The Most Powerful absolute Law

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2 days later

I'm starving. I say as we run back to Emily's.
That's a first. Paul teases me.
There is always a first for everything. Sam says. We phase and go inside for lunch. We have have been potroling the whole night and morning. We go inside and everyone else is done eating.
"Brady, Collin you potrol tonight. You got the day to do whatever you want." Sam tells them as we sit at the dinner table.
"Yes." They say and run out.
"Tonight you guys will go to where the treaty line used to be . You will talk to Jake, Leah and Seth. Jared, Embry, and Jessica you have to try to get Leah back. Jessica, Quil and Embry you have to talk to Jacob. He might listen to you guys cause your his best friends." Sam tells us as Emily sets down the food on the table for Sam, Jared, Paul and I.
"What about me?" Paul says.
"An Seth?" I ask him.
"Paul your going for if anything goes wrong. All of you try to get all of them back." Sam says. We eat the delicious food Emily has made for us. Rachel and Kim come and Claire does as well. Embry and I leave with Quil and Claire to the beach.
"How did you survive so long without Jacob? How could you even hate him?" Embry asks as we sit back and watch Quil and Claire.
"I'm strong and don't need a guy to survive. But I got to admit there are times when I when I miss him and want him by my side." I respond. "As for hating him. I guess was because of everything he had done to me. Or what we have done to each other. Why?"
"Because I have wanted to leave the pack to go with Leah. If she doesn't want to come back then I'll just leave Sam." He say sounding determined.
"I guess I understand. I'd do the same, but because Jacob and I aren't good I'm not leaving Sam." I tell him. I dig my feet in the cool sand. I lay back and look at the cloudy sky. Just like any regular day. Sam walks out from behind with Jared and Paul beside him. I stand up and so does Embry when he sees Sam.
"What's up?" I ask him.
"Potrol for 3 hours for Paul, Jared and Jessica. Embry you can join but I don't you'll want to." Sam says.
"I'm goinv witb them Sam. Maybe I can talk to Leah." Embry responds.
"Okay then." Sam says. All four of us go into the woods to potrol. Sam goes with Quil and Claire back to Emily.

I sit with Embry away from everyone else. "Are you ready to go over with them?" I ask him.
"Yeah." He responds.
"Foods ready." Emily says. We go into the dinning room and sit down at the dinner table. The past two days the days haven't been normal. But things on get any normal then they are.
"Brady, Collin potrol. Rest of you go talk to Jacob." We all go outside snd phase. Collin and Brady leave together and the rest of us run past to what used to be the treaty. We slow down to a jog and then a walk. We walk around and Jacob, Leah and Seth are infront. We pace around infront. They can hear us but not see us.
"I want to talk. It be easier if I could hear you too." Jacob yells.we phase and movie so he could see us. Jared and I beside Paul. Embry and Quil behind us.
"This isn't your tertiory any more Jake." Paul says says spitting. "How's your new family working out?"Paul asks.
"You done?" Jacob asks. Looking at Paul and then at me.
"Coming home Jake." Quil asks him.
"Not until I finish this." Jacob.
"What do you mean?" I ask.
"I want Seth to take Leah and Seth back." Jacob says.
"No! What?!" Seth and Leah protest.
"Be quiet." Jacob say shutting them up. "I want them safe, and I want this over." Jacob keeps going. "I need Sam to wait until Bella's seperates from the problem."
"You mean till she's dead." Paul snarls.
"Eas up Paul." Embry says.
"What?" Paul says.
"Tell Sam that when the moment comes I'll be the one to distroy it." Jacob says.
"Jake." Seth protest.
"I'm the only one that can. They trust me." He says. It goes quiet. Leah and Embry are lookimg at each other. And all of us are watching Jacob. Two Howls in the distance.
"You played us." Paul snaps. He turns around and leaves, followed by Jared and Quil. Embry and I look at Leah and then at Jacob before leaving.
I'm going to check something out. Paul says and leave in a diffrent direction. We run to Sam all of us even Brady and Collin. Jared tells Sam every thing that happened and we go to Billy's.
Sam walks inside to talk to him mad we stay out. Not speaking of what has happened.
"I don't care what he has done he is still my son." Billy says wheeling out behind Sam, Sue wanting to get through.
"Sorry Billy." Sam "I just thought you should know." Paul comes from the woods and whispers somethimg to Sam. "Bella's dead. It killed her." Sam tells us all. "Let's go!" He orders and we run to the Cullen's.
Edward, Alice and Jasper stand infront watching us.
"We are out numbered." Alice says.
"I don't care I won't let them hurt my family." Edward says. I suddenly feel guilty. I don't want to do this.
Your fighting with us Jessica. Sam orders me using his alpha voice. Now. We attack them Sam taking Edward. The rest of us going on Alice and Jasper in groups. The other Cullens come Emmett pushing us off of Alice. Paul gets up and goes after Emmett. He climbs up a tree and Paul tries to jump to get him. They get together and we crowed around them. Leah stands with them watching Embry. Seth and Jacob heroically jump over the belcony.
"Stop it's over." Jacob says. "Ig you kill her you kill me." Seth stands next to him. San moves forward to attack him and do I.
Sam let him explain. I tell him so he doesn't hurt him.
No Jessica. He snaps at me. He moves forward and pushes Jacob. He phases and stands up growling at Sam.
Seth imprinted on the child you can not hurt her. Whoever we imprint on you can not hurt. That's our most absolute law. Jacob says. Sam doesn't reply but just looks at Seth Jacob and Edward. He slowly moves his paw back.
Let's go. He tells us uneasily. I look at Seth before leaving giving him my best wolf smile, and then at Edward.
I'm sorry for fighting against you and your family. I tell him.
"Jessica he order you to fight against us." Edward tells me.
I'm sorry as well. Embry says. We both hope Bella awakes.
"I do too." Edward tells us. "You better get going." He tells us, we leave them.
Are you going to go to Jacob's pack? I ask Embry as we walk to Sams.
Yes. He responds.
Then you should leave now. I tell him.
You think? Embry asks.
Yeah. None of the guys are here to stop you. I'm your friend and you need to be with your imprint. Go! I tell him.
Are you sure. He asks, I stop and push him the direction we came.
Go Embry. Go with Leah.
Thank you Jess. He says and runs away. I run home. I don't want to go to Sam's right now.

