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(Esai Morales is Paul and Jessica's father)

"Rise and shine honey. You brother told me to wake you up at this time before he left to school." A male voice said opening the curtains that keep the sun out.
"5 more minutes." I groan still half asleep. "Wait how did you get in and who are you?" I ask realizing o don't know that guy. He smiles and sits at the edge of my bed.
"I'm Jesson Lahote. Your father honey." I rub my eyes and look at him. He looks like an older version of Paul. Same pitch black hair, only that he has some grey hairs on the side. Who wouldn't if Paul is there son. Same tall build up frame.
"Dad." I say and hug him tight.
"Jessica." He responds and hugs me back. "I'm going to make lunch, change and go down stairs to eat." He orders, he stands up and closes the door behind him. Father daughter having luchtime togther that sounds good. I look through my wardrobe and settle with blue skinny jeans and a white sort and I set a jacket and a blue scarf on the table in my room. I walk into the bathroom and take a shower. I put on my white converse, and walk down stairs. I sit down in the chair and my dad. That sounds cool. Sets down a bowl of fruits, sandwiches, two cups of juice.
"You look like your mother." He tells me sitting across from me.
"And Paul looks like you." I say. "I guess father like son." I add.
"Yeah I guess so." He chuckles.
"So what if we play a game you no know like kids when they just meet?" I ask.
"You mean 20 questions?" He wonders.
I swallow the piece of sandwich in my mouth and nod crazily. "Yeah that game, okay you go first." I respond.
"Okay then."He thinks and asks the question. "What's your favorite color?"
"You know just because it's a kids game dosnt mean you ask questions kids ask each other."
"Im sorry Missy I just couldn't think of anything else."He argues. "Navy blue, grey, white and black are my favorite colors. Okay my turn. What is your job?" I ask him.
"I am a boss for my own company." He answers proud of himself.
"That's cool." I respond.

