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Jacob's P.O.V

It's been a 4 months. I can't believe I've survived that long without Jessica. I can't believe that Renesmee looks like a child around 7 years old. I also can't believe I actually gave Sarah a chance. We've been dating for a month or less but I want Jessica. I stand against the wall with Seth, Embry, and Leah watching Renesmee play the piano with Edward. Leah,and Embry have grown to like the Cullen's a little more, but Renesmee has us all around her finger. She starts to trail a note. (Don't know if you call it a trail when you play the same note multiple times on a piano but that's what you call it on a flute and clarinet.) Pixie walks in, freezes and drops the vase of flowers she was carrying. All of us are looking at her. Jasper stands beside her. "What did you see?" He asks her.
"The volturi." She says. "They are coming."
"What did Irine see?" Edward asks lookimg at Seth and Bella.
"We were walking around." Bella answers.
"And Renesmee was jumping to catching snow flakes." Seth adds.
"She must have thought Renesmee is an imortal child." Edward says.
"But she is not." Rosalie says.
"We will gather friends to witness Renesmee is half human." Carlisle says.
"They won't want to talk. Expecially now that Irine has gone to him." Edward says. "If they come they want a fight."
"The wolfpack is in. We have never been afraid of you kind." I tell him.
"We won't fight." Carlisle protests.
"We will have to if it goes to that point." Alice tells Carlisle.
"Leah, Embry go tell Sam about this." I order them. They nod and leave. My phone rings and I look at it. Sierra.
"Hey, what's up?" I ask her and walk outside.
"Hey babe, I just wanted to check on you." She responds.
"Oh well I'm fine." I tell her.
"I was wondering if you wanted to hangout later." She asks.
"I'm sorry Sierra but I can't. There is this problem and it's going to take a while to get rid of it. So I won't back able to hangout with you for a while. I'm really sorry." I tell her.
"It's okay Jake. I miss you. Can't wait to see you again." Sierra says.
"Bye Sierra." I tell her and hangup. Why did we start dating. Oh right she never left me alone until I asked her out and then made her my girlfriend.
"I can tell you don't like her. You love and miss Jessica." Blondie says walkimg out the door and sitting down beside me.
"What would you know." I tell her.
"Look Jacob, I don't really like you but ever since she left you aren't the same. Jessica loved you, but you just ruined that. She left to forget you, to keep going with her life." Rosalie says.
"I know, but I don't want to let her go. I love her too much to do so." I tell her.
"Let her go. Forget about Jessica. Move on try to live a life with Sierra or someone else. It's the best you can do. Jessica has moved on. You should probably do the same." Rosalie says before she leaves. I can't believe I'm saying this but, blondie's right. I have to move on.

Jessica's P.o.v following day

I run down the beach at a human speed Rex beside me. I look back and Sean isn't far from catching up to me. I laugh and keep running from him. I feel Sean's strong arms around me that pick me up. "I got you." Sean says. Rex barks and runs around us. Sean lays me down on the sand. "I love you Jess." He smiles down at me.
"I love you too." I throw my arms around his neck and bring him closer to me so I can kiss him. We have been dating for a 3 months and a half. Sean has made me a better person. He has never made do anything I didn't want to. We know everything about each other. We have given ourselves to each other fully. We love each other alot. I've fallen for him and I still do, but he has caught me and is falling with me.
I miss him when I'm at work or when he's at work. Sean has his own company and I work at his company in the Hugh rankings. Sam hasn't found out anything about what Sean and I might have. Sean has talked to Sam to see if maybe there is anything that can help him. Nothing.
"Let's go home. We are going out to dinner remember." Sean gets stands up and helps me up. When I'm on my feet Sean picks me up and puts me on his back. I hold onto him so on don't fall backwards. I kiss his neck a few times. "Stop that baby girl. I might accidentally drop you." He says. I kiss him one last time to see what he will do. I look up, Sean looks at me and picks my lips.
I make him put me down after a while cause although he is half vampire I see him as a human, and Sean sees me as a human as well.
"Jess for dinner we are going somewhere fancy." Sean says holding my face in his hands.
"Then I'm going to get ready." I tell him, I kiss Sean before leaving. I go to the bathroom to take a shower.
I wrap the towel around me and go into the room to get the dress. I put it on and look at myself from the full body mirror.
"It looks beautiful on you." Sean says hugging me from behind. He is only in suit pants a white plaid shirt and the tie hanging from his neck untied.
"You look good yourself." I turn around in his arms. He kisses my lips then my forhead.
"We should finish getting ready, or we will be late." Sean sits on the bed and ties his tie. I sit down infront of the desk and start to do my makeup, and hair. I look through my jewelry box and look for a pair of rings, earings, a bracelet and a necklace. I try to put on the necklace but I'm having a hard time getting together. "Let me do it." Sean says taking it from my hand. "There." He kisses my neck after. I slip on my shoes and grab my wallet. "Ready?" He asks.
"Ready." I respond. We leave the room and walk to the garage. Rex is laying down on his bed starting to go to sleep.
"Whatch the house Rex. We are going out to dinner." Sean tells him and Rex barks. We go to the garage where the 2015 Ferrari 458 Spider and the dark grey Lamborghini Aventador. In the other garage beside there is me gran torino sport, and the 2015 Porsche 918 Spyder. On the other one there is the Silverado, Suburban, and the convertible silver camaro. He has been alive for 122 years, he has done big things in life so he is rich. Richer then the Cullens. He unlocks the grey Lamborghini Aventador.
"Let's go." I get in the car he starts it and we leave.

