My End

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3 years later

I watch with Sean as Jake Alexander McFaris, my little 3 year old, lays in my arms going to sleep. I lay him down so he can sleep and I go with Embry, Leah, Brady, Collin, Sarah Black, Harry Clearwater, Mom, Ivan, Aidan, two of the newbies. Sean wraps his arms around me and we watch those who survived living there life without us. "Mom, Sarah, Harry I have a question?" I tell them.
"What is it honey?" Mom asks.
"Well I was wondering how I had imprinted on Jacob before. Could I somehow have that part that has feelings for him give it to someone else?" I asks.
"You mean, have him imprint on someone else." Harry says.
"Yes." I watch as Jacob is driving in a car with Seth and Renesmee into Washington and back at Sam's place.
"You can." Mom says. "Who do you want to have him be with?" She asks.
"Aaliyah Alexandra Uley." I respond watching Sam and Emily's little 2 year old girl stand ups and walks slowly to Rex.
"Okay then." I feel something leaving my heart. The love I have for Jacob leave my heart. I know that they will be happy together. Jacob and weren't made for each other. It is Aaliyah and Jacob. Know that we are here in heaven we have guided there ways. Made sure they make the right choices and live happy.

Jacob's P.o.v

When I checked what was in the back pack I found three passports and money. Apparently all three of us are supposed to be siblings. It's been three years since the battle I'm driving back, with Seth and Renesmee. Ti see what happened after we left. Renesmee is older looking like a teenager. The Same age as Seth. They are already together. But I have them some rules.
"Where are we going Jake?" Renesmee asks.
"Just bare with me. We will be there soon." I respond. Seth is laying in the back asleep. We are just minutes away from Sam's house. The trees start to pass by more and more frequently until trees are the only things we see. I spot a gray and brown blur run past. I turn on the drive way and there is Sam's house with movement inside.
"Can you tell me where we are know?" Renesmee asks.
"Okay we are at-"
"Sam Uley's house." Seth yells. He opens the door and runs out and burst inside the house. Renesmee and I hurry behind Seth. When we go inside Seth is hugging his mom tightly. I walk in and I'm ingulfed in a hug from myside.
"Jacob, where have you been!?" Rachel says.
"Around." I respond hugging her.
"Not so tight Jacob." Paul says. I look at Rachel and her stomach is big.
"Wow did I miss your guys wedding. All of your guys wedding." I ask them.
"We are so very sorry." Renesmee says.
"Who is this?" Emily asks.
"Renesmee Cullen. My imprint." Seth says holding her from the waist.
"Bella and Edwards daughter." I add.
"Last time we saw her she was the size of a 7 year old." Quil says.
"I know she grew though, and know she is like a 17 year old when she is only three." I say. Kim and Jared walks in and Kim also has a bigger belly but I think she is due earlier then Rachel. "Sam fill us in about what happened after we left." I tell him.
"I'm going to keep it pretty simple." He says. "We fought them. We won, we beated them, but that day we lost alot of friends and family." He says.
"Who are those people?" Nessi asks.
"Jasper, Carlisle, Esme are the Cullens that have left us. Ivan, Aidan, Collin, Brady, Embry, Leah and Jessica left our pack that day." Seth and sit down on the couch. I cover my face. My best friend, my imprint and pack members are gone. I cry. Second time I cry. But this time it's worth shedding the tears.
"There is something you know about Sean McFaris and Jessica." Paul says. "The reason Jessica said yes to him was because she reimprinted." He says.
"That's not possible." Jacob says.
"It's is but I guess it's very rare." Sam says. "Sean wasn't human either, and he killed himself a few days after we told him that Jessica died, and she was pregnant witch also caused her to die." Sam says.
"Jessica was pregnant?!" I yell.
"She didn't tell anyone but me the day before the battle. She said she must have been weeks and it's was Sean's." Emily tells me.
"Did you try to stop her?" I ask.
"Emily tried but Jessica told her that she must have been phasing while she was pregnant and was fine. Sean promised Emily that would've been the last time she would phase until she gave birth." Rachel says.
"She got hit in the stomach, that was one reason of her death. Then a leech attacked her." Paul says. I can see his eyes starting to get watery. It's his sister we are talking about and I understand his feelings.
"She died with the baby." I breath out. "Before Sean killed himself he gave me Rex. He said that Jessica would tell him how much Rex and I hungout and thought I was the best person for him." Jared says.
"Jacob have you noticed how suddenly you have thousands of dollars in your bank account?" Quil asks.
"No I haven't checked it yet." I respond confused.
"Sean has deposited lots of his money in all of our bank account cause he has nothing to do with it. No one that would inherit it." Quil says.
"He did this before he died?" I tell them.
"Yes." Sam says. "Sean was very wealthy because he was like Renesmee. Half human, half vampire." Sam says. "Jessica said he was in his company but he was actually with Alice and Jasper. When Alice told Jessica that he was dafe it was because she knew how this would end, and had him stay out of it."
"Sam I think they've heard enough." Sue says. We stay in silence I cover my face with my hands as u start to cry again. I failed Jessica. And k ow I have to live with that.
I feel someone get on the couch between Seth and I. I feel a small hand on my face whip the tear away.
"No cryin." A little girls voice says. "Boys no cry. Boys stron." I look to see who it is and a nineish year old Claire stand infront watching a little girl with raven black hair. I pick her up and set her on my laps and look at her face. I look at her closely and she has Sam's black hair, Emily's copper skin. Her eyes. Her eyes are just a beautiful mix with Sam and Emily's eye's. I didn't I couldn't but I did. I imprinted again.
"I won't cry no more. I'll show you I'm a big strong boy." I smile at her. I have imprinted again on this little girl. I look at Sam. I can see he hatred in his eyes them changed with happiness. "Is she your daughter." I ask them.
"Yes." Emily answers.
"Aaliyah Alexandra Uley." Sam says.
"Aaliyah because of Leah." Sue says.
"Alexander because of Jessica." Paul says.
"Hold up." I tell Paul. "So your sisters name was Jessica Alexandra Lahote, and you are Paul Alexander Lahote." I tell him.
"Yup." He says.
"I never knew that." I yell him.
"Neither did we." Adam say walking in with Brian.
"Hey Jacob what you doing here?" Brian asks. I look at Seth, and then at Renesmee, Aaliyah and then I think of my dad. Renesmee should live with Bella and Edward. Sue should have her only son around her, and Aaliyah. Aaliyah needs me. I'm going to make the happiest. I'm not going to lose her like I lost Jessica. I'm going to protect her no matter what I have to do. My dad. Needs just as much as he needs Rachel and Rebecca. I look at Brian straight in the eyes.
"I'm here to stay forever." I tell him.

