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I am just walked out of the airplane and I am looking around for someone that looks like the picture that my brother has send me of him with his friends. I look over the top of the heads of everyone else and I see two guys standing out from eveyone else. They are more build up, one of the guys notices me and smiles and waves at me. Paul. I smile back at him and start walking faster over to them. I let go of luggage and run the small distance between us. He holds me tight in his arms and swings me around. "I missed my amazing twin brother, Paul." I tell him when he set down on my feet.
"I also missed my amazing twin sister." He tells me. The other guy walked over to where I dropped my luggage. "Jessica this is Jared Cameron my best friend. Jared this is my twin sister Jessica Lahote." He extends his hand out and I gladly take it.
"It's nice to meet you, Jessica." Jared spoke shaking my hand.
"Nice to meet you as well, Jared." I said.
"Okay you two we have to head home now." Paul said lifts one of the suitcases and Jared and I take another one.

"This is your room. You can unpack, when your done if you have to change or something because we will be going to have dinner at a friends house." He says from the door frame.
"Okay. Thanks Paul." I tell him with a smile.
"Your welcome." He says and closes the door behind him. I sit down on my bed, and look around my room. The room I spent very little of my childhood. I take a deep breath and start unpacking my clothes.

I walk out of the room into the living room. "Paul, when do we leave?" I ask him.
"Let's go now I'm starving." He says jumping of the couch.
"You always are, Paul." Jared chuckles and turns off the TV. These two are like brothers they are there for each other and fool around together. I walk outside and get into Paul's car.
He pulls up in front of a two story house. It looks small cozy and welcoming.
"About Emily, Sam's fiancé don't stare at her it bothers him." Jared tells me before we get out of the car. I keep that note and walk after them. A tall man with short black hair stands next to a beautiful woman with long black hair and a warm smile. I haven't noticed until now that Paul, Jared and the other guy have the same tattoo on thier right shoulder.
"Sam, Emily this is my twin sister Jessica. Jess this is Sam Uley and Emily Young." Paul introduces us.
"Hello, Jessica." Sam's deep voice says.
"Hi, Sam." I say shaking his big hand.
"Hi, Jessica." Emily says. I looked at her more closely and noticed claw marks running down one side of her face.
"Hi, Emily." She greats me into a hug.
"I'm going to set up the table and food." Emily says. "Do you want to help me Jessica?" She asks me. "Sure, I don't want to be left alone with the guys." I say following her into the kitchen. We set the plates on the table while she recooks the food she prepared.
"So Jessica, Paul is your twin." Emily asks starting a conversation.
"Yeah." I respond setting a fork next to a plate.
"Your like the complete opposite of him." She says, and looks away from the stove.
I smirk at her, "I barely got here Emily. Nothing has set me off yet." She sets the food on the center of the table. "Grad a plate and get your food before I call in the boys." She tells me and get a plate for herself. I sit down and she sit down as well and calls the guys. "FOODS READY." She yells out. Paul's the first in the kitchen Jared following and Sam coming in last. They get a plate and pile food on top. Sam takes the seat next to Emily and Paul and Jared sit down on my left or right.

"Dinner was great, Emily. Thank you." I say giving her a hug.
"Hope your brother brings you again to visit." She says.
"Hope so too." I look at Paul.
"Bye Sam." I say waving at him.
"Bye Jessica." He responds with a smile. "See you boys later."
"Bye Sam." They say together. Paul and Jared playfully push each other to the car. I smile at their foolishness and climb in the car.
We stop in front of Jared's house. "We will come pick you up in the morning before school." Paul reminds him.
"Sure. See you guys tomorrow." We drive off home.
I pick out my clothes for tomorrow and then go change in my pj's. I walk out of room to talk to Paul.
"I had fun today." I tell him.
"I'm glad." He says. I sit down and he holds me in his arms like he used to when we were smaller. I drift away in the darkness and the odd heat of his body that both Sam and Jared have as well. Can't wait to go to school tomorrow. Yey.

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