Sean parks infront of a fancy restaurant. The car door lifts up and I get out of the car. Sean goes to myside and wraps his arm around my waist.
"Rezervation for McFaris." Sean tells the man who looks for the people's rezervation.
"Mr. McFaris, here we go." He says looking at the computer. "Eric take this couple to there table." He calls for a guy. He nods and takes two menu's and we follow him. We follow him to a part where there are less tables, away from the other people. Eric leaves us our men's and a cup of wine. He reaches out to hold my hand across the table and rubs the back of my hand.
"Today is Sunday and tomorrow is Monday. A work day." He says. "And tomorrow is a special day. Today I brought out you out to celebrate tomorrow's event." Sean tells me. He takes out somethimg from under the table. "Happy early birthday Jessica." He says giving me the box.
"Sean you didn't have to give me anything, you've already given me too much." I respond holding the gift.
"Jessica open it. I'm not taking it back." Sean says. I open it and it reveals a ring and a necklace around it. The ring is silver and it says forever with dimonds at the beginning and end of the word. It has a heart in the inside that if I wear if for a long time it will for on my finger. I take it out and put it on my ring finger. I look at the necklace and it has an infinity sign with a wolf charm and a symbol I've seen before but dont remeber where.
"It's pretty." I tell him. "Thank you." Then I realize that tomorrow I'll be missing Paul and I's 21st birthday. I frown a little bit.
"Are you okay? Is there something you don't like?" He asks worried.
"No Sean everything is perfect." I tell him. "It's just that it's my birthday tomorrow and also Paul's. We are twins remember." I respond. Sean smiles relived.
"I never said that was all of your presents." He says. Once again he takes somethimg out from under the table. An envelope. He slides it towards me. "Open it." He says exited. I open the envelope and take out what's inside. Two first class plane tickets to Seattle. I look at him wide eyed and speechless.
"We leave at 9 am tomorrow morning. They have no idea we are going. It's going to be a surprise." He says happily. "I've got everything worked out. I bought a house on the rezervation. I gave Sam the adress I told him to get the whole pack there at 7 so we can celebrate." He tells me everything.
"What about work?" I ask.
"I already told them at your job and mine that we won't be there for a week or so." He says. "I have the other ring the one that says together." He tells me. "The wolf charm represents you and the symbol is my family crest. It means no attention what happens to us, or our relationship. We will be together forever. No matter what breaks us, we will still be friends." Sean holds my hand.
"Thank you." I tell him. He has done so much that I can't repay him. A couple walk by our table and I stiffen at there scent.
"Do you smell that?" I ask Sean. He takes a breath.
"Yes." I look to where the scent leads to the table beside us. Vampires. I look away and Sean and I talk and eat our food. I feel a breeze and there is a piece of paper with fancy handwriting by my cup.

We will meet you at your house. We are watching you.

I slide it over to Sean. He reads it and we both look around. Nothing seems out of place.
"We should go." Sean says.
"We should." I agree. Sean pays for the food and we go outside. We nearly run all the way to the car.
"Who could it be?" Sean says speeding down the road.
"I don't know. Maybe it was the couple of vampires." I suggest. "But who are they?"
"What do they want?" Sean says. "Did you recognize them?" He asks.
"No. I couldn't see them." I respond. "I just caught the scent." As we drive down the street there is a car parked very close to our house. I've never seen it around here. There is no one inside. Sean parks the car in the garage and we go inside the house fast. I hear Rex growling inside. I take off my heels and we run to to the living room. It's dark, but we can see Rex. I look around, ready to phase if needed. Rex stops growling and stands between Sean and I. I see something run outside in the backyard. I run outside and phase. I smell around looking for the vampire. I see it again and I jump on it. I look down at it ready to bite it's head off but I stop. Alice. I get pushed off her. Rather hard that myside kinda hurts.
"Nice to see you too Jessica." Alice says dusting herself off. I turn around and Sean is coming out. I stop him and nudge him back inside the house. I carefully make my way inside. I shift back and go to the room. I put on a pair of shorts and a tanktop and run out of the room. Alice and Jasper are sitting in the living room quietly. Sean and Rex watching them carefully.
"Did you two leave the note on the table in the restaurant?" I ask.
"Yeah." Alice responds.
"Why didn't you just talk to us. You scared the carp out of us. We thought someone was going to do something to us." I tell them. A wave of calmness washes over me. "Thank you Jasper." I tell him, he nods.
"You know these to vampires?" Sean asks.
"Yes I do." I respond. "Remember what I told you about the Cullen's."
"The veggie vampires." He says.
"Yeah. Well this is Alice Cullen and Jasper Hale." I tell him. "Alice, Jasper this is Sean McFaris." I introduce them.

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