To Good To Be True

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I stop infront of Jacob's house. Brady, Collin and Jacob walk out towards me. "Where we going first?" I ask Jacob over the sound og my bike.
"Dinner, Port Angeles. You coming with us?" He ask.
"No I'll follow behind you guys."I reapond.
"Okay then. Let's go." They get in his truck and drive off, I drive behind them.

I park the bike next to Jacob's truck. I pat my hair down from its messy position. "Let's go inside I'm starving." Brady says as he jumps out of the truck.
"Your not the only one that's hungry Brady." I tell him. We walk inside and sit in a booth for four. Brady and Collin sit together on one side and I sit with Jacob on the other. This has been one of the best days since we broke up. We both left behind the past and are living today as friends and nothing more. But I have a bad feeling about this. I'm having a great time and I feel like something is going to ruin. But I might and probably just jinxed my luck. A waiter a little older then Jacob and I stands infront of me.
"Can I take your drinks." He asks looking at me.
"A Cokes please." I tell him and he scribes it down.
"Two Cokes." Brady says and Collin nods.
"I'd like a coke as well." Jacob tells him.
"Okay I'll be back with your drinks." He slips the notepad into his apron and leaves.
"I didn't like they way he looked at you." Jacob tells me.
"You think we did." Brady responds obviously he heard Jacob. I choose my meal and set down my menu.
"Guys brush it off. Not like I'll say yes if he wants to meet with me some other time." I tell them.  The waiter comes back with our drinks.
"Thanks." I tell him.
"No problem." He gives the other drinks to Brady and Collin. "Can I take your order?" He says taking his notepad out. He takes our orders and leaves.
"So what movie should we watch?" Brady asks as we wait for our food. I zoned out and I just look out the window. Paul and I are turning 21 in a week. Dad's coming home in 4 months. It's a long time but it will pass by very fast.
  "Here are your dishes. Injoy." He says. We eat our food while talking and joking around. We finish and we get the check. I bet Jacob to pay for dinner. We stood up and before  leaving the water stops me. "Would by any chance be single?" He asks. Before I could respond to that Jacob butts in.
"Get away from her. She is taken." Jacob snaps at the guy. He wraps his arm around me tight and leads to the door. He was jealous. I can't believe I'm saying this but it feels good to have his arm wrapped around me probably for the last time. I just had to take his arm that is around me off before something bad goes between us.
"Um so I'll meet you guys at the theater." I get on my bike and drive to the movie theater. I don't like this. I want to not like him, but he is making it impossible. I wrap my cardigan and cross my arms to keep it in place. I look at the movies that are showing while they get here. They walk in acting all cool, I chuckle at them.
"Jacob, Collin why don't you two go choose a movie while Brady and o get the pop corn and stuff." I tell them.
"Okay." They respond.
"He still has feeling for you." Brady says randomly. I look at Brady and he is doing the same to me. I look over at the ticket line at Jacob and Collin.
"I know." I tell him. "He showed it at the restaurant."
"I don't get why you two aren't together if you guys imprinted." He says. "I haven't imprinted but everyone else who has seems happy." He says.
"The spirits messed up with us. I guess imprinting is not always right. " I respond.
"Give him another chance." He says.
"Brady, no. I've already gave him to chances and he ruined them both."
"But Jessica third time is a charm." Brady tells me.
"Well Brady everybody deserves a second chance. I gave it to him." I respond. "4 big popcorn bowls. 2 kettle corn and the other two with butter." I till the women. "Anyways I'm leaving soon. Nothing is going to stop me."
"Let me guess you haven't told Jacob that your leaving." He ask.
"No." I respond.
"If you don't tell h he is going to freak out. Even more if he knows that we know where you are but he doesn't." I take two of the popcorn bowls and Brady takes the other two. We move over.
"3 Cokes one water." I say as we move to the drinks. "But I'll be back. I'm coming back I just want to be away from Washington for a while." I respond. We take the stuff over to Jacob and Collin. I spot Sarah whatching us. "Hey can you hold this?" I ask Brady.
"Yeah sure." He takes it from me.
"Where are you going?" Jacob asks me.
"I'll be back." I respond. I walk in the direction of the bathroom, Sierra follows behind.
"I thought you didn't want Jacob." Sierra says when we get away from them.
"I don't." I respond.
"Then what are you doing with him?" She asks.
"I don't know what you call it but we are both in Sam Uley's cult / gang what ever you call it. So we have to hangout together. It was only going to be the other two and I but Jacob tagged along and we couldn't do anything about it." I respond.
"Then get out of Sam's cult." Sarah suggest.
"Sierra once your in there is no out unless you confront Sam, or you can leave. But I can't do either." I respond getting a little mad.
"Then stay away from Jacob so I can get to him." She turns around her blonde hair hitting my face. I wait a little after she leaves. I walk over to them.
"I have to go. I got a call from Paul and he wants me to potrol for him." I lie to them.
"Of course it's your brother who calls for you." Jacob says rolling his eyes. I look and Brady and he scowls at me. I guess he knows I'm lying. I growl at Jacob as he talks about Paul.
"See you guys tomorrow." I tell Collin and Brady, and leave. I speed away from Port Angeles away home.

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