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We stand around waiting for the Black's to come.
"Tomorrow I'm going to start packing to leave the day after tomorrow." I tell them.
"What!" Paul say standing up. "Jessica you can leave so early."He protest.
"I'm going to come back. I'm going to be invited to the wedding for both of you two right? I ask Kim, Jared, Emily and Sam.
"Of course." They say.
"I'll be here for Thanksgiving and a few days after New years." I tell Paul. He sits back down not so happy. A 2000 dodge ram 3500 pulls up at the parking lot. Jacob get out if the drivers seat, and walks to the passengers side. The door behind the passenger opens and a women comes out and helps Jacob. Jacob pushes Billy over to where we sit.
"Hey guys. This is my daughter Rachel. She just finished college."Billy tells us. She walk around shaking all of our hands. She gets to Paul, who os sittong mext to me, he freezes and stares at her. I eldow him so he can say something.
"I'm Paul.... Paul Lahote." He says.
"Hello Paul I'm Rachel." She smiles at him and he returns the smile.
"I'm Jessica Lahote his twin sister." I tell her as she moves over to me.
"You two are twins that's neat. Im Rachel by the way." She responds. I like her she seems chill. She kept going and I hear a growl from in front. Jacob. I ignore him and look at Paul who is looking at Rachel.
"I saw that." I tell him.
"Saw what?" He asks playing dumb.
"Seriously Paul, I already know so don't hide it." I respond.
He sighs. "You mind if we talk about it?" He asks.
"No let's go." We get up and walk on the beach before going to the woods.
"I can't believe I imprinted!" He says pulling on his hair.
"Paul calm down. It's okay." I say taking hands away from his hair.
"No it's not. All because of my past. If only I listened to you guys." He says and punches a tree.
"You didn't belive you would imprint. You were a teenager. Not anymore." I tell him. "Look Paul. How about I leave after out birthday. That way I can stay and help you through this, and I'll be here longer." I tell him.
"Yes stay, please. But what should I do right now?" He asks.
"What do you mean what do you do?" I ask. "Your Paul Lahote my twin brother. The one that all the girls in high school are crazy about. Im sure you can handle it." I respond.
"Jessica she is diffrent. She is the one for me." He says.
"Then-" A growl from behind me interrupts. Jacob's wolf jumps over me and lands between of Paul and I. Paul phases and I do as well.
Stay away from her. She doesn't need you to break her heart. Jacob growls at Paul.
Shut up Jacob. You broke my sisters heart. Paul growls back. Jacob jumps onto Paul and the start fighting. Uuggghhh. I run after them the way they left. I take a bite of Jacob's neck. I feel pain in that same spot in my neck. He whines and moves away.
What the hell was that for Jessica. Jacob snaps at me.
For attacking him and for many more things. I snap back at him. Paul gets up. Paul u need clothes so can we go home and then back?
Yeah I didn't bring extra either. We leave Jacob and go get clothes.

Paul and I walk out of the woods and on the beach to the guys like if we were barely coming back from our walk. Rachel sees us and she walks over. I hear Paul take a deep breath.
"Paul keep your cool." I tell him. He shakes his hands nervously. I never thought he could act like this towards a girl.
"I noticed you guys were gone where did you go?" She asks.
"We went to talk and walk." Paul answers.
"Ah. The foods ready. The guys have made some of the food disappear just like that." Rachel says snapping her fingers. Ha, and you haven't seen my brother. I think. "Have you two always lived here?" She asks.
"Yes." Paul answers.
"No." I yell her.
"What dose that mean?" She asks.
"When we were 5 our mother were went out to a business trip. She had an accident on the trip. 2 months after that my dad was going on a business trip as well. But before he left he sent me away with our family in California. You've meet Kim, or Kimberly right?" I ask.
"Yeah." She responds.
"He sent me away with them. Paul stayed here, they just found someone to look after him."
"Why did you say nut she left." She asks Paul.
"We are twins. 2. We must have been a handful to him." He responds.
"I spent 13 years with my Kim's family. When I finally convinced my aunt and uncle of letting me come back I did. But I talked to Paul about it. I came back and a few weeks it's going to be 3 years I've been here in a few months." I respond.
"And you've been here your whole life." Rachel tells Paul.
"Yeah." He responds. We grab some food and sit down together next to Leah. Paul and Rachel start to talk to each other and Leah and Embry are talking about something. I get up and sit with Brady and Collin. Seth is over with Jacob who doesn't seen like he is listening to him.
"So we want to going hiking on Sunday." Brady says.
"Your going to tell her?" Colin interprets. I look at then confused.
"Yeah. Jessica won't tell. So we want to go hiking Sunday want to come along? " Brady asks me.
"Sure. I'm not doing anything Sunday." I respond.
"Okay then bring a swim suit and extra clothes." Collin informs me.
"I will." I tell them.
"Great, we will stop at your place and then a the store for food and we are off." Brady concludes.
"Cool." We talk some more until Billy tells us we should start to clean up and go home.

