CHAPTER 40 - Unexpected Surprise

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This is surprisingly long, but totally worth it!

Aiden noticed Ashlyn's outstretched hand, signaling a truce. His face, already smiling, lit up even more at the sight. He reached out his hand and they shook on it. His eyes shifted to Y/N, who was lost in thought. A smile spread across his face as he reached out his hand towards her. He extended his hand with his palm facing outward. Y/N was taken aback by this unexpected gesture, feeling like her presence didn't matter much. She hesitated when he motioned for her hand, but eventually gave in and reached out to meet his, not wanting to prolong the moment any further.

 She hesitated when he motioned for her hand, but eventually gave in and reached out to meet his, not wanting to prolong the moment any further

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When they held hands, the girl's eyes widened briefly at his touch, feeling it was odd. She was surprised by the gentle way he held her hand, wondering if this was a common feeling. Even though this was the second time they had touched hands, it felt like there was a deeper meaning that she couldn't quite understand. When she gazed into his red eyes, she thought about how he saw her when they first met and how that perception had changed over time.

Did he see her as confident and outgoing, or shy and reserved? She may never know for sure, but the thought of how he sees her will always linger in the back of her mind. He was a complete mystery to her, even without him smiling.

The gentle touch of his thumb brushing against her finger made her shudder slightly. Just the light touch of his fingers brushing against hers would have been enough for her to pull away and end it, but she didn't. She didn't know why, or what had come over her in that moment, but she was truly captivated.

As they locked eyes, she continued to gaze into his eyes as he stood by the window, illuminated by light. A small ray of light hit the side of his face, causing his mesmerizing red eyes to sparkle. She couldn't determine if his eye color was real, but the sight before her was truly stunning.

However, she wasn't going to admit it out loud, especially to him. She wasn't sure if he would tease her or if it would boost his ego, but she also didn't want to admit it for her own sake.

Aiden noticed how her body responded when he did that. He didn't expect her to react like that, or for himself to act in that way. Even though he noticed this, he didn't mention it. Y/N didn't expect him to be gentle, considering how extroverted and active he was in dangerous situations.

But here he was, showing a side of himself she had never seen before. It made her question everything she thought she knew about him. Maybe there was more to him than met the eye. Maybe he was capable of tenderness and care, even in the midst of chaos. And maybe, just maybe, she was starting to see him in a different light. The realization both surprised and intrigued her, leaving her with a newfound curiosity about the complexities of his character.

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