Jessica's P.o.v

"You have led him to a good spot." Sarah say her hand on my shoulder.
"Imprinting isn't alway right. Jacob and I have proven that. It wasn't ever supposed to be me and Jacob. Only the bond that we had brought us together. It was always supposed to be Jacob and Aaliyah. But I guess what's life without the ups and downs." I tell her. Sean walks over carrying Jake in his arms. He kisses me.
"Eeww, mommy, daddy." Jake says. "I'm right here." He says.
"We know." I tell him. I kiss his forehead. He kiks to get down. Sean puts him down and he runs over to the guys and Leah.
"You see down there. That's Jacob Black. We called him Jake. That's where you got that name from. Then you see that guy over there. That Paul Alexander Lahote. Your mommy's twin brother. You two have the same middle name." Embry tells Jake.
"When will they come here?" Jake asks.
"Hopefully no time soon." Leah tells him.
"Do you not want them here?" Jake asks.
"We do but they happy right now and we want them to stay like that." Leah responds.
"I'm the happiest I can be." I tell Sean. "I have you and Jake. As well as some of the guys and Leah. My mom and I can see everyone else live happily." He kisses me.
"Eeewww Jessica, Sean!" They all say. "We are right here."
"Get a room." Collin says.
"We sure will." I respond. "Later." We kiss again, we watch the rest of the pack as their kids grow and take over as shape-shifters. We watch our best friends and family grow old and then me meet up with us until we were all together again. Almost. Quil and Jacob and Seth still down there living with their imprints. Happily.

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