You got to take risks

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"Sam, I hear Quil can fry an egg on his forehead now. Guess he is next, and anytime soon." Jacob says.
"Yeah the Cullens are back. And the redhead comes and goes. There are going to be a few people from the rez phasing." Sam explains. "Can two of you go check on him?" He asks.
"I volunteer Jacob and Embry." I say walking into the living room.
"Jacob, Embry go check on Quil." Sam tells them.
"What! Why us." Jacob and Embry say and jump up from the couch.
"Because, you guys used to be besties." He says besties in a girl voice. "And Leah, Jessica and Seth will be going to potrol. I don't think Quil will let Paul and Jared in."
"Ugh. Fine." Jacob says, they walk out unhappily.
"You three. Get up and go tell your brother and Jared that they are done with potrol." He tells me.
We groan.
"You know Sam. We just love potrol." I say sarcastically, Leah and Seth play along.
"She is right Sam. We love potrol so much you should give Paul and Jared more potrol time." Seth suggest.
"How about I give you three more potrol time if you love it so much." He tells us.
"How about you don't." Leah suggest. We run off before he does gives us more potrol.
Paul, Jared we are shifting potrol. I let them know.
Okay, sis. Have fun potroling. Paul chuckles.
I will. I say.

Embry's P.O.V

"Embry, can I tell you something?" Jacob ask me, after a while of silence. Jacob, Quil and I used to be so close. But ever since we phased, Jacob and I don't hangout like we used to. I spend most of the time with Jessica or I'm grounded.
"Sure." I respond.
"I imprinted on Jessica. And yesterday we were talking and she told me she imprinted on me. I was going to tell her I imprinted on her, but I couldn't." He tells me.
"You imprinted on her. And she imprinted on you." I faked the shock.
"Yeah. No one know about this but you. Paul would kill me when he finds out." He says.
"Don't worry I won't tell him or anyone." I asure him.
"The thing is that my feelings are all over the place. I don't know what to do." He says moving his arms all around. "My head says I love Bella."
"I know that. When we potrol that's the only thing you think about. Bella Swan." I interrupt him. He glares at me and I don't say another word until he asks a question.
"My heart says Jessica. I see you and her and I get jealous. I don't know if you have noticed, but sometimes I leave. I see you two, being real close to each other or something like that. I get pissed and I phase of anger." I look down at the ground feeling guilty.
"I'm sorry, Jake. We are just friends." I tell him.
"I know that..... It's just the imprinting thing,.... takes over me." He he says pausing in between phrases. "I'm going to ask her to be my girlfriend."
"Im guessing you already have a plan?" I ask.
"Yeah I do. I'm going to tell her what i feel for her. And ask if she wants to be my girlfriend."
"Your saysing it like its that simple." We walk up the poch steps. We stand there looking at the door. I knock because Jake never did.
"I hope its is." He says, then I hear shuffling, and the door knob moves and opens.
"What are you doing here." Quil spats. I don't even have to get close to feel his heat temperature.
"We were just around and we wanted to check on you." Jacob says.
"Oh I'm fine." He say. "Ever since you guys left me, I have been bullied you know." He says getting angrier. Bullied. What?
"Wait, did you say you've been bullied." I ask disbelief evident in my voice.
"Yes bullied. They beat me up and crap. But of course you guys don't know. Your too busy following Sam around. They have broken my glasses, called me a nerd." He keeps going on and I start shaking as well as Jake. How could they do this to Quil with us not noticing. Quil also start shaking as he remembers what they have done to him. I manage to calm myself down.
"Jake, he is going to phase." I whisper, he stops shaking looks at me and then at Quil.
"Let's get him in to the woods." He whispers back to me. "Quil, follow us." He says.
"No!" He barks.
"Quil, listen to us before something bad happens. Sam is helping us, and he can help you as well." He don't respond but we push him out into the woods.
"See. This was one reason why I didn't want to come. We would be the reason why he would phase." I tell Jacob. He nods in agreement. We step back at a safe distance.
"Quil, let it all out. Don't fight it, let it take over." Jacob says. He started to shake even more and a growl broke out.

