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(The picture is of Devery Jacobs who in book/story is Jessica Lahote. Paul sister and Jacob's imprint.)

According to my brother, Jacob left to his house after potrol. So I will not see him at lunch. I have been avoiding him since he phased. If u have potrol with him I block out his thoughts from mine and my thoughts from his. Paul and I drop at Embry's house. I knock on the door and Ms. Call opens the door.
"Hi how can I help you?" She asks us.
"Hi Ms. Call, is Embry home?" I ask her. She is quiet for a while before talking again.
"And how are you." She asks looking at Paul and then back at me.
"We are his friends. We just wanted to see if he was going to hang out with is today." Paul answers her getting bored.
"I'll go get him." She says and closes the door and leaves us outside.
"Don't you just love his mom." He says leaning on the wall.
"Be quiet Paul. Not everyone likes you either." I say defending Embry's mom.the door opens and just like Paul, Embry pops up without a shirt. What a surprise.
"Hey guys. What's up?" He asks.
"Hey Em, Sam called for us. Jared is already over there." I tell him. He nods and we walk over to Sams house. The smell of food hits my nose, reminded me of how hungry I am. Paul starts running and says race you when he is long gone.
"Cheater." I whisper. Embry looks at me and smiles crookedly. We walk inside and sit and eat some of the food Emily has made.
"So what are we doing to day." Jared asks taking a bite of his chicken and waving it around his face.
"We are going to potrol for a while, and we can go to the beach. Take some food, do some cliff diving." Sam suggested.
"Sounds good." Embry said and we nodded.
"Okay then. Let's go get Jacob." He says and kisses Emily. This is just great. Sam won't let me out of this one. They are already suspecting something, and the know that Embry knows what it is. I sigh and wait for them. Sam walks in front and then Paul and Jared walking behind him at his side, and Embry and I behind Paul and Jared.
We walk out of the woods and there is a red truck parked at the front of the Black's house. We howl to let Jacob know we are here. A very pail girl with brown hair, shorter than me walks out of the house.
"That's Bella Swan." Embry informs me.
"That is Bella Swan." I say looking at her march angrier with every step.
"What did you do?" She asks. "What did you do?!" She demands hitting Sam in his chest. Our instincts hit us and we step up to protect our alpha. "What did you do?!" Bella demands again. Sam extends his arm out yelling is to stop.
"What did we do? We did he do? What did he tell you?" Paul asks her already mad, his breaths getting heavier. Sam steps in and looks at them.
"Both of you calm down." He says placing his hand on Paul's chest.
"Nothing. He tells me nothing because he is scared of you." She answers. We all start to grin and laugh, everyone but Sam. Bella looks at us and then back at Paul. She swings her arm back and it hits Paul on his face. Paul steps back and starts breathing heavily, and that sets me off as well. She slapped my brother. Who does she think she is.
"What the fuck is wrong with you!" I yell at her, and I start shaking.
"The twins are going to explode." Jared grins.
"Calm down." Sam orders us but that impossible now.
"To late know." Embry says like if he read my thought.
"Bella get back." Sam orders her. She looks at us her eyes growing wide. "Paul, Jessica calm down know." I feel my body change into my other form. Into my German Shepherd like fur colored wolf. Bella starts walking back, she turns around and starts sprinting away from us. 'Wait a go Paul.' I say.
'Shut up Jessica, you phased to.'
'Yeah, she slapped you and that did it.' I tryed to reason with him. 'Oh look, her "hero" is here.' I roll my eyes and move next to Sam. Jacob jumps off the porch and start running at Paul. Before they could crash into each other Bella went for the floor and Jacob phased as he jumped over her. 'Impressive.'
'Shut it, Jessica!' He snaps at me.
'Sorry we woke you up.' I lay down. They charge at each other and snap there teeth and dig there claws into each other. 'Your dead if you hurt him bad.' I warn him. They disappear into the woods.
"Hey guys, take Bella back to Emily's place." Sam tells Jared and Embry while looking at Bella. "Jessica come with me." I get up.
"The wolf is out of the bag." Embry says walking over to the shocked Bella Swan. Sam and I run in the direction of the growling. I jump in and break them apart. Paul and Jacob try to get at each other again but Sam pops up in his wolf form.
'Enough.' He barks. I look at Paul.
'You okay?'I ask him.
'I'm fine Jess. Minor scratches that's it.' He answers, and walk over to my side. 'I love you sis.'
'I love you too bro.' I respond.
'Sam, I know I am big trouble. But can we talk later, I want to speak with Jessica.' Jacob pleads.
'Fine. Let's go Paul.' They start to walk off.
'You guys aren't going to leave us alone are you?' I ask.
'We are. See you in a few.' Paul say before changing. 'What do you want Jacob?!' I snap at him. He looked hurt and then regained himself.
'I want to apologize.' He says.
'For what.'
'For yelling at you and Embry the day you guys told us we couldn't hang out together.'
'Fine apology accepted.' I tell him.
'What happened to the Jessica I meet in school. The one that was a happy person. The one that wasn't a dull person?!' He asks.
'She is gone. Long gone.' I respond. I look at him. His eyes meet mine and he freezes. I turn around and run away. I phase back and put on clothes that I hide. "Great. Just great." I mumble to myself. I take out my phone and text Embry.

To Embry:
Meet me at the cliffs at 5:30.
From Jessica.

I send it and walk home.

Jacob's P.O.V

I...I im..imprinted on Jessica Lahote. I haven't noticed how beautiful she is. Her brown hair, her eyes. Her eyes I look at them and I am lost in a maze. Jessica Lahote is my imprint. Paul is going to kill me when he figures it out. I wonder if she imprinted on me. I phase back and put on my clothes. I lean on the doorframe of the front door to Emily's house. Bella was leaning on the wall nibbling on a muffin Emily made. She sees me and I smile at her. She walks over and me walk to the beach. I don't know who I love anymore. If Bella or Jessica. My heart tells me Jessica, but my head tells me Bella. This is just great. I hate my feelings they are so confusing. I lean on the doorframe of the front door. Bella looks at me and walks over. We walk to the beach. I trail behind her thinking of my problems.
"So your a werewolf." She says. I walk faster to catch up to her.
"Yeah, last time I checked." I answer. "A few lucky members of the tribe have the gene. If a bloodsucker move into town, and then the fever sets in." I explain.
"Mono." Bella says.
"Yeah, I wish." I say wishing that it could've been mono.
"Well can't you find a way to just...stop?" She asks. I walk faster and turn to look at her. "I mean it's wrong."
"Its not a lifestyle, Bella. I was born this way i can't help it." I say with total seriousness. "Your such a hypocritilic. What I'm not the right of monster for you!" I ask/yell.
"It's not what you are." She answers looking at me from top to bottom. "It's what you do. They never hurt anybody. You have killed people, Jake." What? Why does she think that.
"Bella, we are not killing anyone." I say stepping forward. She looks dumbstruck.
"Then who is?" She asks confused.
"What we are trying to protect you people from." I reply. "The only thing we do kill." I stop and then continue. "Vampires."
"No Jake you cant." She says shaking her head.
"Don't worry, we can't touch your little precious Cullens. At least, they violate the treaty."
"Its not what I'm saying." She objects. "You can't kill a vampire they will kill you."
"Really we took out that vampire with treads very easily."
"Laurant." She says happier.
"His redheaded girlfriend is next." I say confendantly.
"V..V...Victoria." She say stumbling over the name. "Victoria is here."
"We chased her to the Canadian border the other night. She keeps coming back. We don't know what she's after." Bella eyes widen.
"I do." She stops and yjen speaks again. "Me." I got to go tell Sam.

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