties it then makes sure it's safe by trying it out first. I run up to the top from where the water falls.
I look down at the water. This is just like cliff diving only the high is my so high. I jump off, I put my arms infront of me and dive in perfectly. I swim to where the guys are swinging out of the tree. I feel something underneath me. I swim a little faster but whatever underneath is now carrying me. I look down and I'm on Jacob's shoulder. Brady swings in right next to us which causes Jacob to lose some of his balance.
"Put me down Jacob." I order him when he has gained his balance.
"Jessica I'm not going to put you down. You miss me I know you do, just don't want to admit it." He responds holding on to my legs tighter. He is right, but I've had enough of him.
"Put me down Jacob." I tell him again.
"Nope." He responds and I groan.
"Your have to put me down at some point." I tell him.
"Want me to put you down?" He asks.
"Yes." I respond.
" 'Kay then." He says. He bends down but then he picks me up and throws me head first in the water. I stand up and take in the air for my lungs. I look at Jacob.
"I'm going to get you back."I tell him and go for him. He stops laughing and Collin and Brady keep laughing. I try to run as best as I can in the water. He does the same moving to the center and we start to get deeper. "Jacob I'll get you back not right now, but later or some other time but you'll most likely now when it was me." I tell him. I swim to get out and get out a big towel and place it on the ground and take out the food we bought.
"Yum food." Brady amd Collin say sitting down. Jacob comes and pulls out some more food from his backpack as well as Brady and Collin. We eat, talk, laugh and have a good time. For one time in a while I'm actually enjoying Jacob's presence. We aren't arguing or fighting we are taking, laughing like we used to.
I swing from the rope we tied on the branch as well as jumping off the top from where the water falls. We did some swimming races and had a water fight. Brady, Collin and Jacob huddled together. I walked past them up to the top. I sit down at the edge and look at where they were huddled but they are gone. I look around at the bottom and in the water but they aren't there. I stand up and before I could turn around I'm being scooped up from behind. Jacob, Brady, and Colin all holding me. I move around and demand to be put down but they ignore me. They stand at the edge swinging me.
"No don't throw me in I will do it myself." I tell them.
"What fun will that be?" Collin says.
"Lots of fun."I tell them.
"But this is way funner." Brady says.
"You throw me in I'll get you back and I'll get you Jacob two times or it well be twice as bad as those morons." I tell him.
"I don't mind how many or how bad it is." He says.
"I hate you three." I tell them.
"No you don't Jessica." Collin says. Before I could say anything they aren't swinging me back and forth anymore. I scream but then the water muffler the sound. I swim out and run at them and they run away from me. I'm so mad, I hate them. I slow done to a jog. Who am I kidding Collin is right I don't hate them. I turn back and run to my backpack I look up but the trees are covering the sky. I take phone out and check the time. It's 6:30, dang it. We are late for dinner at Emily's. I take out my shorts, t-shirt, and tennis shoes.
"Guys we are late for dinner at Emily's!" I yell letting them know. I walk away and stand behind a tree with a big trunk and change into my dry clothes. I walk back to the guys and they are also wearing dry clothes.
"So should we go out to dinner or should we order something?" Collin asks slinging on his backpack.
"Let's go out it will be on me." Jacob says. "after ot before we rag we could go to the movies." He suggests.
"How about we go out and it on me and you." I tell him.
"No Jessica, it will be all on me. That way you only got to get Collin and Brady and not me." He says.
"No Jacob. We will pay half and half." I say. "And I don't want to here anymore." I tell him.
" 'Kay then, we will go to our homes take a shower and meet up at Jacob's." Brady says.
"Sounds good." I say we walk together to the beach and then Jacob leaves the opposite direction then Collin, Brady and I.
"You now I you and Jacob did not fight while we were over there." Collin says after a while.
"Quiet, Collin you might jinx it." I say playfully pushing him so he bumps into Brady. "Before I leave for taking me there I will take you guys somewhere." I tell them.
"Okay." We pass Collin house and then Brady's who are neighbors.
"See you at Jacob's Jessie." Brady says.
"See you." I responds and jog the rest of the way home.
I slip on light blue jeans and a tank top and a cardigan over it. I put on a necklace with a key and a heart, rings a bracelet, and earings of the jewelry the same gold color. I change the phone case to one of my favorite favorite ones that is a wolf like Leah with a dream catcher on its side, it is howling. I slip in in my pocket and grab my wallet. I go downstairs and Paul is sitting on the couch with Rachel watching the TV.
"Hi Rachel." I say as I go on the living room.
"Hi Jessica, didn't see you at Sam's today neither Collin and Brady and my brother haven't seen him since this morning." She tell me.
"Yeah I was with them all day and we lost track of time so we didn't go to Emily's." I tell her, Paul look at me.
"You where with Jacob the whole day?" He asks.
"I know right." I tell him. "I got to go. I'll be back later Paul." I say grabbing my keys from where we keep them.
"What time will you be back?" He asks.
"Don't know? Late." I respond.
"Where are you going?" He ask.
"To dinner with Brady, Collin and Jacob." I respond.
"Are you you and Jacob again?" He asks.
"No, he came along with Brady and Collin and he said we should go to dinner together do I'm going to me them up at his house."I say getting annoyed. "Don't worry Paul I'll be alright. I'm a little worried about you two tho." I smirk at him and Rachel blushes and so does Paul a little. I leave then and I close the door and I hear Rachel ask Paul.
"What did you mean when you said, Are you and Jacob again?" She ask.
"Long story." He responds. "If I tell you that means I have to tell you more then just about them." Paul responds. He is going to tell them about us. Hope she doesn't freak out about it.
I walk into the garage. I feel like using my motorcycle tonight. I get on and drive to Jacob's.

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