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I am returning to school today. While I was out a week controlling my anger Embry phased as well. So we are both going back to school. I change into a pair of clothes that I haven't ripped yet. I walk into the kitchen and grab an apple and a granola bar. I grab my backpack. I will be the talk of the school today again. I open the door to the passenger seat and throw the granola bar at Paul.
"Thanks." He says and swallows it.
"uhu." I say while eating my apple.

We pile out of the car and hang around for a while. I feel eyes on me and not stop staring. I turn around Quil and Jacob are looking at Embry and I in disgust. I turn away from them and Jared and Paul are looking at us.
"Do what Sam has told you two to do." Paul says pointing to both Embry, and I. I turn to look at him.
"Do you want them to get hurt?" Sam says walking out of the woods.
"No." Embry and I sigh. We make our way over to them. "Am I going to do the talking or you." He asks.
"Up to you." I say.
"In that case then you tell them. I don't think I will be able to." He says.
"Fine." We keep walking and people stare at us. Which is getting on my nerves. I just want to snap at them.
"Hey guys." Quil says when we get close to them. We don't answer.
"Jacob, Quil." I say without looking at them. "We can't be friends anymore." I tell them. I look up from the ground to see their reaction, but beautiful brown eyes meet mine. Everything around us stop moving for less then a second. I snap out of the daze before Embry or anyone else notices. They looked hurt, and I felt it to. I wanted to make my imprint happy. To tell them that I was just kidding.
"Fine." Jacob snaps at us. "Of that's what you want. Go follow Sam like a lost pup, of that's what you two want." I felt my heart break into thousands of pieces. "I would expect it from her, because her brother is over there." He says pointing at me. "But you Embry. What a friend you are." He picks up his backpack up from the ground. "Let's go Quil."
"You guys have to understand that we are doing it to protect you two." Embry says.
"Protect us?!" Jacob stops and turns around.
"Jacob calm down." Quil says. "Let's go." He says, they walk off. I sigh.
"I saw what happened." Embry speaks after a while of just standing in place. "You imprinted on Jake."
"What are you talking about Em. I didn't imprint on Jacob Black." I argue.
"Whatever Jess. Your secret is saved with me." He turns to look at me.
"Please don't tell anyone." I plead.
"My lips are sealed." He says closing his lips and pretending to lock them and throw the key.
"Goof ball." I say playfully punching his shoulder.
"I don't want this for them." He says as we walk to our class.
"Me neither." I agree with him. For the rest of the day Jacob and Quil avoided us. And every time he did, every time he looked disgusted with us. My heart would break into smaller pieces. Until there was nothing. Until the point I felt nothing for him, but hatred.

Two day later at Sam's
"Emy, food was wonderful just like always. I say giving her a hug. Paul and Jared collect the plates and go wash them. Embry is flipping through the channel and I lay down on the couch with my head on his lap. "Embry?"
"Yes Jessica." He responds, finally finding something on TV.
"You will always be there for me right? I will be there when ever you need me. Your all I got left." I tell him.
"What about us!" Paul yells from the kitchen.
"Yeah what about us." Jared, Sam, and Emily agree with Paul.
"You fools. I mean from Embry, Quil, Jacob and I. He is the only one I have left." I yell back at them.
"Jessica, Jacob and Quil are very likely to phase." Sam says walking into the living room.
"I know but I don't want them to have this life." I tell him.
"Jessica I don't want this for them either but we can't control it." Sam agrees with me. Emily stands next to him and wraps he arms around him.
"Jess, I will alway be there for you." Embry smiles down at me. I start to fall asleep on Embry's lap.
"You guys didn't imprint on each other or did you?" Paul asks. "Cause if you did you better start running Embry." I sit up and give Paul a shut up look.
"No." Embry respond a little bit of pink coming to his cheeks.
"No but I wish I did." I tell him. That way I don't have to feel the hatred that Jacob has towards me.
"Paul, Jared potrol." Sam orders them.
"Suckers." I say as they get up.
"Is it like pick on Paul and Jared day today." Jared say walking outside and phasing.
The phone rings and Sam goes to get it. "We are on our way." Sam speak into the phone. "Emily, we have to go. Someone just phased." I lift my head up from Embry's shoulder and look at him. "Let's go you two." He said running out of the house. We get up and run after him. He didn't phase so guessing it's not so far away.
"I wonder who it's is." Embry say.
"Me too." I say and speed up.
"Who phased?" Embry asks Sam when we are running at his side.
"Jacob Black." He says and slows down.
"Jacob Black." Embry and I say in unison. "This is torture." I whisper.
"You should of probably asked Jared and Paul to come with you." I say trailing behind him.
"To late now." A small red cabin comes to view and a huge wolf win russet fur comes out of the woods.
"Let me guess that's Jacob." I say. Only thing Sam does is nod. We walk closer to him and he growls at us.
"Jessica go check on Billy. Embry go get him some clothes." He tells us.
"Do we have to." Embry asks.
"Go now!" Sam barks at us.
"Going, going." I say and we walk to the house. Embry opens the door and walks in. Billy wheels himself to us.
"Hey kids." Billy greats us.
"Hi Billy." We great back. "Billy can I get Jake some clothes." Embry asks.
"Go ahead."
"Hey Billy, are you okay. Are you injured. Want me to make some coffee, tea. Anything?" I ask him.
"No I'm fine." Sam called for me. I got up and said goodbye to Billy. I walked behind Sam with Embry while Jacob and Sam talk.
"What did I miss?" I ask Em.
"Not much." He shrugs "Only that Jacob has the choice to be alpha but he turned it down. So now he is the beta." He finishes off.
"You said I didn't miss anything. That is something."
We get to Emily's and Embry and I stand at the bottom of the porch steps.
"Sam we are going home." Embry tells him.
"See you guys tomorrow." When we are pretty far away of them I sigh.
"I'm going to live my life with torture." I say.
"I'm sorry you have to deal with him, and his thoughts." He side hugs me and we walk like that to our street.
I fall on my bed and scream. Why me. My heart already aches. I don't need more torture. He likes Bella Swan not me. I scream into the pillow again. I hate you Jacob Black for the torture you have brought me. But at the same time I love you.

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