Saved You

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I slip on a pair of black basketball shorts, a t-shirt, with my black Nikes.
"Morning Jessica." Paul says as I walk past the living room.
"Morning Paul. Ready for the fight?" I ask.
"He'll yeah. I'm ready to kik some leech." He responds. "And you?"
"Same." I lay down on the couch with my head on his lap, as he strokes his fingers in my hair.
"I dont like seeing you hurt." He says.
"You think I like getting hurt?" I respond.
"I'll always be their to fight him." He says. "Maybe then I'll crack his head and then he can see what is happening." I feel his body shake. I sit up and touch his arm.
"Paul calm down you want to phase go outside, but not inside" I order him pointing to the door. His shaking stops.
"I'm sorry Jess." He apologizes.
"It's okay. I know you Paul. I get you temper your not the only one with one." I tell him, I sit back down and we go to how we were before.
"I don't know of you've noticed but I want to tell you this, and it's the truth. Jacob breaks you." He says Jacob with hatred. "And Embry picks up those pieces and puts you back together." He is right. I don't want to hurt Embry and that is what I'm doing when he is picking up my broken pieces. Embry has always been there for me when I need him the most. That is one of the things that makes me love him being my best friend.
"I'm hurting Embry when he is doing that. I'm not picking up after myself and I will do that." I tell him. He sits me up on his lap and kisses my forhead.
"Your strong. Something all Lahote have as well as us being hotheaded." He tells me. "I love you Jessica. Your the best twin sister." He says hugging me tight and I hug him back.
"I love you too Paul. Best twin brother I could of wished for." I reapond. A howl breaks our moment.
"Looks like we have to go." Paul says.
"Of course it is Sam who interrupts moments." I say. We run out side taking off our clothes as we run to phase.
We are heading over now. They will arrive in 2 hours. Sam tells us. As we run over to the field. We run through the plan al the way to the meeting spot which wasn't fun.
Jessica go get Seth and tell him to head up now. Sam orders. I run up and find Seth.
Seth you can go up now and tell-
"JACOB!" We run up but hide in the trees. Jacob is walking away and Swan is calling for him. "Kiss me." I hear her order him. He stops and turns around and look at her.
I don't like this. Seth says as we whatch them.
Neither do I Seth. I agree with him.
"Jacob I want you to kiss me." She says determined. He walks forward taking big steps. He smashes his lips on hers. Kissing her. Kissing her away he has never kissed me.
"I'm sorry you have to see this." Edward says appearing next to Seth and I.
Don't be Edward. I'm sorry you have to listen to his thoughts as well as listening to her tell him to kiss her. I tell him. They stop kissing and they speak to each other.
"Jessica you should get going. You can follow me Seth." Edward says.
See you guys after. I tell them.
I'm sorry he did that to you. Seth says.
Seth. I can't feel any pain he has caused me. He might give me more pain but I'm already numb. I run down to everyone else. I stand in the order we always do, next to Sam.
Did you have a fun night and morning? I ask Jacob when he gets into his place.
I didn't do anything special last night or this morning. He lies.
Sure. I say and the pack just look at us confused. The new born vampires are fighting the Cullens now infront of us.
Now! Sam says and we jump out. They look frightened but then fight us. We fight beside the Cullens them helping us and us helping them. Before we know it we are done. Or at least thought we were. A leech comes out from the woods. Leah runs for him before any of us could. It moves around her back.
Leah. We all yell at her, Jacob takes him off of her. The leech moves around Jacob's body looking for a spot to hurt him. I'm not going to let him get hurt. I will be his protector and I have to protect him. I grab it in my jaws, it gets out and climbs on back. He get a hold of me and then pain on my upper half of my body hurts. Embry, Paul break it into many small pieces before setting it on fire. I phase back but it causes more pain as I shift back into my human form. I don't give a crap if they see me like this, I'm in too much pain to care. I wouldn't wish this on any one, not even the people I hate.
"Jessica." I hear them call.
"Her clothes." I hear Leah say.
"Give me I'll put th on." Edward says, and a growls follow. "I won't hurt her. It's going to be fast so she won't feel much pain." He explains. I get lifted up and then I'm back in the ground. "There." He says.
"I have to rebreak some of her bones." Carlisle says.
"The volturi they are coming." Pixies voice says.
"Take her to Black's, Sam's or her own home." Carlisle tells Sam.
"We will take her to her house." Sam replies. Sam and Jacob stand next to my shoulders. Paul and Jared and my waist and Embry and Quil at my feet.
"1,2,3 up." He says and they lift me up.
"Agh!" I say as the pain shots though my whole body. They walk through the woods as careful as possible to not make me feel any pain, but that's impossible.
"Leah get your mother." She doesn't say anything to Sam, and I does as told. "Seth take Paul's spot." I feel getting shifted from my waist, I grit my teeth to hold in the scream. Paul opens the door.
"Put her in the gest room. That way you don't have to go up to her room." Paul says. They set me down on the bed and they surround me.
"Jessica why did you do that. You wouldn't be hurt right now." Jacob yells at me.
"Back off Jacob." Sam orders
"You think I want you to feel this. I saved you from this pain and your yelling at me." I tell him pain going through me as I speak. "You cant speak to me with out yelling at me, without arguing. I saved you and your not thanking me for what I have done. Yiu kniw what Jacob? Go away I can't deal with you right now." I order him. He looks onto my eyes. "Go away." I tell him. With the little strength I have.
"Leave Jacob. She wants you gone!" Paul tells him getting mad. He doesn't leave and Paul takes him out. I hear him phase outside and growls. Leah and Sue walk in.
"Jessica." Sue says looking at me. Sue is is like is like the is like them other is like the mother I never had. "Leah go get a rag and wet it." She says, as she sees me. "Everyone else outside." She orders and they shuffle outside. Sue does what she can while Carlisle gets here.
"I got this Sue." Carlisle says walking inside with a bag and Edward behind him.

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