We are Done

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Jacob's P.O.V

"Jacob why the hell did you leave?" Sam asks.
"I left to think." I answer annoyed with him. Sam has been asking me the same question just using diffrent words. He tells me about them being worried about me and Embry who has disappeared. That explains the missing posters that I saw with my picture and his. A car parks outside and Seth comes in.
"Jacob why did you do that? You could've hurt her." Seth says.
"Look Seth I wasn't thinking, and the leech is going to kill her." I respond getting mad. Paul comes in and growls at me. What did I do to him?
"Sam, can I talk with Jacob." The voice that is music says. I look at the door and there she is. Jessica in a long black dress with longsleeves. She looks very gorgeous. I can't take my eyes off of her.
"Yeah go ahead." I hear Sam say. I stand up, Jessica is already walking outside. I want to wrap my arms around her, kiss her. We keep walking into the woods until she stops and looks at me. I pull my hands out of my pockets and go hug her.
"I missed you." I tell her holding her tight, but she doesn't return the hug. "Are you okay?" I ask her. She steps away and is holding her arms around herself.
"No Jacob I'm not okay." She responds almost yelling. "Where have you been?" She asks.
"I was in Canada." I respond.
"You were in Canada." She says pacing around. "What were you doing in Canada? Have you seen or heard from Embry?" She asks.
"I went to Canada to think, and I don't know anything about Embry." I answer.
"Oh." She says. "How do I do this." She says pacing around. Finally she stops and looks at me. "Jacob, our lives would be much better if I had never looked into your eyes and you looked in mine." I don't understand what she is saying. "Jacob, what are we? I don't understand our relationship. Sometimes we are friends, sometimes we are more than friends, sometimes in just a stager to you. One minute your talking to me as if I'm something special and the next minute your talking toe as if I mean nothing to you. One day you pay so much attention to me, the next you completely ignore me. I wish you could start making sense cause I'm confused. I don't know what you want."
"I'm sorry you cant tell what big way but let me tell you Jessica. I want you." I tell her. I hold her from her shoulder and have her look at me.
"Jacob be serious. Tell me what you really want because I can't take this anymore. I can't get hurt from you anymore. I'm not a leech. I'm alive. I have feelings. I can get hurt. I'm a human being. Maybe not so human because I can morph into a giant dog, but there is some normality in me." Jessica says.
"Jessica I know you can get hurt. I've already damaged you to much." I tell her. Tears run down her face, as she shakes her head. "I don't want to hurt you anymore." I respond as serious as possible so she can believe me.
"You don't want to hurt me anymore right?" Jessica asks.
"Right. I want to make things right between us." I respond.
"Jacob." She says cupping my face in her hands, and kisses me. "I have and will always love you. But I think the best thing for both of us is to not be together." She says.
"Jessica no please. I love you." I beg her.
"I'm sorry is the only thing I hear from you, and this time I promise I'm not giving you another chance. I'm not going to let you hurt me anymore." She says and walks away.
"Jessica." I say calling after her. She stops takes her shoes, lifts her dress up a little and runs as best as she can. I don't go after her. I can't. She won't listen to me. She won't give me another chance. I've really screwed up this time. It's been the worst day. First, my childhood friend gets married to a leech, she is going on a honey moon. Then the leech is going to turn her in to one of there kinds but is not going to succeed and will kill her." I drop to the ground. "Then my... my would he still be my best friend or ex best friend. I'll figure it out later. Has gone missing."I hit my fist against the ground making a hole as big as my fist. "On top of that my imprint pushes me away for good. She wants nothing with me." I stand up and go home before my dad. I don't want to here anymore about me being gone. I've really lost Jessica this time. Looks like I'm on my own.

Jessica's P.o.v

I stop running and sit down on the ground. The other times I have left Jacob it hurt me, but never this much. But it's the best for both of us. I let a few tears slip again, I whip them away. I lost him. I get back up and walk home.
I throw my shoes, get out of the dress and into plaid pajama pants and a tank top. The door opens and closes from downstairs, and footsteps are coming up. My door opens letting the light from the hallway in. I pretend that I'm sleeping and the door closes. I turn on my back and look at the ceiling until I fall asleep.

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