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"You told him about us. He is human the volturi will come for you and him" Alice says.
"Explain will you." Sean says.
"Of course. Alice he isn't human." I yell her.
"He looks human and smells like a human." She says. "Wait no he smile like a mutt. No, no, no he smells like us. What?" Alice says confused.
"He is half human half vampire. His mother was a mortal and his father imortal. He has two gifts first one is Sean can mask his smell with any species he likes. Second he can tell what species you are, and your gifts." I yell him.
"Really." Jasper says. "You already know what we are, Then what are our gifts?" He asks Sean.
"Easy. You can control emotions. Yiu used it to calm Jessica down a while ago. You can see the future." Sean responds.
"Impressive." Jasper says. "Half human half vampire what we are looking for. How old are you?" Jasper asks.
"122, or 21 years old." Sean responds. Rex sees they are no threat and leaves.
"Alice." Jasper says.
"We should take him and look for someone else." Alice says.
"Woah. You aren't taking him anywhere." I say standing infront of Sean.
"Sam hasn't called has he." Alice tells me and I sake my head. "Jessica, the volturi are going to Forks. They found out about Renesmee through Irine from the Denali coven. She showed him Renesmee and they think she is an imortal child but she is like Sean. She is no threat to the world. Bach home we are gathering as many witnesses as possible. More of your kind will be phasing." Alice says. I should've know that even if I had same promise me to contact me about any problem that he wouldn't.
"Did Bella survive? How big is Renesmee?" I ask.
"Bella is a new born vampire. She survived. Renesmee is as big as a 7 year old. She is smart and mature." She responds. "Sean what do you feed on?" She asks.
"Animal blood but I love human food." He responds.
"Alice, he is what we are looking for." Jasper says.
"Sean would you mind coming with us to witness as well as to answer questions about your kind." Alice asks.
"I will go." Sean responds.
"No you will not." I yell him.
"Of he goes he will stop a battle that can kill many." Jasper tells me. "The wolfpack are fighting. Your brother, Sam, Embry, Leah, Jacob." He says. Hearing his name hurt. I forgot about him and was happy. Now that he was mentioned my heartaches. A pull telling me to go to him.
"Fine. I'll go." I tell them.
"Sean will come with us to Brazil. There are tribes their, that might be able to tell us more. You, Jessica will go back your pack." Alice says. "Go pack a bag. Both of you." Alice orders us. Sean and I both go to our room.
"I already packed a suit case for each of us. So your set. I have to unpack and pack again." He says taking out two suitcases, his and mine. He uses his vampire to unpack and pack again. We chanhe into something diffrent. I put on one of his hoddies with his symbol/crest on it and a pair of jeans. I stand stand by the wall of glass looking out to the beach from here. The waves are big and crash against the rocks. I sigh. I don't want to go back but I have to. They need me. Sean wraps his arms around me, looking out the window as well.
"I'm going to miss this place." I tell him.
"As soon as it's over we will come back here." Sean promises.
"Time to go." Alice's says. Sean grabs a piece of paper and writes something down.
"This is the adress of the house I got up there. These are the keys." He says taking a key from his keychain. "Everything you need is inside. I sent your car over there so you can't drive that." We each grab our suitcase and go to the garage. "Take any other car, and take Rex with you." He says.
"I will." I grab the keys for the camaro, I leave the door open so Rex can get in.
"Why did you choose that one?" Sean asks curious.
"It will stand out but not as much as the other three." I respond. Jasper drove their car inside out front, and I move this one next to theirs. Sean secures the house and walks out.
"Jessica, when they ask you about us. Tell them that we just sent you over and didn't tell you where we were going." She tell me.
"Does anyone know about what Sean is?" Jasper asks.
"Yes Sam is the only one." I respond.
"I guess you can tell him what we are planning but have him keep what Sean is a secret. If they ask you where he is you will say that he couldn't come because he was needed in his company. Or that when we told you what was happening that you had him stay so he could stay safe." Alice says.
"Okay." I respond. Alice, and Jasper get in their car. Sean kisses me passionately, sweet, loving and caring. "I'm going to miss you." I tell him.
"I'm going to miss you too baby girl. All call when ever I can." He promises.
"I'll send him to you for Christmas as long as you send him back to us after." Alice says from the car.
"Okay." I respond.
"Stay safe." Sean says. He hugs me and kisses my forehead. "I love you." He says getting in the car with Alice and Jasper.
"I love you too." I tell him. I get in the car. Rex is sleeping in the back. The gates open, we speed out and I look at mirror by my head and the gates are closed. I see Sean wave and I wave back. I keep this same fast speed but slow down when there is a police by. I play some music and put the top down letting the wind blow my hair and the music sooth me.

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