That should be me

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"Wake up. Wake up. We have to get you ready for your graduation." Leah says jumping on my bed. She gets off and opens the currents letting the sun in. I groan in response and bury my face in the pillow. Leah takes the pillow off my face and the cover off my body. Doesn't affect me cause I run on a 108° degrees. I give up and get up. Leah was already wearing her dress and everything.
"Wow you look awesome." I tell her.
"Thanks." She says. "Go take a shower and I'll get you ready." She says pushing me in the bathroom.

"Okay you are done beautiful." I look into the mirror and my makeup is done beautifully, my hair is awesome. I love it.
"This is great Leah." I stand up and hug her.
"Let's go if you don't want to be late." We walk down stairs and my dad is wearing a suite, and Paul is wearing a white plaid shirt and suit pants, with a vest.
"Leah are you seeing what I'm seeing?" I ask her.
"Yeah." She says playing along.
"Paul your not wearing shorts." I tell him. He rolls his eyes and mocks me.
"Jessica, your not wearing a t-shirt and shorts." I roll my eyes in responce.
"Let's go kids." Dad says pushing us outside.
"Hey Paul where has Isabel been?" I ask.
"I guess you can say she moved in with Jared." He says. Dad starts the car and I sit back and then I suddenly jerk up.
"What Jessica?" Leah asks worried.
"We are forgetting Embry." I get out of the car and go next door.
"I'm coming!" He yells and then opens the door. He locks the the door to his house and we go to my dad's car. "You look beautiful Jessica."
"Thanks Em. You look handsome too." I tell him, he is wearing the same as Paul. I'm guessing the guys from the pack are wearing the same thing. Embry sits in the back with Leah and I. "Now we can go dad." I say and we drive off to school.
We take our seats me sitting next to Embry and some senior I don't think I had any classes with. Embry is sitting in between Jacob and Jared. And before them there is Quil. He turns to look at me and smiles and I smile back. Jacob turns around to see what Embry's looking at. He smiles crookedly, how is it that something small like that can have me wanting him, but I fight it. I ignore him and look away from him. He frowns and looks back infront. We listen to the speeches, and then one by one we start going up to get our deplomas. We clap for the pack members when they go up. My turn. I walk out of the row and up the steps to the stage. I shake hands with the principal, before walking off. I beat the principal is glad that we graduated, he doesn't have to deal with the fights Paul gets into as well as my fights with Sarah. I start jumping around happily when I'm out of the people's view. Embry spots me and walks over to me. I run over to him and he spins me around, and kisses forhead.
"We did it we graduated." He tells me.
"Bye bye high school." He putts me down.
"Are you going to go to the party at the beach." He asks me.
"Of course I'm going." I answer. Paul just got off and is going over to Jared and Isabel. "Are you going to go home and change?"I ask him.
"Yeah but Quil is going to drop me off at me house." He tells me.
"Okay." I say and then everyone is done getting their deploma and we are free to leave. Leah doesn't come with us she leaves with her mom and Seth who came to watch us graduate.
"I got a surprise for you two." Dad says when we get home. "And Jessica Rosales Hale and Emmett Cullen got a present for you too." He tells me, we follow him to the garage. He opens the garage door and two new cars and a new motorcycle are I'm the garage next to Paul's truck.
"Which one is mine?" Paul asks.
"Which one do you prefer?" Dad asks him with that smirk that all three of us use.
"I prefer the black 1970 chevelle ss." He answers without thinking about it.
"That one is the one I choose for you Paul." Dad says and takes tje keys out of his pocket and throwing them at Paul.
"You saying that the green 1972 gran torino sport is mine." I ask him.
"Yup and Rosalie Hale and Emmett Cullen got you the BMW S 1000 RR." He throws the keys at me and I catch them and go check out the bike and car. On the bike there is a note.

You graduated congrats. Emmett and I got you the bike as a graduation present. And we are not taking in it back. Enjoy the bike Emmett choose it.
You only graduate once.
Love, Rosalie and Emmett.

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