Club night

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I'm going to have to face him again today. Ugh. I hate my life. But the saying pain changes people is quite true. The pain that I dealed with made all the pain I get now not hurt me. It just bounces off. I'm stronger then before. I take a shower and get some basket ball shorts and a tank top. I walk down stairs and dad is in his pj's making breakfast.
"Good morning sweetie."He says and kisses my forehead.
"Good Morongo dad." I respond and sit in the chair next to Paul at the kitchen table.
"You guys have fun last night?" Dad asks.
"Yeah, I guess." Paul shrugs.
"You guess you had fun last night?" I tell him. He just nods. I look at him in shock with what he was doing last night.
"What I mean is that I don't think it will be as fun as tonight." Paul explains. I make an 'o' with my mouth.
"How about you Jessica." Dad asks.
"I guess I have to agree with Paul. It's was alright." I respond. Dad turns around with the pan and places three plates on the table and puts food on all of them. He ones back with juice and forks, spoons, and stuff.
"I'm going on a business trip again." Dad tell us in the middle of breakfast.
"How long?" Both Paul and I ask.
"I don't know? 3-4 months or I'll be back by New Years or Christmas." He answers.
"That's long." Paul and I say together again.
"Yeah." I stay quiet and Paul asks the next question.
"When do you leave?"
"In 2 hours." He says looking st his whatch.
"Why didn't you tell us before." Paul asks standing up mad. I stand up as well to calm him down.
"Calm down, Paul. He can probably explain." I yell him and sit him back in his seat.
"They didn't tell me until early this morning." He explains. "I'm going to go change and then leave." He says putting his plate in the sink. I get up and take my empty plate as well as Paul's to wash. He follows me behind.
"Can I help you?" He asks.
"Sure, grab that towel and you van dry them off." We finish and go sit on the living room. I place my head on his lap and stare at the sealing.
"I'm leaving now kids." I stand up and hug him tight.
"I'm going to miss you." I tell him.
"I'm going to miss you too Jess." He says,and then someone else joins in the hug. "I'm glad you two are together. Your brother needs you and you need him." He tells us. He go's to his car and waves to us goodbye. No not good bye because goodbye means going away and gowing away means forgetting. And he isn't going to go away he is going to come back. He has to. I sigh and walk into the woods.
"Where are you going?" Paul asks.
"Potrol, where else." Potrol, potrol so boring it is. I run on four over and over mind blank. Nothing. I run past the treaty line and Edward, Alice, Rosalie well all the Cullens are standing on there side across from Jacob, Quil and Embry. 'What's happening.' I ask.
'Listen and you'll get caught up pretty easily.' Jacob says.
"There is a new born army coming here." There leader says.
'We are in.' Jacob says.
"They are in." Edweirdo translates.
'Woah Jacob. None of us have the say.' I tell him.
'That's what Sam would choose to keep our people safe.' Jacob responds.
'I know. But that is not the reason your doing it for.' I snarl at him. He faces me and growls at me.
'Why don't you keep running potrol.' He snaps at me. I gore him and look at Edward.
'We are in. What should we do?' I ask him.
"We are going to have a day where we are going to practice for the battle." Edward answers I nod in responce.
'Have Rosalie call me so I can tell Sam when and where to meet you guys at.' I tell him.
"Of course." He says and they run off back to who nows where.
'You got your way, Happy?' I tell him and run off to keep potroling. Jacob's face keeps popping up as well as his wolf. I wish my ming could go back to blank like before.

