WHERE I BELONG [P. LAHOTE] by annadorablee
"Sometimes I wonder where my place on this world would be, and I finally realized once I was in your arms, your hands laced around mine, my head resting on your che...
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  • sethclearwater
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Renewal [Emmett Cullen] (1) by EmmettC
Renewal [Emmett Cullen] (1)by C
[COMPLETED] After an accident leaves 18 year old sporting star Eleanor in a wheelchair, her parents decide to relocate to Oakridge, Oregon to forget the trauma she endur...
  • completed
  • twilightsaga
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Alessandra Mae Swan || A Jacob Black Love Story by rosie022201
Alessandra Mae Swan || A Jacob Erynn
In the divorce, Charlie is granted full custody of Bella's younger sister. Alessandra, or Allie, grows up in Forks, knowing nothing but her small town life, but she does...
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(Twilight/Percy Jackson Crossover) Secret by dannydane82
(Twilight/Percy Jackson Crossover) dannydane82
Annabeth Chase went to live with her cousin, Isabella Swan, and her uncle, Charlie. She figures out what the Cullens are quickly, but decides to keep being a demigod a s...
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You Feel Like Home [Jacob Black] by Secret-writer91
You Feel Like Home [Jacob Black]by Secret-Writer91
Gabriela Wilson was all set to get married to her boyfriend of five years. Jacob/OC.
  • soulmates
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The Wolf's Vampire (Paul Lahote - Imprint) by insaneredhead
The Wolf's Vampire (Paul insaneredhead
Mary Kate is the youngest vampire in the Olympic Coven as well as the biological baby sister of Emmett, she's beautiful and what happens when Emmett's rival...
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Ella Cullen | A Renesmee's sister story by Mazles
Ella Cullen | A Renesmee's Mazles
(This is my first story ever, so I'm terribly sorry if it sucks. Enjoy!) Rank #3 in Twilight, Rank #1 in Twilightsaga Renesmee's little sister has come along into the wo...
  • wattys2018
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FLOWER ❀ ( SAM ULEY )by - ̗̀ 🎄 ̖́-
" BRIAR CALL BLOOMS BRIGHTER THAN ALL . . . " new moon - ? 2018 | copyright © brujabloods
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CRIMSON ° JASPER HALE  by intrvgalactic
❝IM NOT AFRAID OF MONSTERS, IM TERRIFIED OF LOSING YOU ❞ in which rory aden is very much immune to his gift and jasper hale is rendered quite vulnerable in her presence...
  • jasperwhitlock
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• Rose Thorns • Edward Cullen Love Story by Lauren_Quintil
• Rose Thorns • Edward Cullen Lauren Q
🥀Emma Swan is the twin sister of Bella, but you would never have guessed it. Emma and Bella are two different people with different views on life. Emma believes her new...
  • twilight
  • lapush
  • sethclearwater
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My Major >> J. Hale (1) by Grace_Royal
My Major >> J. Hale (1)by |His Southern Belle|
I've been dancing on the edge of a crumbling precipice. That's how it's always been. Stable wasn't an option. I lived in a constant state of chaos but that all stopped w...
  • ffawards
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Lil' Red (Jared Cameron - Imprint) by insaneredhead
Lil' Red (Jared Cameron - Imprint)by insaneredhead
The Diner in La Push has been there forever......and is a regular for the boys of La Push, including the pack, pre and post shift, Jared Cameron had been coming and goin...
  • ouatcrossover
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  • twilightsaga
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Catherine Hale (Jacob Black - Imprint) by insaneredhead
Catherine Hale (Jacob Black - insaneredhead
Catherine is Edward's wife, has been his wife for almost a hundred years, but moving to Forks destroys that, when Edward falls for a simple human girl, heartbroken and a...
  • pastrelationship
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Forever Yours 》Jasper Hale by XxShucking_MinhoxX
Forever Yours 》Jasper Haleby Cam ✨
"Forever?" Jasper asked holding tightly on my hand. "I'm forever and always yours" A smirk appeared on his pale white face from my responses. Suddenl...
  • jasper
  • romance
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Monster (Twilight X Reader) by jxckson-wxng
Monster (Twilight X Reader)by Jxckson ™
After a night (Y/N) (L/N) was attacked by a monster of some sort, things were never going to be the same. In order to gain control of herself, she must pretend it didn't...
  • bellaswan
  • love
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The Four Horseman - Repost by insaneredhead
The Four Horseman - Repostby insaneredhead
When the Volturi threaten everything they love and hold dear, the Cullen's seek out allies to help them defend their lives, and desperate times call for desperate measur...
  • famine
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  • twilightsaga
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Phoenix ↡P. Lahote  by phoebekay-
Phoenix ↡P. Lahote by Phoebe. D.
I'll be running with the wolves to get to you. [ Paul Lahote ] ✿ [ Twilight] [ New Moon] (C O N T A I N S . S M U T . )
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HAUNTING » JASPER HALE [1] ✓ by latte-to-go
HAUNTING » JASPER HALE [1] ✓by ˗ˏˋ amara ˎˊ˗
❝She wasn't exactly sure when it happened. Or even when it started. All she knew for sure was that right here and now, she was falling hard and she could only pray that...
  • fanfiction
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Elizabeth Rain Swan || A Paul Lahote Love Story by rosie022201
Elizabeth Rain Swan || A Paul Erynn
My older sister, Bella Swan, absolutely hates me, and I'm not entirely sure why. Anyways, she hates me so much that when she wrote down her story she left me out of it e...
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headache / jasper hale by autocratic-
headache / jasper haleby ITS BEEN FUN
" h e a d a c h e, heartache, runaway from everything " ••• status: ongoing disclaimer: chapters ti...
  • anxious
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