Second Chance

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I don't give a crap if I'm not supposed to be out of bed. I'm tired of laying or sitting on my bed. Here I go. Standing feels good, now let's see walking. Even better. I want to run. I want to phases. I go downstairs and look through the kitchen for food. The house is neat, it reminds of the day o went into Paul's room and expected a pig pen. Well its kinda what I expected now but it's not like that. I go back up and change into some light blue skinny jeans, white shirt with a grey cardigan and my skin tones flip flops. I go outside and walk to the beach.
I sit down in the sand whatching the waves come to shore. The sky us cloudy and grey like always.
"Jessica!" I hear Paul say in relief. "What are you doing your supposed to be in bed resting." He says scowling at me.
"Paul I am resting. Just not in bed." I respond.
"Let's go back home Jess." He says.
"I want to stay here for a while longer." I look up at him with pleading eyes.
"Fine. I need to go potrol. I'll send Embry over to you. Or do you prefer anyone else?" He asks.
"Thanks Paul." I smile at him. "Does Leah have potrol too?" I ask.
"No I don't think so." He responds.
"Tell her to come as well as anyone else that wants to join." I answer his question from before.
"Sure sis." He kneels down and kisses my forhead. "Take care."
"All ways do." I tell him as he stands back up.
"Sure you do." He says before running into the woods. I lay back and look at the cloudy sky. I close eyes and all I can hear now is the ocean water.
"Jessica!" I hear a little girl voice happily say. I sit back up fast to see Claire running to where I am. I feel a little bit of pain on my ribs when I sat up fast. She sits down beside me and her little arms around me giving me a hug.
"Hey squirt." I say returning the hug.
"Qwuil told me that you didn't go to aunt Emily's because you had a big booboo." She says. The guys get hear and listen in to our conversation.
"Yeah I had a big booboo but it's almost gone ClaireBear." I tell her. "Hey Ateara." I tell Quil like always making hand into a fist fie a fist bump. "You taking care over her?" O ask looking at Claire.
"Yup. If I wasn't Emily would've already killed me." He says.
"Hey your up. Aren't you supposed to be in bed resting?" Brady asks.
"I'm supposed to be, but I don't want to be in the house anymore. But I'm resting right now just not in bed." I notice Sam, Jared, and Emily aren't here. Emily must be cooking and Jared and Sam potroling with Paul. They sit around me and we talk, Quil left to playing with Claire in the sand. Jacob is sitting away from us but he is whatching and most likely listening too us. The guys want to go to cliff diving so they all leave me exept for Embry, Leah and Jacob who is sitting off to the sidelines. He stands up and walks infront of me. All three of us look at him. "What do you want Jacob?" I ask him with disgust.
"I want to talk to you Jessica." He say and looks at Embry and Leah. "Alone if possible." They look at me waiting for my amswer.
"Embry, Leah can you guys please leave us for a while?" They don't budge but then they get up and leave. "Now what do you want?" I snap at him.
"Don't Jessica. I don't want to argue. I want to ask you for a second chance." I look at him, in his eyes, any other place on his face, his body movement for any sign that he is kidding.
"Your asking for a second chance Jacob Black." I say and he nods. "I don't know Jacob I don't want to get hurt and I don't want Embry to pick up my broken pieces." I look at him.
"Please Jessica I'll make things right." He kneels down and begs.
I sigh. Billy said that Jacob loved me. I'm going to give him this chance to show him. He screws up then that is it. "Fine but I can't gerenty a third chance if you screw up. I am going to be cautious about you." I respond, he smiles and looks very happy. I don't know when or how but the he is holding my face and his lips are against mine. I stiffen at his touch, I don't kiss him back and he doesn't seem like he is going to stop anytime soon. I kiss him back. How much I have missed this, his lips on mine.
"Thank you Jessica. I won't hurt you this time. You'll see." I don't respond I just look at him and nod. I don't know what else to do. He sits beside me taking my hand in his. I don't know who to react to him anymore. I want him to kiss me, I want him to hold me just with out me going stiff when ever he does so.
"Jacob, we aren't going to be the same." I tell him and lay on my back. I hate the effect he has on me. I have fought it for so long. Today I surrender. I didn't fight it. There isn't much in me anymore.
"That isn't true. We can be what we used to be." He argues laying sideways with hid head propped up with his hand.
"I don't want to argue but pain changes people. We can't go back to when we were happy. It's not possible." I slowly get up so I don't hurt myself. "I'm going to Emily's." He stands up to help me walk to Emily's. "I got it. I can walk by myself Jake."I say.
"I missed that." He says smiling.
"What?" I tell him confused.
"You calling me Jake, or Jacob with out hatred or disgust." He explains.
"Oh, I'm going to go now. See you Jake." I say giving it more emphasis.
