Bonfire Saturday

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I wake up, and I can't hear my music anymore. I sit up and look for my phone, it's not in my room. I get up and go down stairs. Paul is sitting on the couch flipping though the channels. "Hey Paul where is my phone and dad?" I ask him.
"Good morning Jess. Dad said he needed clothes for the bonfire. As foe your phone it is in my room. It was playing music, I was going to turn it off but it had a password. So I put the volume down and put it in room." He answers turning to look at me.
"Can I go to your room and get my phone?" I ask.
"Go ahead as long as you don't take anything." He tells me and turns to whatch the TV again. I go upstairs to his room. I open the door and surprisingly his room is clean and organized. My phone is on his nightstand. I grab my phone and go to my room to change. I downstairs again and I hear laughing.
"Hey guys." I say sitting down next to Embry, Quil and Jared. Paul walks in from the kitchen with a huge bowl of chips and liters of soda. He sets the bowl of chips on the table in the center. The guys attack the bowl, leaning on the poor small table.
"You'll have to buy a new table if you break it." I warn them. They sit back talking like always.
"Jess, you want to hangout with Quil and I." Embry asks me as he stands up with Quil.
"Is Jacob coming along?" I ask him.
"No he is to busy." Quil answers.
"And I never said Quil, Jacob, and I." Embry says.
"Sure I'll go with you guys." I stand up and go to my room to get 20 dollars just in case and my phone.
"Bye, you two." I say as I pass Paul and Jared on my way out. "So where are we off to?" I say as I climb into the backseat of Embry's car.
"Don't know wherever the road takes us." Embry says going who knows where.
"How about we go whatch a movie. Haven't done that in a while." Quil suggests.
"Yeah let's go." I say leaning forward. "Let's go whatch a scary movie." I say moving my fingers around infront of their faces.
"We will see what movie there are we all want to whatch." Embry say swatting my hands away from his face. Quil turns on the music and we sing along dispite the boys horrible singing. We laugh and Quil turns the music on louder.

"I'm kinda surprised we didn't get pulled over for how loud the music was and you were speeding Embry." I point out, as I walk between them into the theater.
"I know right. I bet if we did and he would get a fine. He tell us we will have to help him pay it." Quil agrees.
"But we didn't." Embry informs us. "Okay what movie?" We look up at the movie times. none of them caght my interest.
"You guys can choose I'll go buy the popcorn and stuff." I walk to the snack place. I bought 3 huge popcorn bowl things, three hugest sodas.
"I got your ticket Jess." Embry tells me.
"Okay. I bought individual popcorn, and I got you two sodas as well."I give them there food and I get my ticket.

"And why did you guys chose this movie?" I ask on our way out.
"We row sham bowed. Quil won, Quil choose." Embry explained.
"I asked the guy what the best movie they got was. He said it was the one we just watched." Quil answers. I check the time, to see how much time we got left.
"Bonfire is going to start in two hours. We will be there in about a hour and 30 minutes at most." I say doing quick math.
"Okay then let's get going." Embry pulls his keys out of his pocket and unlocks the car doors.
"Looks like Jessica Lahote is playing with Quil Ateara and Embry Call, but then what do you expect. Her twin brother Paul Lahote is the same. Plays around with all the girls in school." I swung my door open and who other then Barbie doll and her fake Barbie friends to be with her. I walk over to her little slutty group.
"I ain't playing with anyone. Unlike you." I spat. "You say my brothers been with all the girls at school. That a lie. You on the other hand have been with all the guys at school, even my brother. But he dumped you. I'm not going to let you play with any one else of my friends." She shrinks, my unhuman height being an advantage, as well as my built body.
"You don't choose for them." She says in a small voice.
"Why would they want to be with a slut like you?!" I ask/yell at her. She doesn't reapond. "And get it though that thick skull of yours. Stay away from me and the guys." Embry and Quil run over to me and pull me back to the car. I look at her from the car and she is acting like nothing happened. That little . The boys distract me from what happened.

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