"Do you two need a ride?" I ask Collin and Brady once we are all done. I interrupt Brady and Collin who are talking to Jacob.
"Yeah, can you take us?" Brady answers. Jacob looks at me before leaving to go to his father.
"Sorry I can't take you guys." I tell them. "You dorks why else would I ask?" I say hitting the back of there heads. "Go wait for me at my car." I tell them and they walk away. "Em want a ride or you stay and waiting to leave with Paul?" I ask him.
"I'll stay until Paul leaves Jess." He answers.
"Paul you have your car right!" I yell at him.
"Yeah." He yells back.
"Your giving Embry a ride." I yell again at him.
" 'Kay." He responds and goes back to talking with Rachel. He doesn't need me he just wants me to stay for a longer time. Brady, Collin and I get in my car. As I pull out I see Jacob looking at me, he must have seen me looking at him cause he looked away fast.
"So tomorrow we will come around your place at 11." Collin says looking at Brady for if he agrees and he nods.
"Okay I'll be waiting." I say. I watch as they leave to there house. Once they are inside there house I drive off home. I park the car and Paul's car isn't here yet. I don't want to go to sleep yet. I open the garage door and push my motorcycle out. A night ride sounds good. I pull on my helmet and speed off the street. I slow down a bite to take in my surroundings.
Hopefully Rachel doesn't have a boyfriend. Hopefully Rachel isn't like Jacob. I don't want her to hurt my brother. No matter his past he has found his imprint and won't do anything she doesn't want. If she wants him gone I know he will leave only to see her happy. That is what an imprint does. I know for experience. We only want what's best for them. To see them happy even if it's not at our side. Seeing them happy is what we want. For them to be safe. We will do anything so they are out of danger. We'll take a bullet. Is very many people say but we will do more then just take a bullet fir them. I belive if Paul says he has changed. He is always at Sam at home but he hasn't, that I know of, been with a girl for a while. We older now we have to start a life. Kim and Jared are getting married, Embry and Leah are together, Quil is being babysitter to be with Claire. Sam and Emily are finally going to get married, it seemed like a wedding that was never going to happen. Brady, Collin, and Seth are are going to be juniors when they go back to school. As for Jacob and I we are moving on our seperate ways.
I stop where the treaty line seperates the Cullen's and us. I look beyond the road. I don't think the treaty line is still seperating us. I mean we have been to there side so many times. I turn and speed back home.
I set the helmet on the bike and walk through the door that connects the garage to the house. I jog up the stairs to my room. Before I go to my bedroom I knock on Paul's bedroom door. He opens up and let's come in. He sits on the rolly chair for his desk, and I sit in his bed.
"What's up Jessie?" He ask with a goofy smile.
"You had a good time didn't you?" I smirk at him. I see him blush at little and I chuckle at his reaction.
"Yeah." He says. "Anyway what do you need?" He asks.
"Your on potrol Sunday morning, so I wanted to let you know that if you come back and I'm not here I'm with Collin and Brady." I respond. "Want to tell me anything?" I ask.
"I don't think so?"He responds.
"Nothing, not even about Rachel?" I ask him.
"Nope." He says popping the p. I get up and before I close the door I tell him.
"Then why do you want me to stay?" I mumbled. I close the door and go to my room. I get out my black jansport backpack, and look at my swimsuits. All my swimsuits seem to have some holes. What I mean is that they were made with straps that connect the bottom part to the top. I can't remember buying all of these. Buy all of these I'm mean 3. I choose one and leave outside. I grab a pair of shorts, a t-shirt and a sweatshirt. In the morning I'll change into the swimsuit and put on the sweatshirt and short over it. I put the t-shirt in the backpack so that I can change into that after words. I get my flip-flops put those inside and a towel. That should be enough. I lay on my bed waiting to see where Brady, and Collin will take me.

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