"See you Jess." I walk thew the woods carefully. I can't belive I let him in again. But this time I'm more prepared I'm ready for when he leaves me again. If more like when he leaves me I won't shead a tear for him because I didn't lose him. He lost me. I'll slowly let lose, not all at once. I open the door to Emily's house and walk into the living room.
"Hey Emily, Sam, Jared." They stand up exept for Emily who is running from the kitchen. She ingulfs me in a hug.
"Jessica I'm so glad that you are better." Emily let's go of me. "I missed you."
"I misses you too Emily." She walks gives me one last hug before going to the kitchen to keep cooking. I sit down with Paul, Jared and Sam.
"How are you feeling." Sam asks.
"I'm great. I think I can start to phase again." I tell him.
"It's up to you Jessica if you want to phase again." He responds.
"Jare-Bear how are the things between you and Kim?" I ask him. Kim had moved out from our place and I haven't really seen her.
"I wanted to ask you two twins something." Sam starts to stand up and leaves.
"Sam you could've stayed." Jared says.
"Yeah but you didn't say you wanted to tell me so." One thing I love about he tries to understand our situations and gives us out space. He is like another father, some times he hangs out with us and tries to show off and that. Jared look back at both of us.
"You guys are the closest people o know that are her family so. I wanted to know if you guys wouldn't me marry her." Woah. I didn't expect that one.
"Jared of course you can." I look at Paul and kik him.
"Hum oh. Yeah Jared go for it." Paul says.
"Woah really." He says stunned
"Yeah, I said so he said so."I tell him. "So when I are you telling her."
"Not so sure probably fay after tomorrow. I'm going to ask her at the beach. I was planning to have a whole day together ending with a dinner at the beach where I'll ask her." Jared says his plan.
"Kim will love that."I tell him.
"I'll take ever for you that day Jared." Paul offers.
"You sure Paul." He says.
"Yeah man what are best friends for." Paul asure him.
"Thanks guys." The pack comes in and we hang around for a while. Jacob sits next to me looking at me every now and then. When ever he does I smile at him and he returns it back. I caught Leah and Embry looking at us they must notice something is up. Emily calls us for dinner and Leah and Embry sit on both of my sides before Jacob could, and then Paul sits infront of me. I don't mind it's just that the imprint pull wants him in my view.
After we are done with our food I help Emily wash the dishes and we join the guys in the living room to whatch a movie.
Time flies by. I never payed attention to the movie because I was whatching Jacob, the guys, Leah, Emily. I've never noticed but, when someone phases. Sam technically adopts them on to our family. He guided us when we phased. How close we are all, how much we injoy being with each other. There has been many times where I've felt unwanted, and I know I'm not the only one because Leah had that same problem. We meet and we are best friends. We understand each other, together we are awesome. Then Embry and I. My guy best friend. Leah and him are what keep me here as well as Paul. Embry, Leah and Paul are the shoulder I can go to and cry. My crouches when I break. A wall I can lean on. Everyone else has also been there for me. We are there for each other. We catch each other when someone is falling, we help them up. I now what people say when they say you don't have to be blood related to be family. My family that is not blood related is right in front of me.
"Jess it's getting late let's go home." Paul takes out of my thoughts.
"Sure let's go." I get up and follow Paul to the car. "Paul I think o should give you heads up for if Jacob come any day. Or you see him at home anytime."
"Why will he be at out place?" He asks confused.
"Well I kinda gave him another chance." I tell him in a small voice.
"You did what!" He yells stepping on the brakes.
"But I told him this is his last chance." I tell him fast. He grips the steering wheel tight and starts to shake. "Paul let me drive." I get out of his Chevelle and walked to his side. He steps out and walkimg to the passenger side with less steam. As soon as we are both in I drive home. "Paul I gave him this chance probably because he is my imprint and the wolf took over."
"Look Jess, I don't understand imprinting because I haven't imprinted. But I'm trying to understand as much as possible because your my sister." He is shaking almost nothing.
"Paul thank you for trying to understand. Your the best twin brother anybody would wish they had." I tell him driving into the driveway. We walk up stairs to our rooms after we turn the lights off lock the door. "Paul I love you so much you don't even know." I say hugging him goodnight.
"I love you more then what you love me." He hugs me back kissing my forhead. "Go to sleep Jess." He smirks at me. "Or do you want to whatch a movie?" He asks.
"Sure let's go." We run down stairs, he runs into the living room to turn the TV on. I go to the kitchen put some popcorn in the microwave and some other junk like candy, soda and stuff. I pour the popcorn in a huge bowl grab the candy and drink and set them in the small table in the center of the living room.
"I wonder if you never left with mom hoe we would've lived out childhood together. With mom and dad together like a normal happy family." He says as he holds me with hid arm wrapped around my whole body tightly.
"I think we would fight alot, and we wouldn't be a normal family." I respond. The movie start and I whatch some of the movie before falling asleep on his chest. I love when we whatch movies together at night and I fall asleep before him. Home is where the heart is. And my heart is here.

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