"Question number 19. Has anybody im- I mean do you have a boyfriend?" He asks with all seriousness.
"No. If I did that means Paul likes him for me." I say simply, remembering of Jacob.
"Now my question 19 for you is.... Do you have a girlfriend?" I ask rising my eyebrow up and leaning closer to him. He cuckles at my question.
"I used to but it turned out she wasn't how I actually thought she was." He sighs.
"Can you ever im- I mean will you ever get married again?" I wonder.
"Probably not." He answers lifting his shoulder up and putting them back down.
"Know my turn." I say changing the topic.
"But you he just asked me a question." My dad protest.
"That doesn't count." I argue. "My last question you must answer." He nods confused. "Um.. do you know about the tribal secret. You know the one about people shape-shifting into wolves." I say loudly and end up whispering at the end.
"Do you know?" He asks.
"You promised to answer." I acuvze.
"Yes, I do know. How do you know. I thought you said you didn't have a boyfriend?" He asks confused.
"Dosnt mean I don't have an imprint." I say.
"Let me guess it's that Embry Call the guy that lives over there. He came looking for you in the morning. Paul told him you were sleeping, and they left to school." He said, I noticing a tint of madness in his voice. I see where Paul get the protective brother trait. Like father like son.
"I wish he did." I say, not kidding I rather have Embry as my i.print then Jacob.
"He didn't?" He asks surprised. "He acts like it. I mean it looks like he cares about you alot." He says.
"Yeah he is my best guy friend. And Leah Clearwater and Rosalie Hale are my girl friends." I explain, he nods in understatement.
"Then by the way you talk about your imprint. You don't like do you?" I nod.
"My imprint is Jacob Black." I say in disgust.
"WE ARE HOME!" Paul's voice booms threw the whole house, he walks into the kitchen where we are. "We are hungry. Is there any food for us." He asks walking to the fridge. Behind him, Jared and Izzy walk in, and Quil, Seth, Leah and Embry.
"Hey Jessica." The all greet me.
"Hi guys." I say.
"Hi Mr. Lahote." They greet my dad.
"Hello, but please call me Jesson." He smiles at them. Leah hugs me tightly.
"Hey girl, you feel better?" She asks.
"Yeah." I say and hug her back, she sits in the chair to my left. Embry takes the other chair that seperate me and my dad. Embry puts his hand next to his ear Luke a phone.
"Call to Lahote." He says, I put my hand next to my ear as well.
"Lahote to Call." I speak.
"Hey Jessica I missed you at school." He says.
"Missed you too, Em." I respond.
"Hey Jess wouldn't be easier if we like Skype each other?" He asks.
"It would be easier." We pretend to hang up. I look at dad and he is staring at us like we have something wrong. I turn to look at Embry and wait for him.
"See know I can see you." He says.
"Your always right Em." I respond. "How about if we see each ther at my house you know." I ask.
"I know." He says and we look away and then we turn around to look at each other again. I smile at him and he smiles at me back, and I hug him. "Are you running later or tonight?" He asks.
"No Sam doesn't want me running patrol yet."I explain, he nods.
"What was that?" My dad asks. I forgot he was sitting there watching us.
"That is how they greet each other. It's weird." Paul answers. "You see dad. When Jessica sees Leah they hug. When she sees me she ignores me, but then hugs me or something." He tells dad some examples.
"How about them." He says referring to how I greet Seth and Quil and Jared, and Izzy.
"I'll show you." I say getting up.
"Ateara." I say extending my arm out my hand in a fist.
"Lahote." He say fist bumping with me.
"Sethy-Boo." I walk over to Seth and hug him.
"Jessie." He hugs me back. Funny part is he always falls for it. I playfully head lock him and mess his hair up.
"Jessica." He whines. "My hair. You messed it up." He says trying to get out of my grip. I let go and he pats his hair down.
"Izzy I'm dizzy." I say walking like I'm going to fall.
"When dizzy, Izzy well help you." She get up from next to Jared and extends her arm out and brings the other one in like superman. I laugh as she spins me the opposite direction. She laughs too and goes to sit next to Jared.
"Jare-Bear, you start this time." I tell him.
"Okay Jess-Sizzle, what do you call a mouse that walks on two legs?" He asks.
"You serious Jared. It's Mickey Mouse." I say it's in an obvious tone.
"Jar-Head I'm pitching a riddle at you." I inform him.
"I'm ready." He says.
"So a guy walks out of his home, he takes 70ft strait and turns left, then he takes 70ft and turns strait, he takes 70ft and turns left, he takes another 70ft and he is back home. But when he got back there are tow men with masks standing infront of his home. Who are they?" I ask him, he thinks about it as well as everybody else. Suddenly Seth starts jumping up and down with his hand raised.
"I know the answer." He repeats as he bounces in place.
"Do you guys give up?" I ask them.
"Yeah." They say in unison, even my dad does. I guess he feels like a teenager with all of us around, and he plays along. And they don't mind.
"The-" Seth starts to say but someone else days the answer.
"Empire and catcher." I turn around and there stands Jacob leaning on the wall with his arms crossed infront of him.
"Jacob." Seth whined.
"Your not welcomed here Jacob." I snarl at him.
"I didn't want to come, Sam sent me. Embry, Quil, Leah, and Seth have potrol." He tells them. I walk over to Embry.
"Em, I predict that when you get home after potrol your mom will ground you and lock you in your room like last time. I also predict you will be hungry and you won't have dinner. So as soon as your mom is gone. I'll be climbing up to your room with your dinner." I whisper low enough for him to hear.
"Okay." He says back in the same volume. They get up and walk out.
"See you guys tomorrow at school." I tell them, I look at Jacob. "Out Jacob." I say pointing out the door.
"I miss you Jessica." He tells me as he passes by me.
"Sure you do." I respond, he turns around to tell me something but I close the door on him. I march up to my room. "I'll be done to make dinner." I announce.
"It's okay sweetie I'll cook dinner to night." Dad calls back.
"No I'll make dinner I'll be down in an hour or two." I respond.
"Fine." He says not want g to argue.
I lay down on my bed and it's raining outside. I close my eyes and keep my eyes from shedding tears like the rain pouring outside. Why? How? Does Jacob Black do that to me? He makes me feel guilty for what happened between us. The sound of the rain soothes me and I fall asleep.

