The Final Battle

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Today Sam has ordered us to spend today with our loved ones. The only loved one I guess would be Paul. But I already spent half of the day with him it's Rachel's turn to have him. Rex and I are finishing to open our Christmas presents. Rex got alot of things from Sean, and Jared and I, but mostly Jared. I expected most of them to be from Sean. I hold my last present, a long thin box. From Alice. A note says us it will, and it won't lie. I keep skating it but I don't know what it could be. I open it and in that box there is a pregnancy test. I stare at it wide eyed. It's not possible. But the only way to figure the truth is to take the test.

I wait not ready to see the results. Okay here I go. I look at it. I tested positive. I leave that there in the bathroom and go lay on the couch. I'm pregnant. The only person the father can be is Sean. But how? Neither of us can reproduce. I grab a jacket and my boots. Rex and I get in the truck and I drove to the beach.
We walk on the sand as I think. I shouldn't phase if I'm pregnant but I've phased already a lot and I've already had this and I feel the same. I promise to myself that tomorrow is that last time I phase until I give birth. This is something I'm going to keep to myself. I sit on a fallen tree and put my hand on my stomach that has a small bump. "Hello in there. This is your mommy speaking." I say. "I hope you can hear me, cause I'm just going to give you a heads up. It's going to be a bumpy ride inside there." I grin widely and then this little me or little Sean brightened my day. Right now I feel facenated that I'm carrying a human being on me. I've never really thought of being a mother but now that I will be, I'll be the best mother I can be. A new species will be born. A shape-shifting, human vampire. Or human, shape-shifter, and vampire is in me right now. I want to tell someone but who? I know Emily. I get up and I drive to Sam's.

I walk on and Emily is by herself. "Hey Em." I say and sit down with her.
"Hello Jessica. What are you doing here?" She asks.
"I need to tell you something. Is Sam here?" I ask.
"No he just left to talk to Jacob." She responds.
"Okay I need you to keep this a secret until after what will happen tomorrow." I tell her.
"Okay. What is this secret?" Emily asks.
"Emily I'm pregnant." I tell her. I don't know why but it feels good to have told someone.
"What?! How long? Who's? Your not going tomorrow right?" She asks.
"Probably a few weeks, Sean's, and I am going tomorrow." I respond.
"You can't go Jessica you might lose the baby." She says.
"I know but I've shifted alot I'm the past weeks. I promised tomorrow is going to be the last time I phase until I give birth." I tell her.
"Have you told Sean?" Emily asks.
"No." I respond. "Your the only one that knows and you have to keep this a secret until after words." I tell her.
"Okay. I want you to take good care of yourself and the child. I won't tell anyone. Can I tell the girls tomorrow after you guys have left?" She asks.
"Sure why not." I respond.

