Can't Talk Without Arguing

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Ugh. I feel horrible. I can't remember what happened last night. I lean over the bed and throw up in the trash can. I get up slowly walking to the bathroom to take a shower. I change and go down stairs and Sam is laying on the couch his feet dangling from the other side of the couch. Why is he here isn't he supposed to be at his house? I go back up stairs to check on Paul. He is also a mess.Vomit in a trash can as well as around the trash can. On the floor lays Embry with. Vomit around him. What happened to us. I go back down stairs and into the kitchen and get a glass of water.
"You feel better Jessica?" Sam asks and sits across from me.
"Yeah. I think? Can you tell me what happened last night?" I asks he nods and tells me everything. After words I feel embarrassed. I actually did all that. "Sam thank you for staying the night. And taking care of my twin and Embry." I respond.
"That's what an alpha is for right. To make sure everyone in his pack is okay." He says. I get up and get pans out to make breakfast for Sam and I and some more food for Paul and Embry. I hear my shower running as well as Paul's. They must be up already. I set a plate infront of Sam and I sit in my seat. Embry and Paul walk in with clean clothes. Embry is wearing a pair of Paul's sweatpant and shirt, as well as Paul.
"Your guys food is in the kitchen." I tell them.
"Thanks." They say and get there food and come back to join Sam and I. Sam tells us how the day is going to run and the normal schedule. My phone rings and I go and get it.
"Hello." I say and walk back down.
"Hi Jessica. It's me Rosalie. I'm calling because Alice has seen something about the newborn." I put the phone on speakers.
"Okay. Sam is here and listening. " I tell her.
"Sam, the new born army isn't going to Seattle but coming here in three days." Edward says talking over for Rosalie. "And we were wondering if we can meet up tomorrow morning for some skill practices, and to speak more about this."
"Sure just give me time and place and we will be there." He says taking the phone away from me. I look out of the window and Quil, Jared and Jacob are walking out of the woods. I go open the door for them, but only Quil and Jared come in.
"He is mad." Jared tells me.
"About last night. He wants to talk to you." Quil explains and go inside. I walk outside to where he is. I get ready for this.
"What was wrong with you. I didn't talk to you yesterday because I couldn't believe that was you. As well as Sam ordered me not to argue with you." He start yelling at me. I cross my arms infront of me and just listen to him. "I'm glad Quil found you before anything happened between that guy and you."
"You ask what's wrong with me but do you ever think about what's wrong with you?" I snap at him. "If anything was to happen ot would be on me. You don't control me Jacob. Jacob, you said Sam ordered you not to argue with me and what are you doing."
"I dont care about what he says. Your my god damn imprint." He says.
"Here we go again with the your my imprint. Just because I'm your imprint doesn't mean anything. I can do what ever I want, you dont control me. Jacob I have a life, and I want to live that life. Your not going to stop me from doing whatever I want. You lost me, I'm gone for you. Ik going to find someoneelse, I can spend my life with, or might as well spend it by myself. But whatever I choose I doubt you'll be in it." I snap at him, he is pushing my anger farther and farther. "I let you in because I thought you were diffrent then the other boys. But you came in broke me, distroid the love and trust I had. Your just like every other boy. If you ever want me to be yours again. Your going to have to convince me if you want me back. Cause you won't get me back so easily." I yell at him run and past him hitting my shoulder with his as hard as possible. I phase and go to Leah.

Jacob's P.O.V

I growl and make my way up the house. The door opens and the guys come out. Sam looks mad as well as Paul and Embry. Quil and Jared knew what was going to happen so they are behind them. "What the hell Jacob." Sam barks at me. "I ordered you not to argue with her. What happened yesterday is in the past." He yells. "You can't keep going up to her when she does something you don't like and start yelling at her. She has a point. She can do whatever she wants with her life. She is your imprint and your only supposed to want her to be happy and your not doing that. Leave her alone. Let her do what ever she wants Jacob." Sam tells me. "Jessica is letting you be happy but your not letting her be happy." Sam keeps going.
"Fine." I spat and run off to the woods.

Jessica's P.o.v

I knock on the door and a young boy opens. "How can I help you." He asks checking me out.
"Looking for any Clearwater." I tell him.
"Come in." He says, I walk in and I feel like he is looking at me from behind. In the living room Seth and some other boy are lounging around.
"Hey Seth. Who are these two." I ask him.
"Hi Jess. This is Collin Littlesea and the guy behind you is Brady Fuller." Seth answers.
"Have they..."
"Phased?" He finishes off for me. "Yeah yesterday when you guys were gone. Jared helped me." He says, he gets a pillow and throws it behind me. "Dude stop checking her out." Seth snaps at Brady.
"Is she taken?" He ask throwing the pillow back at Seth.
"Yeah. By two people." Seth tells him. I look at Seth.
"By who?" I asks him.
"Well your Jacob's imprint, and Embry likes you." Embry likes me. It's can't be we are just really good friends.
"Is your sister in her room." I ask him.
"Yeah go a head uo stairs." He says.
"It was nice meeting you two. See you guys later at Sam's." I say and go up stairs. I knock on Leah's door and step inside.
"Hey Jess." She smiles at me.
"Hi Leah." I respond. "I had another argument with Jacob." I say his name with disgust.
"You don't even have to tell me about what it was about." She says and sits down.
"But I hate what has happened to us now. I mean we can't talk to each other without yelling at each other." I tell her. I love Leah cause when I ever I want to let something out she is the person to go to. She will listen toy problems. "Yesterday, when I was potroling I came across him, Embry, Quil and the Cullens at the treaty. Everything was going good until then cause Jacob and I started to argue. I want to forget him but that goes to the trash when I see him. First days he phases I avoided him, I would do that now but that would be impossible." I tell her. "But Seth just told me something I don't know how to feel about him."
"What did my pesky little brother tell you." She says.
"Seth told me that..... He told me that Embry had feelings for me." I tell Leah.
"Embry sees you like a sister. He doesn't want anything bad to happen to you. I don't know if he has like those feelings for you." She answers. "Do you want him to feel like that towards you?" She asks.
"I don't think so." I respond. "Let's go to the beach." I tell her.
"Sure, Seth and the other two have to come along. Mom's working." She says, we stand up and go down stairs.
"That's okay. They aren't that bad." I yell her.
"I know they aren't bad. They are terrible."
"Your exadurating." I push her playfully.
"Probably." She shrugs. "Get up. We are going out." Leah tells them.
"Where a we going?" Collin asks.
"The beach." I respond. They get up and we walk to the beach.
They run to the water and Leah and I walk behind them.

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