"Jessica!" I hear, I sit in and run down stairs. I look at the clock 7 o'clock. I was supposed to be awake an hour or two ago. I go into the kitchen and dad, Paul, Jared and Izzy are trying to take out something that is burning. I sigh in relief that it wasn't anything worse. "People MO e and let me did it." I say. The clear a way for me to walk through. I get the pan and turn on the sink on cold water and stick the pan on. "Can someone open the windows before the annoying smoke detector start to make noise." I order. When I see that it is okay I look at all of them. It feels weird to be scolding your dad. It's supposed to be the other way around. "Who cooked that?" I ask them pointing at the burned what ever that uses to be. They all point at each other. They are acting like kindergarten student.
"We all did. We didn't want to wake you up so we tried cooking for ourselves." Paul admits.
"Guys it's okay to experiment. But when there is someone who can fix your mistakes." I say. "Know I will cook." I say and look around the cupboard and fridge taking things out.

Paul left to potrol dad is in his room sleeping, I can hear him snore. I'm waiting to here the shouting of the house next door. Oh there it is, I can hear there conversation but pit my earphones on so I don't listen to them arguing. The song is over and I take one ear bud off to see if the coast is clear. I don't hear anything. I get up and go to the kitchen and grab the food that I had prepared already. I put on my converse and my hoodie on. I open my window and jump off from the two story high house. It isn't so high cause I jump off cliffs, and I done this before so I landed gracefully. I climb over the fence that seperate my house and Embry's. I get to the other side and pick up some rocks. It hasn't stopped raining and I'm getting wet. I throw the rocks to Embry's window, he finally opens up and I climb up the tree. Without warning him I jump inside. Embry was in my way and I landed on top of him. "Thanks for making my landing soft Em." I smile down at him. We are close. Maybe too close. I look in his eyes and he is doing the same. Our lips just inches away. If I kissed him would I forget about Jacob? I'd probably forget Jacob but I'd hurt Embry. I don't want anybody to feel the pain I am and I don't want to hurt him or any of the pack members. I stand up and brush my self off. Embry stand up and gives me a towel to dry off with. "Here you go Em. Your dinner." I give him the bag and sit on his bed. He takes the food and gobles it all up.
"This is so good, don't tell Emily I said that." He says looking at me. I pretend to zip my lips and toss the key away. He smiles and keeps eating. When he is done, which didn't take so long, he puts the dishes back in the bag. He comes and sits on the other side of the bed. He pats his lap, and I lay down and set my head on his lap.
"Have you heard of the new club up in Port Angeles." I ask him.
"Yeah what about it?" He responds running his fingers threw my hair.
"Paul wants to go. To celebrate that we graduated high school." I explain.
"But what about the graduation party the school is holding for us?" He asks.
"I don't know what about it?" I tease him. "Just kidding Em. We will be going to the club the day after the party the school is holding for us. Sam is going to come with us, to 'monitor' us." I say doing air quotes.
"What about Seth?"
"He is staying here." I respond. "He is to young to go. And according to Sam. Brady Fuller and Collin Littlesea will phase around that time."
"Oh." He answers.
"Emily is also staying back. Her niece Claire is coming to visit. So are you coming, Em." He hesitates.
"Come on Embry. Come. I'm going to need you, Leah, and Paul with me. Jacob's coming." I say, sitting up and looking at Embry.
"I'll probably go." He says.
"Fine." I say. "Embry, you should tell your mom about our secret. Tell her why you come home late. Why you always are at a high temperature. Why you go around town and return home with only shorts on, in the winter and summer. It's best for her. That way she won't have to worry so much, and you won't get grounded." I stand up and change the topic.
"Jessica, I can't tell her. How? Should I just go uo to her and say. 'Mom your son, as in me. Can morph into a huge vampire killing wolf.' And expect her to be all cool with it." He stands up and talks to the stand up lamp pretending it his mom and turn to me. "You have it easy. Neither you nor Paul had tell him about this cause he is in the secret! He knows about us!" He snaps at me. He has never snapped at me, and it hurt. But I know that if we get in a fight it won't last long.
"Look Embry. I'm just saying that that is the best for both of you." I get up and get the bag I brought with his dinner. I walk to the window and look back before jumping off. "Think about it Em. See you tomorrow." I sat and and jump off. I land on my two feet and run to jump over the fence. I climb into my room and take the dirty dishes in the sink. I'll wash them tomorrow. I go to my room and change from my wet clothes into my pj's. Back to school tomorrow, but we go this week and we graduate next Friday.

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