I don't hate you

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Here we go back to school, it's Wednesday so that means we get out earlier then regular. I walk down stairs fully dressed and ready. The smell of food hits me. I go to the kitchen and dad's at the stove, Paul's sitting in the table waiting for the food. I sit down next to him. "Good morning dad, Paul."
"Good morning." They answer.
"Paul, did you guys find anything last night?" I ask him wanting to be on the same page as them.
"We did. The leech came again but we chased her to the Canadian boarder." He answers.
"Oh. I'm going to potrol after school." I inform him.
"We are having a bonfire Saturday. Dad, Sam said your invited." Paul tells him.
"Okay, I'll go." He said turning around with the pan and setting the food on the plates. "Now eat up and head to school after words. I'm going to run some errands. Wait where is Izzy?" He ask, I forgot she was here.
"She slept over at Jared's house last night." Paul answers, I smirk at Paul and he gets why I looked at him.
I get up and pick up the plates and wash them. The doorbell rings and I hear the door open. "Hey Paul you and your sister ready to go?" He asks.
"Yeah let me just get my backpack, keys, and my sister." He walks back in. "Jess, we got to go." He calls. I dry my hands, grab my backpack, phone. I go into the kitchen where dad is looking at the news paper. "Dad we are leaving to school." I say and kiss his cheek.
"Okay, have fun kids." He tells all of us. I climb in the back of Paul's old truck. The ride to school was quiet. I guess Embry is still mad at me. Paul tried to make conversation with us but it didn't work. When we got to school the rest of the pack came to hangout around Paul's car. I leaned on door and looked at the ground. Paul stands next to me holding me protectively, and Quil was on my other side talking with Jake. I  felt to pairs of eye balls staring at me from my left and right. I look at my left and I meet Embry looking at me hurt visible in his eyes. To my left I see the eyes that makes me melt snd hurt. I look away right away. I stand a little behind Paul. I want him to hid me from the eyes of Jacob. I look at my phone and get out of Paul's grip.
"I'm going to go to class." I tell Paul and walk away. I walk into the school halls and I feel like someone is following me. I turn my head and I see Jacob coming behind me. I groan and pick up my pace, I don't want to deal with him right now. I make a turn on the next hallway wanting to lose him, but that turned into an impossible mission. Nobody was in that hallway, I was going to go back but he was to close. And it would still be hopeless in a crowd cause he is a freaking wolf like me and can smell me. I just love that. He grabs my wrist and turns me around to face him, not letting go of my wrist.
"What's up?" He asks.
"The roof." I answer sarcastically.
"That's funny." He says rolling his eyes.
"I know very funny. I'm laughing so hard." I answer mocking him.
"What's wrong with you!" He spats and tightens the grip on my wrist.
"What's wrong with me?!" I say in disbelief. "Everything Jacob Black. Everything is wrong with me. But everything was perfectly fine until I saw you yeterday. Actually, everything was fine before I meet you!" I snap back, trying to get his hand to let go of me but it just tightens.
"Why do you hate me so much. Leah is also against me. Wait Leah hates everyone exept you, Embry and Paul. Why would that be?" He says, he is hurting me to much. He tightens his grip on me more he is going to break my wrist.
"She cares for me. She doesn't want me to go through what she has been through with Sam. She doesn't hate Embry, and Paul because Paul is my brother and he protects me like her. Embry protects me as well from you. Jacob, I don't hate you. We dido that come from." I tell him, he let's go of my wrist and looks confused. "It just hurts to be around you right now." I say softer looking at my wrist. He follows my gaze down to my wrist. He gasps and starts to apologize.
"I'm sorry Jessica. I didn't know I was hurting you." He tries to touch my wrist but I don't let him.
"Forget it Jacob." I walk around him and Embry is running over to us.
"Jessica, I'm sorry for snapping at you yesterday night. I was just." He apologizes.
"It's okay Em. I understand." I respond. He sees me holding my wrist and takes it on his hand.
"You hurt her!" Embry snaps at Jacob. I get in between Embry and Jacob.
"It was an accident!" Jacob growls at Embry.
"Sure it's was." Embry responds.
"Calm down both of you. My wrist is alright. It's already starting to heal." I say showing them my wrist.
"You guys were together last night." Jacob says.
"Yeah got a problem with that Black." Embry says gwtting in his face. I get between them, pushimg the away from each other.
"You two used to be best friends. Quil included. Where did that friendship go? If I'm the issue that's okay I'll just go somewhere else. But you two can't keep this up. Quil want you guys to be friends like before. Before I came." I leave them standing there looking at me walking away and back at each other. I'm not in the mood to deal with them and not even the Barbie doll.

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