Hanging Out

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I grab some clothes and go take a shower. Today I have no idea what I'm going to do. Probably just hang around the house. Wash any dirty laundry. If Paul still has clothes he hasn't shred yet, same goes for me.
I finish washing the little laundry there was and I sit down on the couch and play on my phone. Paul must be out potroling or at Sam's without me, or.... I rather him being at Sam's then where I'm thinking. I shake the thoght out of my head. My phone starts to ring and vibrate. "Hello."
"Hey Jess it's me Jake. I was wondering if you want to spend the day together?" He asks.
"Like a date?"
"I guess." He responds. Well I don't have anything else to do and we are together again so
"Yeah sure." I answer.
"Okay then. The fair is in Port Angeles I'll be there in 10?" He says.
"Okay I'll be waiting." I say and we hang up. I connect my phone to let it charge for 10 min. I brush my hair and add a hair band with feathers. I walk down stairs and send Paul a message.
To : Hothead Twin Paul
Hey if you don't find me at home by the time you get home I'm at the fair.
From : Me

I send it and sit down waiting for Jacob.
Ten minutes have passed and I get my keys lock the house. Jacob pulls up in front in his red Volkswagen rabbit. He gets out of the car. He hugs and kisses me.
"Yeah. Hey you mind if we take my car I haven't used it alot or we can take my bike it hasn't moved from the garage." I ask.
"That's fine let's take your bike." I take the bike out of the garage and give it to him as well as the keys. I classes the garage door and sit behind him. I think I know why he choose the motorcycle. I have to hold on to him. "Where did you get the bike?" He asks
"Rosalie and Emmett gave it to me as a graduation present." The air hits my face as we go on the freeway to Port Angeles. We slow down as we exit the freeway and he weaves out and in between the traffic.

I stand up and look at Jacob. He is looking at me.
"When did you get the other tattoos." He asks pointing to a dream catcher with a wolves face in it.
"Um I got a few days after graduation. I also go three others. A normal dream catcher behimd my leg." I say showing him. "A wolf with those hats the Indians uses to wear." I point to my stomach. "And a wolf howling." I say pointing down to the left side of my waist.
"They look cool." He says.
"Thanks." I respond.
"Let's go." He puts his arm over my shoulder and we walk to the enterence.
We ride some the big rides, eat, go on more rides. Play at the game stands. Jacob won a stuffed wolf that looks just like his wolf. I hold it close making sure not to leave it anywhere. I remember saying I would be cautious with him this time. No risks. That doesn't matter now. I'm going to cherish this moment. I'm happy being with him. We aren't arguing, fighting. This feels just so right. Well it was ment to be.
"Jess you want to go on the bumper cars?" He asks. I look at the ride and smile at him. I grab his hand and pull him to the line. He laughs and then I'm not pulling him anymore but he is running beside me. We stop running and he kisses me. I don't stiffen. I don't stay still. I kiss him back. He holds my hand as we wait.
We get on our own bumper car. I put my wolf on the seat next to me, I turn the steering wheel to Jacob's direction. We wait for the rest of the cars to get filled to start.
"Go!" The person that controls it says. I step on the pedal and it moves towards Jacob's direction. He smirks at me and turn towards me. we hit each other from the front, I move back. I get hit in the side and I move away to go see where Jacob is now. He is at the other side of the area we have. I make my way over, he tries to lose me. Some guy bumps into him from the side and I bump him from behind.
The ride ends and I take my wolf and go to Jacob.
"You having fun?" He ask with his lips pressed to the side of my head.
"Yeah." We walk around looking at the stands people put up.
"I'm hungry Jess." Jacob whines.
"Of course you are." I say patting his stomach. We go to a spot full of food boths and trucks.
"What do you want to eat Jessica?" He asks.
"I think I'll get some of the food over at that spot. It look like Mexican food. You coming or want something else." I tell him. He looks around at the food trucks and booths.
"I want some of the turkey legs that are over there. But you can get me something. I'll pay you after." He says.
"Okay what do you want?" I ask.
"I'm fine with anything." We go to the line for the food.

We go on the ferris wheel. The sky is dark. I sit beside him resting my head on his chest. He holds me tight to him, Jacob rests his head on mine. We reach the top and it stops. I look at the time on my phone.
"Look at the sky." I tell him. He looks up and so do I. The bright colors of the fireworks turn the dark sky into diffrent colors. The fireworks make diffrent shapes or the normal circular shape.
"This is a good way to end the day." Jacob sets me on his lap carefully so the thing we are in doesn't move so much. He looks at me in my eyes. "Jessica I love you. I won't let anyone or anything hurt you. I love you Jess with all my heart with my whole life." Jacob's telling the truth I can see it in his eyes.
"I love you too Jacob. You have no idea how much. I will do anything for you. To see you happy. That is why I never stopped you from going to Bella. Why I saved you from getting your upper bodies bones crushed." I tell him.
"I'm sorry for what you had to go through because of me. It won't happen anymore." His lips on mine move slowly. Passionately kissing me. The fireworks above us are a great way to express my feelings. The ferris wheel moves and we are going back down. He holds me and we enjoy the rest just sitting and looking at at the fireworks. Being with him doing anything with him seems just so right.
We walk out of the fair and go to the bike. He gets on and I get on the motorcycle behind him. I hold on to him. I'm actually glad he choose the bike because I get to hold on to Jake for as long as I have him. As Jake goes faster the cold air hits me exposed skin. At this moment I'm glad for the 108° degrees. I'm not cold in shorts and the short I'm wearing that exposes very little of my stomach, my shoulders and arms.

Jacob puts my bike in the garage and I company him.
"See you tomorrow at Emily's." I tell him as hold the stuffed wolf.
"Yup. I haven't left but I know I'm going to miss you all night." He says holding me in his long arms. "Sleep well." He pecks my lips one last time.
"I will. Have fun potroling." I tell him.
"Hope I do." He smiles crookedly. He holds my hand and we go infront of my house. "Bye Jessica." He kisses my forhead and turns to his car.
"Bye Jacob." I wait outside until he is out of site. I open the door and the lights are off. I quietly go up stairs but of course it's no use.
"So you went to the fair with Jacob. I thought you went with Embry and Leah, or the blonde vampire girl." Paul says. "But then I saw Embry and Leah at Emily's and the leech was out with her guy."
"Yeah." I say swinging the stuffed wolf infront.
"You have fun?" He asks.
"Yeah. You do anything fun today." I change the topic to him now.
"I did potrol in the morning, then I went to eat at Emily's. After I went to the beach with Sam, Embry, Quil, Seth, Brady and Collin. I hooked up with some girls that were at the beach. Went to there house got back a while ago. That's pretty much it."
"I was with you until the I hooked up part. I'm tired so I'm going off to bed." I say yawning and stretching my hands over myself. "Oh. Do you know anything about dad? When he'll be back?" I ask.
"Yeah he called. Said he'll be here to celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years with us." I bounce up and down with joy. I run to Paul and hug him.
"I'm going to sleep now." I let go and go to my room. I change into pj pants and a tank top. I get under my covers and place the wolf beside me. Today has been I think the best day of my life. I close my eyes and all the happy moments I spent with Jacob play in my head. Over and over. I smile at these memories. Imprinting sure is a strange action we do when we have found our mate.

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