Following day

We walk out of the trees behind the vampires on our side. Some of us howl, others snarl, growl. Seth and Jacob go up front beside Bella, Edward and Renesmee. A mass of black cloaked figures walk out from the woods infront of us.
They are more then us. I tell Sam.
It doesn't matter. We will fight them if we have too. Sam responds.
I spot the blonde vampire also part of the Denali coven from the wedding, that made this happen. Carlisle steps forward once the other vampires have stopped moving.
"Aro, let's discuss this like in the old times. In a civilized matter." He says.
"Fair word Carlisle." The leader says. "But a little out of place with the battalion you have assembled against us."
"I can promise you that was never my intent." Carlisle asures him. "No laws have been broken."
"We see the child." A blond male says. "Do not treat us like fools."
"She is not an immortal." Carlisle yells for all of us to hear. "These witnesses can a test to that." He says motioning to us. "You can look. See the flesh of human blood in her cheeks."
"Artifice!" The blonde vampire says.
"I will collect every facet of the truth. From someone more central to the story." Aro says holding his hand to stop the dude from talking. "Edward. As the child clings to your new born mate." Renesmee hides behind Bella. Edward looks at Bella and Renesmee before moving forward to the leader. He takes Edwards hand and I don't know what is happening. Aro looks at Renesmee, and Edward takes away his hand from Aro. "I'd like to meet her." Aro tells Edward. Seth and Jacob growl from beside Bella. They walk forward then look back at Emmett. He moves from Rosalie's side to go with them. We watch them careful as the descend forward. "Ahh. Young Bella. Immortality becomes you." He tells her and looks at Renesmee. He laughs this weird terrible laugh. "I can here her strange heart." Aro says. Renesmee walks forward, Jacob and Seth growl.
"Hello Aro." Nessi says. Aro bends down and puts his hand out but Renesmee doesn't take it. She places her hand on his cheek. His expression shows fascination.
"Magnifico." He lefts his head up to look at us all. "Half immortal, half mortal. Concived and carried by this newborn. While she was still human." He tells his vampires.
"Impossible." The blonde vampire that jeeps interrupting says. I got to say he is getting on my nerves.
"You think they've fooled me brother?" Aro asks him. Edward, Bella and Renesmee come back and Jacob and Seth snarl and growl at them before leaving behind them with Emmett.
"Bring the informer." The blonde says watching us. "Is that the child you saw?" He asks the Denali coven member.
"I'm not sure." She says.
"Jane." He says.
"She's changed. This child is bigger." She looks at her sisters and at Edward, Bella.
"Then your addictions are false." Blondie tells her.
"The Cullens are inocent. I take full responsibility for my mistake." She says and mouths sorry to Bella. Two men come from behind.
"Caius no." Rdward yells at him. The vampire kill her and set her on fire. Her sisters start to make a run forward but all of the vapireis on our side try to stop them. Bella puts Renesmee on Seth's back. The thin man stops the sister that has electricity. "Blind them." Edward tells one of the vampires from the amozon.
"Give me my site back." Tanya orders.
"Tanya this is what they want." Edward tells her. "If you attack now we will all die." Edward walks away watching the other vampires. The leader looks at a small blonde girl.
"Pain." She says lookimg at Edward. Edward drops to the ground in pain. Bella stands concentrating and I guess she us shielding Edward and all of us. She looks at others to see if she could cuse them the same pain but he can't.
"Aro you see there is no law broken here." Carlisle says.
"Agreed." Aro says. "But doesn't islt then follow that there is no danger. For the first time in our history humans pose a threat to our kind." Aro says. "There modern technology, has given birth to weapons that can destroy us. Maintaining our secret has never been so imparitive. Only the known are safe." He says facing away from us. "Only the known are tolerable. We know nothing about this child." He says looking at Renesmee.
I know lost about that child. I mumble in my thoughts, but none of the guys pay attention to me.
"Can we live with unsertinety. We spare a fight today only to die tomorrow."
"Alice." Edward breaths out. I look to myside and see Alice and Jasper. She looks at me.
"He is safe." She says, and I nod at her.
What does that mean? Paul asks me and everyone else listens to us.
I love and wish the best for all of you guys. Alive and Jasper walk away from us to Aro. One of his guards stop them.
"My dear, dear Alice. I'm so glad to see you after all." Aro tells her.
"I have evidence that the child won't be a risk to our kind." Alice tells him. Hopefully Alice can get us out of where we stand right now. "Let me show you." She puts her hand out. They let go of Alice so she can sow Aro, but hold Jasper back. "It doesn't matter what I show you even when you see it you won't change your mind." Alice says taking her hand away from Aro. She looks at Bella and moths 'Now.' Renesmee looks at Bella but doesn't say anything. She moves forward to Jacob and Seth.
"Take care of my daughter." She tells them. Seth and Jacob turn around and run past us.
Bye Seth and Jacob. All of us tell them. They will live this.
"Get them." Caius orders a vampire. Alice kiks Aro under his chin and he goes flying in the air.
This is it. What we have been waiting for. Sam tells us. Aro lands on his feet and two men go and grab Alice. We move for one step ready to attack.
"Take her away." Aro orders. Alice and Jasper try to break free feom the grip of the men holding them.
"Let her go!" Carlisle orders them as he runs forward. Two vampires come at him but he gets ride of them. Carlisle jumps in the air and so does Aro. Carlisle lands face down on the floor and Aro on his feet. Aro stands up and he is holding Carlisle head.
Carlisle. We stand in shock. Carlisle is dead. The vampires infront of us run forward. Some of us also move forward but Sam stops us.
Wait until they make a move. Aro and his people attack as well and that's when we go. I run past them and jump jump. I rip the head of one of the vampires and shred him to smaller pieces. I finish with him and go do the same to more of them. This is what we were made to do. To have our people safe. A howl sounds in the air. I look up from the dead vampire underneath me. Leah was the one that howled. Collin is down. Laying on the floor lifeless. Brady stands beside Collins dead body. A vampire starts to run at Brady from be hind and he doesn't notice. I start to run to help Brady but I'm to late. The vampire that killed Brady smirks at me. I growl and attack him. It get me down and I try to get it off. He floor underneath me starts to shake. We both look to the side and vampire that can bend the elements, has his fists on the floor making a huge break in tge floor coming to us. I take this opportunity and push him with my legs in the hole. I stand up before I fall down as well. Paul has two coming his way and I go help him. One of them already gets to Paul and I get the other one. I take one of its arms first then bite down on his side and finally the head.
Nice job sis. Paul says.
Thanks you did good too. I tell him. We run in opposite directions. I see Leah fall into the trench with the lava. Arms go around my neck and I try to get it off but it's grip tightens. I get its arms off and he us on the floor. I jump on him but he kiks me I'm the stomach and I get terrible pain in my stomach. Then I feel pain all over my body. I try to stand up but the pain is just to much to take. I lay there. I'm done. The guys are busy they can't help me. I close my eyes.
At least Sean is safe. Buddy I'm sorry I couldn't save you. I tell my baby.
Jessica get up. Paul orders me.
I can't Paul. I tell him. I search for him and he is fighting a vampire.
You have to get up Jessica. Sam says using his alpha voice.
I can't! I'm in pain! I yell at them.
Is it that leech? Embry asks.
I don't think so. The leech right there kikied me in the stomach and I am. Or I was pregnant. Was the last thing I told them. The leech grabbed my head and twisted my head and it snaps.

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