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My human alarm clock starts screaming in my ear. I get up and scowl at him. "We leave in 30 min." He smirks and leaves my room. I get my clothes and go take a bath. (Out fit is the picture at the beginning of this chapter)
I grab my neon pink backpack from the corner of my room and walk out. Here we go back to school. I lock the door behind me and get in to the backseat ov the car, to let Jared sit in front.

I get out of the car and look around. I see most of the people looking at us. Must be because I'm the new girl. Paul places his arm over my shoulder. Jared stands on my other side.
"You'll hear rumors about us, but you know whey are not true." Paul tells me.
"There that bad huh." I smirk, and look at them.
"That bad. Drug adicts, steroids, Sam's cult/ Sam's gang. Crap like that." Jared explains.
"Guessing that applies to me, too."I say and start walking to the building. People whisper as they see us walk by. I hear 'Looks like Sam's cult got to her already.'
'She must be dating Paul.' That one got a little grossed out.
'Looks like Paul has another toy.'
This is how the rest of the day is going to go.
"Want us to lead you to the office and around the school?" Paul asks.
"Nah, I got this" I shrug his arm off of my shoulders. "I'll hang out with you guys at lunch if I don't make any friends."
"See you around." Paul waves me off before walking away with Jared. I walk in the building and down the halls. I can't find my way to the office and seems like someone notices.
"Do you need help getting around." Three boys walk next to me.
"Actually yes." I respond looking at the boy that has his hair covering half of his eyes.
"What are you looking for." The smaller of the three with short curly hair and glasses asks.
"The office." I respond.
"Then your going the wrong way." The one with long black hair pulled back to a pony tail. We smile showing his perfect white teeth. "It's back there." He point back the way we are walking. "We will walk with you." We turn around and walk the other direction.
"So what are your names?" I ask them.
"I'm Quil Ateara V." The boy with short curly hair introduces himself.
"I'm Embry Call." The boy with hair that covers half of his eyes says next.
"And I am Jacob Black." The last one introduced himself last. He is good looking. I like his nice long hair.
"Nice to meet you three. I'm Jessica Lahote." Their smiling faces turn into shock.
"Would you by any chance be related to Paul Lahote." Quil asks.
"Yes I am. Paul is my twin brother." I answer with out hesitation.
"I never knew Paul had a twin sister." Embry said with the same shock shown on his face.
"Well I haven't seen him in years. I moved away to California and I came to live with my brother and father." I tell them.
"Well this is the office we will wait for you here." Jacob says. I smile at them and walk into the office. I stand in front of the front desk until the lady notices me.
"How may I help you honey."
"I'm Jessica Lahote, I am new here." I tell her.
"Oh yes darling. Here this is you schedule, locker number and other things you will need for to day." She smiles at me.
"Thank you." I say and walk out.
"Let me see your schedule." Embry says snatching it away from me.
"I will help you to your locker." Jacob says and takes it away from me.
"Are you going to take away something from me?" I ask Quil.
"There is nothing for me to take unless you want me to carry your backpack?" He say. I shake my
head saying no.
We follow Jacob to my locker and I get my book for English which is my second period. I have first period P.E with the boys and according to them I also have P.E with my brother and Jared.

I walk around the cafeteria looking for Jake and the other 2. Jacob sees me and waves for me to go sit with them. I smile and make my way over to their table. One of the popular girls stands up and dumps into me on purpose. That sets me off.
"Oops I'm sorry." She says smiling.
"Whatch were your going barbie doll." I spat at her. I feel myself get angrier, hotter. Temperature wise.
"I was whatching were I was going. You are the one that wasn't." She smirks.
"Look darling if I were you I would back off before this gets ugly." I warn her. I start shaking but I can't settle down. Paul and Jared stand at my side.
"Back off Sarah." Paul stands in the middle of the barbie doll and I.
"Looks like you need these two to protect you." She tells me. Of it weren't for Jared holding me back and Paul standing in the middle of us she wouldn't be standing here.
"Paul, we have to get her out of here before it happens." Jared tells Paul.
"Let's go then." He says. Jared picks my shaking body and takes me outside into the woods. He let's me go and stands back.
"Listen Jess." He tells me and I nod. "Let it go. Release your anger. Let it all out." My breathing turns heavy and I feel like I'm burning. Pain goes over my whole body. I clench my teeth together and my hands into fists. Then suddenly the pain goes away. I feel releaved, I step forward to Paul and Jared but they step away from me. I was going to ask them what is wrong but I heard someone's voice. Not Paul or Jared's, someone else's it sounds familiar. 'Jessica, it's me Sam.' He speaks and a huge black wolf emerges from behind a bush. 'Jessica you are a wolf.' He tells me. I look down and notice my legs are now paws.
'How is this possible.' I think to myself.
'You have the wolf genes.' Sam answered
'You can hear my thoughts?' I ask him.
'Yes, wolf telepathy. Paul are Jared are shape-shifters as well I am the alpha. Paul is beta.' He explains. 'Let's get you to Emily's." He says and turn around the way he came from and I follow behind him.

Jacob P.O.V

I saw Jessica looking around the cafeteria and I wave at her. She sees me and comes over. Sarah stands up from her table and purposely bumps into Jessica. I stand up from the table and walk over to them. Sarah tells her something and Jessica spats st her. "Whatch were your going barbie doll."
"I was whatching were I was going. You are the one that wasn't." Embry and Quil stand at my side whatching as well as everyone else. Jessica get in her face and warns.
"Look darling if I were you I would back off before this gets ugly." Paul and Jared jump in. Jared wraps his arms around a shaking Jessica.
"Back off Sarah." Paul tells her.
"Looks like you need these two to protect you." She says. Now I see how she is related to Paul. Both hotheads.
"Paul, we have to get her out here before it happens." Jared tells Paul.
"Let's go then." And with that they leave.
"You think she is next?" Embry asks Quil and I.
"Dude I think they already got to her." I tell him.
"If she comes back with the same tattoo as them and ignores us. She is in Sam's cult." Quil tells us.
"That would suck she seemed like a great person." Embry says sadly. Think he got a  small crush on her. The bell ring and we go to our next class. For the rest of the day none of us saw Jessica. Who knew that in just a few hours you could become good friends with someone, and have it be distroyed. I feel so thing for her. I don't know what tho. Love? It can't be I love, because I love Bella. She needs me right now that here boyfriend left her. I love Bella not Jessica.

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