I go upstairs grab a blanket and a movie and go to the living room. I put the movie on and grab some snacks while the comercials are on. I wrap the blanket around me and skip the rest of the comercials. I start to feel tired and position myself so I'm laying down on the couch. My feet dangling from the other side.
The door bell rings making me get up. Paul must've forgotten his keys. I open the door and Jacob stands there.
"Hey." He says nervously rubing the back of hid neck.
"What you doing here?" I ask trying not to sound rude.
"Embry came to us. Said you told him to join us." He says.
"Yeah I did. He needs Leah that's why." I tell him.
"I asked him what it was like the last two days and I say something he didn't want to shoe me. You were going to leave. Without telling me." He says.
"I didn't want to tell you cause then you'd try to stop me." I tell him trying not to raise my voice.
"The day at the movies. Sarah came up to us. She came with us to watch the movie. She kept flirting with me and Brady tried to get her away from me. The day Embry came back Embry said he saw you talking with her. What were you guus talking about?" He asks.
"Nothing important." I respond.
"Sarah didn't tell me that." He says.
"What did she tell you?" I ask him.
"She told me that you didn't want me anymore. Although I already knew that one. She said that you are letting her get to me. She told me that you want me to give her a chance with me. Is that not true?" He asks.
"That's all true. I'm moving from her path to you. Brady was trying to get her away from you because he wants me to give you another chance, but I Don't want to. Sarah likes you so I'm giving her a chance for her to make you happy." I tell him. "Jacob you should go. Check on Bella." I tell him holding the blanket I have around me tightly. I feel tears threating to fall. I close my eyes to keep the tears back. But I should've not. Jacob kisses me holding me tightly to him. I kissed him without thinking. I wanted to push him away from me, to stop him. But my arms are trapped in the blanket between the bit of us. Jake stops kissing me and I breath the air that I need. He kisses me again, gently. I don't want him to stop kissing me.
"I missed that." He says his forehead touching mine. I missed that too. I think. His finger moves the hair from my faces and kisses me again. "I love you Jessica." He kisses my forehead. "I always will. No one will ever make me feel the same way you did." He says. I close my eyes hopeing it was just a dream. I open my eyes and he is gone but I'm still standing at the door. Paul walks out from the woods.
"Hey you okay?" He says runing up to me.
"Yeah I'm fine." I respond.
"Let's get you I'm bed." Paul walks with me up to my room.
"Sleep. Everything will be okay when you wake up." He says kissing my forehead before he turns off the lights and leaves. Jacob still loves me. No he doesn't I was dreaming. Nothing of that happened. But it felt do real. I hug the stuffed wolf. It felt so real.
What a day it had been.

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