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No nothing will stop me know. Hopefully. I put on a beige tanktop and a cardigan over. Baby blue jeans and a pair of white converse. I grab my phone. I dial my dad's phone number.
"Jessica are you okay?" My dad asks worried when he picks up.
"Yeah I'm fine. I only want to tell you that we should meet up in California some time. The problems over and I'm leaving in a few minutes." I tell him.
"Okay honey. I'm how about I call you later or tomorrow so we can plan it out?" He suggest.
"Sounds good." I respond. I grab my backpack and walk downstairs.
"So Paul has found his imprint and she happens to be your imprints older sister?" He asks.
"Yeah." I respond.
"How they doing? Has he told her? Is she good for him?" He asks question after question.
"They are doing great. Paul already told her and she took it well. She is very good for Paul. He can control his temper better then me. She is very nice and beautiful." I respond.
"I'll call you later I have to go to a meeting. Drive safely." He says.
"I will. Bye dad." I hangup and go back upstairs. I knock on Paul's bedroom door and he doesn't open so I open it and he isn't here. Must be at Sam's or Black's with Rachel.
I get in my car that already has all my stuff that I'm bringing. I drive to Sam's house lookimg around one last time around. Taking in the views that won't be the same until I come back.
I walk inside and everyone is inside. Well everyone that hasn't left the pack. "Hey guys." I say.
"Hey Jessica." They all respond.
"Sam, Paul, guys I'm leaving today." I tell them, as I play with the car keys in my hand.
"You can't leave!" Paul protests.
"I've made my choice and no one is going to stop me Paul. I only came yo let you guys know." I tell him.
"Sam stop her!" Paul tells him.
"No Paul. I won't stop her." Sam tells him. "She is free to go. It's her choice."
"I'm going to miss you." Emily says ingulfing me in a bear hug.
"I'm going to miss you too." I tell her. I hug everyone else, and we easy good bye. Brady opens the door. "Where you going Brady?" I ask him.
"I got to go do something."He says and leaves. Okay. I hug Sam.
"Thank you Sam. For everything you've done." I tell him.
"Your welcome Jessica. We will miss you. Stay safe." He says.
"I will. And that wedding better be getting planned." I tell him.
"It's slowly coming along." He responds smiling. I look at Paul and he looks, mad, sad, happy, hatred.
"I'm going to miss you Paul." I tell him.
"I'm going to miss you too." He responds and hugs me.
"I'll return. You'll see I'll come back." I tell him. He let's go and I dig I'm my pocket. "Here it's your's while I'm gone." I tell him giving him the keysl to my motorcycle.
"I'll take good care of it." He says taking the key and hugs me again. "I love you sis."
"I love you to bro." I respond. He let's go of me and I look at them once more. "I'm going you miss you all. But I'll return. Bye" I wave bye. Not good bye cause goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting. And I'm not going to forget them. I walk out my car and Brady is coming out of the woods. "Bye Brady."
"Bye Jessica." He watches me leave before going inside. I drive past Forks, and farther away 4 wolves are standing on the road not letting me get through. I stop at the side of the road and get out of the car. They go into the woods so they aren't seen.
"Your leaving?" Jacob asks.
"Yeah." I respond.
"Without letting us know." Embry says.
"No I was going to let you know." I tell him.
"Brady told us you were leaving." Leah says standing next to Embry. So that's where he went.
"Bye guys." I tell them. Seth comes up to me and hugs me.
"Bye Jess." He says.
"Bye Seth. I wish the best for you and your imprint." I tell him hugging him tight.
"I wish the best for you too Jessica." He squeezes me one last time before letting go.
Leah and Embry both hug me. "I don't want you to leave but it's your choice." Leah tells me.
"Your not happy here. Go find your happiness." Embry say letting me go.
"Thanks guys. I'm going to miss you but we will keep in touch." I promise.
"Okay everyone go to the Cullen's now." Jacob orders them. They scowl at him before leaving us alone. "Don't leave Jessica." Jacob pleads.
"Why so you can hurt me some more." I snap at him.
"Jessica, I have changed. I'm not the same. Stay." He pleads.
"Jacob, I think all I need is distance. I don't know who I am or what I want." I tell him softly. "Who knows I'll probably back earlier then I thought." I tell him.
"Wherever you go you won't find who you are, or what you want. Cause, to find who you are, you have to be with me. Same goes for what you want." Jacob says holding me. "Admit it Jessica. Yesterday night at your front porch. I kissed you. I admitted my feelings for you. I kissed you cause I missed you and I want you back. Third times a charm right?" He says and that reminds me of Brady he also said that. Last night what I thought was a dream was real. I look at him dazed. "Jess are you okay?" He asks.
"Yeah I'm fine. I was just thinking." I respond.
"Stay." He pleads one more time.
"I can't Jacob. I'll return. I know that for sure." I tell him.
"Then I want you to return Jessica. I want you to return as fast as you notice that what you looking for isn't there." He stands infront looking into my eyes. "But right here." He leans in closer, slowly. His hand holding my cheeck. He kisses me, passionately, gently, full of love.
"If two people are ment to be together, eventually they'll find their way back." I tell him. "Bye Jacob." I turn around and go to my car. I drive away from LA Push from my friends and family. From the guy I love but want to forget. To California to find who I really am. To see if maybe, just maybe there is someone that can replace Jacob.

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