other people get hurt too

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"Let's get you home. Bella, we will protect you." I asure her. We start walking to get her truck.
"Hey Jake, isn't that Embry over there with that girl." Bella says looking at the boy and girl sitting real close to each other on a fallen redwood. I look closer and Bella is right. That's Embry and no. Jessica?
"Yeah that's Embry. And the girl he is with is the one that phased in front of you as well as her twin brother Paul Lahote. She is Jessica Lahote." I spat, angry because Paul and her phased infront of her and could've of hurt her. And jealous because she is my imprint and Embry is extremely close to her.
"You don't like her?" She asks.
"It's not that." I sat calming down. "When her brother and her phased infront of you, it ticked me off. That is why I couldn't hang out with you. Why Jessica, Embry and I can't be around Quil. We get angry around you guy's, we phase and who nows what will happen to who ever is aroynd us." I explain.
"But I also noticed something else in your voice other than anger. Love, jealousy, I don't know what it's was. But it was defanitly there." She smirks at me. "And about them phasing infront of me it's no big problem. I'm alive they didn't hurt me. You did it can't be controlled." Bella say defending them.
"Bella, your defending them? You'll end up knowing what she really is like and you will hate her." I try to asure her.
"Yeah right. I don't think so." She says. "Take me home Jacob."
"Sure thing madam" I joke. How can my best friend do this to me. My imprint, doesn't she feel something for me. But if that is how she is going to play. I will as well.

Jessica P.o.v

I walk on the shoreline letting the water hit my barefeet. He imprinted on me. The one thing I didn't want, and it happens. I spaced out and didn't notice Embry was behind me until he scared me. "Boo." He pokes my sides and says in my ear gently. I was caught off guard so I jumped.
"What was that for?" I ask.
"I was talking to you but you weren't listening." He shrugged.
"What were you saying." I asked
"I was asking you. What did you want to tell me?" He says again.
"Let's go sit over there." I say pointing on to a fallen redwood tree. He nods and we walk to sit on the tree. I sit down and then he sits down next to me my left side against his right side. But I don't mind. "So after you and Jared took Bella to Emily. Sam and I, or I stopped Paul and Jacob from fitting. Sam talked to them and then Jacob said he wanted to talk to me. Sam and Paul left us alone. We talked and then I looked at him. And it happened. He imprinted on me. I should of not looked at him. I don't know if he knows that I imprinted on him? I don't know if he knows that I know that he imprinted on me?" I start talking on and on. "I don't know if he likes me?"
"Calm down Jess." He says and wraps his long warm arms around me. "He just imprinted on you. Give him sometime." I relax.
"Fine. I will give him sometime." I say defeated.

2 days later

I see her! Paul anounses. She is heading your way Jake.
Let's head over to Jake. Sam orders us. I sprint to the part of the woods were Jacob is. I get there before anyone else, for I am the fastest of all. I see the redhead holding Harry Clearwater off the ground from his neck. I get angry and run to get her off but, a huge mass of russet fur beats me. Jacob Black.
Jacob I'm going to phase back to check on Harry. I tell them and phases back right away. I slip my clothes on and sprint to Harry's side. "Harry listen to me. Stay with me. For your family. Chief Swan! Help!" I yell. Chief Swan comes running, behind him were other men.
"What happened?" He asks me.
"I don't know I was just walking around and I saw him on the ground." I tell him.
"Okay, someone call the ambulance." He instructs. "What's your name sweetie."
"Jessica Lahote." I respond.
"Okay Jessica. Are you from the reservation?" He asks.
"Do you know the Clearwaters?" He asks.
"Yes." I respond.
"I want you to go look for Sue Clearwater and her two kids. Tell them to go to the hospital." He tells me. "And I don't want you in the woods anymore." He says.
"I will, chief Swan."I get up and run at a human speed until he can't see me anymore. "Like if he can keep me out of the woods." I tell myself
I knock on the door of the Clearwater's house. Leah opens the door with a frown. I feel bad for her what she has to deal with. And with what I'm just going to tell her.
"What do you want?" She asks in a bad mood.
"Is your mother and your brother here?" I ask. How am I going to break it to them.
"Yes." She asks confused.
"I need to tell you guys something." She walks.
"Come in." I walk inside and she closes the door.
"Hey Jessica." Seth gets up from the couch and gives me a hug.
"Hi Seth." I say forcing a smile. Sue walks in the living room.
"Hi Sue." I say and she smiles at me. "Umm can you guys take a seat." They all looked at me confused but sat down. I sigh and begun to get it over with. "I'm real sorry. Harry Clearwater just had an accident. Chief Swan is with him at the hospital. I can drive you guys to the hospital." I offered.
"No thank you. But can you go get and tell Billy Black." Sue asks. Of course I tell the and walk out. I run to my house to get the car keys to Paul's truck. I call Sam as I drove to the Black's house.
"Hey Sam, Harry Clearwater is at the hospital. I think you saw why. I'm going to Billy Black's house to take him to the hospital."
"Were is Jacob at?" He asks.
"He was chasing the redhead. Last place I saw he was at was the cliffs."
"Okay the guys Emily and I will be at the hospital." He says and I hear movement on the other side of the phone.
"Okay see you guys later." I hung up and looked at the road. I pull up on the turn and stop the car in front of the house. I get up and open the door.
"Hi Jessica." He says when he sees it's me.
"Hi Billy. We have to go to the hospital."
"Why what's wrong." He asks concerned.
"I'll tell you on the way."