I get out of the shower and put on the out fit I chose to wear in the club. (Out fit in being of chapter.) I lip on my booties and grab my phone. I can hear the guys and Leah down stairs.
"Who is going with who?" Sam asks.
"I call having Leah, Embry and Quil with me." I call out walking into the living room.
"That sounds good. Jacob and I are going with Paul. Isabel and Jared aren't coming." Sam announces and we part to our cars.
As we step out of the car the music is heard from the building. We walk all together into the club and the music just gets louder and louder. Disco ball is showing diffrent colors and shapes. Mass of bodies dancing in the center or off to the sides doing other things. We all spread out and go our own way, but Leah stays with me. We sit on the tall stools infront of the bar. We order our drinks, and talk. After who knows how many drinks I'm feeling tipsy and my vision is horrible.
"Jess are you okay?" Leah asks, of course she is fine cause she didn't drink anything that has to much alcohol, and is being Ms. Responsible.
"Yeah never felt better." I answer. "Another one." I tell the bartender, he poor the drink in the cup and I lift it up to drink it. It gets snatched away from my hands.
"You probably shouldn't drink this Jessica." I think Sam says from behind.
"Sams right Jessica." Leah agrees with Sam.
"I'm fine give it to me Sam."I say reaching out for the cup. But he is taller then me. I jump to get it but he ends up drinking it.
"What was that?" Sam asks.
"I don't know. She has been ordeing that since we got here. Why?" Leah answers.
"That has lots of alcohol." He says and sits down. I get up and walk but almost fall down. I stand up again with more balance and move to the dance floor. I dance solo moving my whole body not caring about my dance moves. I thought I couldn't dance but after I drank some drink and vodka. I was able to dance. The music changes and I put my hands up. Someone's hands trail down from my arm and stop at my waist. I tho my head back to see if I can see the persons face but my vision is blurry. He presses his body against mine and we move through the crowd until there is a wall be hind me not letting me go any further. He trails his hands up and downy was it and thighs. He kisses my neck and down to my colorbone. I don't stop him. I don't have anything I can lose. Right. I'm single and do anything with my love life. His hands grip the bottom of shirt tugging on it lightly. He stops kissingy neck and kisses my lips roughly. I run my hands up his back and wrap arms around his neck. Kissing him back roughly. The grip that has on my shirt is now in my hips pushing me back to the wall as his body gets even closer to mine if possible. The mystery guys hands go down to my but and gives a squeeze. Before lifting up and sing the wall as help to not drop me as well as his hands that are underneath me. Suddenly I don't feel this guys touch anymore and I slide down the wall land on my tush. Ouch. I stand up and rub the pain off. A diffrent guy is standing infront of me.
"Are you okay Jessica?" He ask.
"I'm fine until you came around. And how do you know my name?" I ask him. Not am I only tipsy but losing mind, or is it the blurriness that doesn't let me see strait. I say walking closer to him to see if I can see better but no helpful.
"Let's go find your twin brother and the rest of the gang." He says and holds my waist and leads me around. I can feel this guys muscles underneath his shirt. I think this guy is better then the other one.
"Wait I have a twin brother? And I'm in a gang?" I ask slurring words.
"Yeah Paul is your twin. And it's not realy a gang but. Forget it." He says.
"Hey why don't you leave me their and I promise I won't go any where." I tell him pointing over to the bar.
"Fine but no drinks." He says.
"Sure." I say and he sits me down. "Wait what's your name." I ask.
"It's me Quil Ateara, Jessica." He says before walking off. I lift my hand up and my fingers are crossed. I turn around to the bartender. "Drink." I call out and I drink like 5 drinks before the guy comes back with more people.
"You said you weren't going to drink anymore." He says in disbelief. I finish my drink and look at him.
"My fingers were crossed." I say my words slurred even more then before.
"Let's go now. Look at Paul, and Embry." I look at two guys who are laughing together with their arms on each other's shoulder. "Leah drive Quil and Jacob to their homes. I'll take these three with me." Some diffrent guy helps me off the seat as well as helping me walk. The girl takes one of the other guys and the guy that looks the oldest takes the other guy. Woah I can't remember who these people are and I am supposed to know. They take us to a car and I lean on one of the guys shoulder. I yawn and fall a sleep.

I lay on a soft warm bed. But waking up only when I had to throw up into the bin that was next to my bed. Cause the first time I was going to throw up I got up and fell down not making it to the bathroom. But the one guy that drives me here is taking care of us. Which I'm hopeful for. I lay back in bed falling a sleep again auto maticly.

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