Alphas order

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I get up and take quick shower so I can catch Paul before he goes to Rachel or something. I change into the clothes I didn't pack. I grab my suit case and walk out of my room. I hear Paul snoring from his room so I go put the suit cases in the car. I go back inside and Paul is coming down the stairs rubbing his eyes.
"Your up early." He says.
"Yup." I respond. "I want to tell you why I am up early." I say following him into the kitchen. Paul takes the milk carten from the fridge and drinks out of it.
"Why you up early?" He says scratching his bare chest and then gets the cereal box.
"I'm leaving." I respond. He stops and looks at me.
"Your kidding right?" Paul says spilling the milk from his bowl.
"I'm not kidding." I tell him getting a towel and cleaning up his mess.
"You can't leave!" He protest.
"Look Paul we've been through this already!" I respond snapping at him.
"You do not snap at me Jessica!"  He yells.
"Then you do not yell at me Paul!" I yell at him.
"Look Jessica you do as I say. I'm older then you and I say your not leaving." Paul barks.
"Your only older then me by seconds or a few minutes." I remark. A howl makes is freezing and listen. "It's Jacob." I tell him.
"He wants us to meet up." Paul says. "Let's go." We walk into the woods and stand behind a tree away from each other. "We will talk ore later!" Paul yells from where he is.
"No we are not!" I yell at him before phasing. I take off leaving him behind. As I run to our meeting place o can see images coming from Jacob. All of the things he is thinking. Bella's pregnant? Paul looks like your getting your way. I don't think Sam's going to want me to leave if she is pregnant. I snarl at him. He doesn't reapond but I know he is glad that I'm not leaving. I jump off a pile of logs with ther rest of the pack. We are walkimg around Jake waiting for Sam.
We have to protect the tribe. Sam says jumping out on to the top off a pile of logs. What they breed won't be able to control it's thirst. Every human will be in danger.
We are ready. Jared says.
We can handle it. Leah says as well.
Now. Jacob asks.
We must distroy it before it's born. Sam says.
You mean kill Bella. Seth asks.
Her choice affects us all. Sam responds.
Bella's human. Jacob says stepping forward. Our protection applies to her as well.
She is dying anyways. Leah and I both tell Jake. Me being the closets of both of us he attacks me. Sam growls at us to stop.
We have real enimes to bite tonight. Sam says.
Tonight? Jacob asks and Seth stands next to him.
You'll fight with us Jake. Sam says walking down using his alpha voice. We move away from them. Sam stands taller growling at Jacob making Jake bow down to Sam.
I will not! Jacob growls back standing up. I'm the grandson of Ephraim Black. I am the grandson of a chief. I wasn't born to follow you or anyone else. Jacob bumps into Sam before running uo the hill infront. Seth watches Jacob wanting to follow.
No one follows him. Sam orders us, he is so pissed at Jacob.
Guessing you aren't going to want me to leave. I tell Sam.
Yeah. I'm sorry Jessica. Sam apologizes.
Sam it's okay. It's our job to make sure that the town and tribe are okay.
Sam! Seth is leaving in the same direction Jake left. Collin yells. We all look at the hill and Seth is running. Leah starts to run after but Sam stops her.
We aren't going to be able to surprise them when we attack. Jacob probably has warned them that we are going to attack. We will surround the area they will have to pass us to go feed. Until when the thing is born or they leave there place. The treaty has been broken. Leah, Quil, Embry, Brady, Collin potrol until I call you guys off. Sam orders. They leave in different directions. Paul, Jared, Jessica let's go inform the elders. We run behind Sam his thoughts about the occurred in our minds. We phase and I find a tree I put a pair of shorts and a tanktop for times when I'm not carrying an extra of clothes or I didn't put the clothes in the spot I phased. We on Sam's side up to Billy's. I can hear, Old Quil, and Billy inside. Sue must be with Charlie Swan they are dating I think that's what Leah said. Sam knocks on the door and old Quil opens up.
"Hello kids." He says.
"We have a problem." Sam tells him.
  "Come in." Billy says from behind. Sam sits down on the couch, I stand behind him and Jared and Paul at my sides. "What's wrong?" Billy asks.
"Bella is pregnant with a child of a leech. Jacob and Seth have left the pack to protect her." Howls from outside from the guys that are potroling come in the room. "And so has Leah." Leah left. I understand Seth is her younger brother and she wants to protect him but what about Embry. He is her imprint. "The treaty has been broken and we will wait as soon as the thing is born to kill it. Which most likely means that by what that thing is doing to Bella. She will die as well."
"That will kill Charlie." Billy says sadly.
"I'm speechless." Old Quil says.
  "I'm don't know how to help you Sam." Billy say.
"There is no need Billy. I think I got this under control." He stands up and leaves. I look at Billy wanting to say something but what? "Jessica." Sam calls for me. I run outside into the side of the woods where they are and we phase and run to Emily.

Paul and Jared go into the living room and start to play video games.
"Can I go to the spare room?" I ask Sam.
"Go ahead Jessica." He answers before going to the kitchen with Emily. I slowly walk up the stairs and into the room. I lay down on the bed and look up at the ceiling. Bella looked big. Like she is due in a few days or in one or two weeks. I close my eyes. I can hear droplets of water hitting the window. The front for opening and two people coming in.
"Hey babe." I hear Paul say.
"Honey." Jared says. Obviously it's Kim and Rachel. The droplets of water fall faster and I fall asleep.

My phone beeps waking me from my sleep. I look for my phone on the night stand. The rain is still falling and it's dark outside. I find my phone and turn it on the light from the small screen lighting up the room. Message from my dad.

Are you in CA yet? I'm going there for a while, maybe we can see each other. Hopefully you left your brother I'm good hands.
  Love your dad.

Paul is in good hands because he is in my hands. I didn't leave so I won't be able to meet up with you. There is a last minute problem that we are fixing. Even if I left Paul would've been in good hands. He has found his imprint. He imprinted on Rachel Black. Jacob's older sister, Billy's daughter. I miss you. I wish it could be Thanksgiving so I can see you again.
I type and press send. I begin to smell the food coming from the kitchen. I get out of the bed and go downstairs with, Paul, Rachel, Jared and Kim.
"Hi Jessica, where were you I didn't see you?" Rachel says.
"I was upstairs taking a nap." I respond and sit on the couch by myself watching the TV with them.

Sam, Jared, Paul and I phase to take over potrol for Embry, Quil, Brady and Collin. I run making sure that the Cullens aren't coming. I block the guys out so I don't hear them thinking about their imprints. The rain starts to soak us and then it slowly stops.
I was thinking that you three, Embry and Quil can go talk to Jacob, Leah and Seth in coming back. Probably not today but in a few days. Collin, Brady and I will stay back to potrol. Sam tells us.
Okay. We respond. When I pass by the treaty I can hear Jacob, Leah or Seth running by watching us. If jacib never left the pack to protect Bella Swan Leah would be with Embry, Seth would be idolizing Jacob with us whatching that he won't do anything stupid like Jacob.

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