out of our land

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(Pic of Kim )

"Jessica, can you take me to the supply store in Forks. I need to buy a few school supplies." She says grabbing her purse.
"Sure, get in the car." I grab my keys, phone and $30. Before I step outside the home phone starts to ring. "Hello, you have called the Lahote house." I say.
"Hi, is Paul home." A man speaks from the other side of the line.
"No he is not. Do you want to leave him a message?" I ask.
"No its fine. Can you just tell him I called." He tells me
"Sure, can you tell me your name?" I ask him.
"Of course. Tell him his father, Jesson Lahote called him." He says.
"Okay." I say and then freeze and take in what I heard. He said his father Jesson Lahote. "You said your Paul's father and your name is Jesson Lahote?" I say making sure.
"Yes that is me." He reassures me.
"Dad." I say. "I'm Jessica Lahote your daughter. Paul's twin sister."
"Jessica." He repeats. "Honey, what are you doing at our house. I thought you were with you aunt and uncle in California?" He asks confused.
"I turned 18 a while ago. So I don't need then to whatch over me so I choose to come and live here again." I explain.
"JESSICA HURRY UP!!" Isabel yells unpataint from outside.
"WAIT!" I yell back, moving the phone away a little.
"Who was that?" Dad asks.
"That was Kim. She is waiting for me to take her to the store but, she can wait." I say like it is no big deal cause it isn't.
"Oh, Jessica I change my mind. Tell your brother I called and I will be coming back from this trip in 2 days." I nod but I'm like not visible.
"Yeah sure. Can't wait to see you." I smile and feel so energetic.
"Me too. Bye hun." He says and if I could see him I swear he was smiling.
"Bye dad." I say before hanging up and running out side. Jared is leaning on the car talking to Kim. Seeing them together, smiling and laughing makes me want to have Jacob with me. "Hey Jared." I say stopping next to Kim.
"Hi Jessica." He responds smiling.
"If your looking for Paul, he is out with one of his toys." I inform him.
"I wasn't looking for Paul." He says looking at the ground and stuffing his hands in his pockets. "I can to ask if you wanted to hangout with me today Kim?" He asks her looking up from the ground. She looks at me and I smile mouth 'yes.'
"Sure Jared I will spend the day with you." She smiles at him. He smiles and takes her hand and takes her to his car.
"Saved me from going going to going to the store." I pull my phone and put some music on and grab a towel and a bag. I throw in a tank top and a pair of shorts. I walk out to the beach and look around the music relaxing me. I walk up to the cliff. At the top I set my bag next to a tree, and take off my shoes and put them next to the bag. I walk to the edge of the cliff and look down at the dark waves hitting the cliff. I step back a few steps and stand there listening to my surroundings. I run and stretch my arms infront of me. I push off the edge of the cliff with the force of my legs. The cold wind hits my face as I fall into the water. I close my eyes as the cold dark eater get bigger. The coldness covers my whole body, every inch of my body. I swim back up to the surface, for air. I flip my hair back, moving it away from my face with out using my hands. I open my eyes and I am facing the opposite way to shore. Someone's warm arms wrap around my waist before I can turn around. If I was human I would say that the persons body heat is extremely high. But because I'm not exactly human the body temperature is normal to me. And the temperature of this person as well as the way they are holding is recognizable. It belongs to the person who is making me fall deeper with them. Jacob Black. He turns me around to face him and smiles.
"Hi babe."
"Hey." I say snaking my arms around his torso. He kisses me gently, and sweetly. "You want to go to my house, or your house to just hangout and whatch a movie." I ask him.
"Yeah let's go to my house this time." He says and let's go of me. We swim next to each other. I get out and run to the cliff and change in the woods in to sweatpants and a and tank top. I slip on my vans and run down the cliff to Jacob.
When we walk inside his house his father is no where to be found. "Where is your dad?" I ask, I set my bag down on the floor next to the couch.
"He might be with Charlie Swan or with Sue." He shrugs. I sit down on the couch. He walks next to the TV and scan the movie rack. "What movie do you want to see?" He ask moving his finger down the movie one by one.
"I don't know any movie is fine." I respond.
"Okay then." He says getting a movie and slipping it into the DVD player. He picks me up and lays me down. My head on his lap and my feet dangling off the couch. He runs his fingers through my hair taking off the knots.
"Jacob." I say looking away from the movie and at him.
"Yes, Jessi." He says looking down at me.
"My father called." I start. "I'm going to meet him in two days." I finish.
"That's good." He says. "Right?" He asks not sure of himself.
"Yeah, but I've never meet him. I don't know what he's like." I tell him.
"He'll love you. You are his daughter, and he is your father. The pack likes you." He reassures me.
"Hopefully." I whisper to myself. A loud howl is heard outside. I sigh and get up slowly. "Time for potrol. Mind if I crash here for the night." I say walking outside.
"No go ahead." He says.
"Thanks." We seperate to phase.

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