Jessica's P.o.v

I heard a growl in the distance but didn't pay much attention to it. Do you guys want to go to the beach after we are done with potrol? I ask the Clearwater siblings.
Yeah sure, we will meet at the beach. I'm going to change into something different. Leah says.
That sound great. We can cliff dive, swim, and we can take our surfboards. Seth suggest.
Awesome! I cheer. We run for a little longer and Sam pops in.
Jake and Embry are taking over now. We have a new member to the pack. He informs us.
Who is it? Seth beats me to ask the question.
Quil Ateara the V. He says shown us an image of him through the wolf telepathy.
Okay, thanks Sam. I thank him before phasing back like Leah and Seth. I walk around and find Leah and Seth.
"Should we invite my brother and Jared?" I ask.
"Yeah sure, why not?" Leah answers and Seth nods. We race back to Emily's me and Leah running our fastest to see which one of us is the fastest. Seth runs behind yelling at us to slow down but that ain't happening.
"We aren't going to slow down slow poke. Your just going to have to speed up." I yell back. He groans but picks up his pace. I see Paul and Jared talking outside of the house and I run faster making my strides bigger. Jared opens the door as he sees us running, I run past them and on to the couch. Someone is sitting on the other side where my head is. I close my eyes and set my head on the persons lap.
"Whoa there Speedy Gonzalez." The person says from above my head. I open my eyes and Quil has a huge grin on his face.
"Quil." I say and give him a hug, and he returns it. "Did you phase too?" I ask.
"Yeah. I'm part of the pack now." He says the grin never leaving his face.
"I'm guessing Sam is going to explain everything to you so, see you later." I get up and stand next to Leah.
"See you." He says.
"You guys ready?" I ask Leah and Seth.
"Yeah we just need to stop at our house on the way to the beach." Leah speaks up.
"Okay then. Paul, Jared, Emily, Sam, I would say Quil, Jacob and Embry. But Jacob and Embry have potrol, and Quil your decision is up to Sam. Anyone coming." I repatriation again.
"Jared and I are in." Paul says.
"I am going to cook dinner." Emily's sweet voice speaks.
"I'm going to teach Quil." Sams deep voice says.
"Excuses. Excuses." I shake my head.
"Jessica, can we speak?" Jacob ask before I walk out the door. I look at him and then at Embry who stand beside him. He smiles and nods at me.
"Sure." I say not so sure. I follow him outside and into the woods. "What's up?" I ask him.
"I want you to know what I feel for you." He says. "I love you Jessica Lahote. I imprinted on you. When you told me that you imprinted on me I thought I should tell you that I imprinted in you as well." He takes my hands in his. I feel something run through my body and back to his. "I understand if you say no. But I rather you say yes. Jessica Lahote do you want to be my girlfriend." I haven't spoken since he began and I don't know if I can.
"I..I." I don't know what to say. You got to take risk. "Yes. Yeah I want to be your girlfriend." I smiled up at him. He smiled back and I was caught off guard. His lips smashed against mine. I stood frozen, shocked at his action. But gave in at the end. The way our lips moved, how they fit just right. Made me fall deeper for him. I can't help falling in love with you Jacob Black. What do you do with me Jacob Black. We pull away our foreheads touching. "You have to go and I have to as well." I smiled at him. He kissed me quickly before running off into the woods. I look at the direction he left, a huge grin placed on my face. I see the guys, and Leah infront of Emily's. I try to get myself under control but I can't.
"Let's go." I say from where I stand.

"Let's go cliff diving first." Jared says.
"Yeah, let's go." Seth, Paul, Jared run up to the cliff. "Leah." I say when they are far away. "Jacob and I are going out." I tell her. She looks at me with a shocked expression. "And he kissed me." I smile remembering our kiss.
"Your kidding. Right?" She says, I shake my head to the side.
"We imprinted on each other." I inform her.
"Oh I see." She says.
"Promise you won't tell anyone. Not even Paul. Only Embry, and you know this." I say. She nods. We get to the top of the cliff and jump off. We then do some surfing, swimming, before going to dinner.
I take a seat and Leah sits next to me. Jacob sits on my other side, he smiles at me and takes my hand under the table. Embry sits on his other side. Emily brings in the food and the boys attack the food.
Jake and I walk outside before anyone else. "Let's hangout tomorrow." He says his arms wrapped arond me holding my body close to him.
"Sure, meet you at your place." I suggest.
"Yeah. I got to go see you tomorrow then." He kisses me quickly then my forehead. I wait in Paul's car to go home.
"You have a nice day." Paul asks on the way home.
"Probably one of the bests." I tell him.
"Really?" He smirks.
"Yeah." I respond.
"Will you tell me why?" He asks.
The car stops and I open the door.
"Not yet." I say. I leave the door open and flop down on my bed. I close my eyes and Jacob's beautiful face appears. I cant help falling in love with you. I love you Jacob Black.

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