We are all waiting in the waiting room for some news about Harry. The doctor walks over to us. "Are you Sue Clearwater." The doc asks Sue. She nods with tears wanting to fall. "I'm sorry to say that Harry Clearwater has passed away." Charlie holds Sue tighter to him as she breaks down. Seth cries putting his hands over his eyes, Embry goes next to him and tries to soothe him. In the corner Leah stands with her arms wrapped around herself, silent tears falling. I can't help make any one feel better cause I don't know how. I might make them feel even worse, so I stay out. For the time I knew Harry. He was a really happy person, like Seth. He left his family all because of that redhead. Paul and Jared walk over to me.
"What wrong Jess." Paul asks.
"The redhead. She was the one that caused this." I say threw gritted teeth.
"Calm down Jessica." Jared warns me.
"I'm going to phase." I tell them and march outside. I run into the woods. When I am pretty deep in the I phase. I'm going to kill her. I keep repeating.
Calm down Jess. Jacob's voice interrupts me. I don't speak. How is Harry? He asks.
He is dead. I say angry. The redheaded leech killed him. I run the potrol route with everything I got, hopeing to bump into her. I show him the images of the doc telling us that Harry passed away. And Leah, Sue, and Seth crying.
I feel sorry for them. He said sadness in his voice.
Why aren't you at the hospital. I ask him as I find him.
Bella left with one of the Cullens. To save her leech. He says with disgust. That hurt.
Oh. Was all I managed to get out.
But I'm going to going to move on. He says with confidence. I am going to go with someone who might actually care. How about you? He asks me.
I'm going to wait for my imprint. He has problems with a girl right now. I just want see happy but I want him to choose me. Not her. Then Jacob asks the unexpected.
Who is guy your talking about. Should I tell him. Maybe if I do, he will chose me. He is my imprint and I am his imprint. Here I go. You. He looks shocked.
Jessica I-. He get cut off bye someone yelling.
What the heck I'm a freakingly huge wolf! Cool. I look at Jacob and we start running to were it came from.
A small wolf with sandy colored fur and black on its back stood next to a wolf bigger then him. It has grey and white with streaks of golden brown.
Who are you? Jacob asks them standing next to me.
Leah Clearwater and my brother Seth Clearwater. Who are you? Leah asks.
Jessica Lahote and Jacob Black. I answer.
How is it that we are wolves? Seth asks.
Let the alpha explain. Jacob take Seth to your place. Teach him to phase back, and give him some clothes. After check if alpha is home if not go to hospital. I order him.
What about Leah? Jake asks.
She's going to be with me. Now go. Let's go to my house I will let you use my clothes.

Okay Leah, stay here I'm going to phase back and bring you some clothes. I tell her
Okay. I phase back and climb into my room threw my window. I pull on a tank top and a pair of shorts. I put on some flip flops that I found on the floor. I grab a clean t-shirt, shorts, and another pair of flip-flops that might fit her. I hear a knock on the door, I groan and set the clothes on my bed. I open the door and a slut is standing there.
"Excuse me but, my house doesn't say there is a party or anything for you to come to, bye." I close the door but she puts her ugly foot to stop it.
"I am looking for Paul Lahote." She says.
"I said your not allowed to come in." I spat getting angry.
"Paul gave me this address." Her high pitched voice says.
"I DON'T CARE. HE WON'T LISTEN TO YOU!" I yell at her. I got to my room grab the clothes from my bed and climb outside.
"Okay Leah listen to me. Picture what you look like as a human. Concentrate." She slowly phases back. I give her the clothes. "Hope this fits."
"Thanks." She takes the clothes and changes. "Where are we going?" She asks as she walks next to me.
"Our hangout place. Or in other words alphas house." I tell her.
We walk over to Sams. When she sees where we are at she stops walking.
"I'm not going in." She says.
"Leah you have to go inside. I will be at your side the whole time." I asure her. She takes a breath.
"Fine." We walk inside and Seth has already made friends the pack members. Everyone looks at us. I look at Paul and mouth, 'we are going to talk when we get home.'
"Sam, tell them why they phased." I tell him. He nods and begins explaining everything.

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