CHAPTER 32 - Party Walkers, More Like Runners

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Y/N was standing outside the school bus while the others were inside chatting. Lost in her thoughts, she was reflecting on something. Y/N could empathize with how Ashlyn was feeling, with her emotional outburst. She felt the same way, understanding the pressure Ashlyn must have been under as the group leader. Y/N also had her own challenges to deal with as a member of the group. As she pondered deeply, she couldn't help but recall her own outburst from a month ago, which also brought back memories of Tyler's words.

'I really need to address that problem.' She groaned in frustration, placing a hand on her head and running it through her hair. 'What am I even thinking?'

Y/N was feeling overwhelmed with thoughts, getting more irritated and stressed as her problems kept piling up. It was hard for her to focus on solving them, which was giving her a headache. She knew she would have to apologize to Taylor at some point. She had been lying to her dad and pretending that everything was okay. Feeling a bit overwhelmed by her own issues, she understood that she needed to take things slowly and address them one by one.

However, she felt confused about where to start. Her thoughts wandered, and she had to shake her head multiple times to refocus. Lost in thought, she didn't notice someone approaching. Suddenly, she felt a tap on her shoulder, which startled her. Without thinking, she grabbed the person's wrist and swiftly turned her head, only to realize it was one of the twins standing beside her, with a small, concerned smile.

"T-Taylor?" Her eyes widened in surprise when she saw her. She slowly let go of the other girl's face, whose expression softened a moment later. This was unexpected for her, as she wasn't expecting to see Taylor until she got back to the bus. "What are you doing out here?"

"I just wanted to check in on you. You've been out here for quite a while and I was starting to get worried." She explained, and soon she noticed something was wrong. "Hey…" Taylor's hands then reached the girl's shoulder. "Are you…okay?"

"How can I be okay in this situation? Everything is so strange and I'm starting to feel unsure. This was supposed to be a normal class trip, not some dangerous dimensional experience. I didn't agree to this." Filled with questions, Y/N felt lost and uncertain. She realized that if she didn't survive, she may never get the answers she was seeking. It's all very confusing.

Within moments, her heart rate began to increase rapidly, feeling a rush of emotions all at once. She felt overwhelmed and struggled to calm down, clutching her chest in pain as she tried to focus on her breathing. As she collapsed to the ground, Taylor noticed and became worried. She knelt down beside her, realizing that Y/N was hyperventilating. Taylor reached out to help, but Y/N pushed her away.

"No, no– please don't touch me. I-I can handle it." Y/N, clearly struggling to speak, also had difficulty breathing. This was the last thing she wanted to happen, especially with Taylor watching her like this. She didn't want her to get involved in her personal issues.

Y/N felt a hand on her shoulder again, but this time she didn't move away. The girl's touch felt comforting and calming, reassuring Y/N that everything would be okay as long as she was there.

"... Look at me, Y/N. Everything is going to be okay. I am here to support you. Just focus on me." Taylor noticed that she was starting to look at her. "Good. Now, take a deep breath." Taylor began to breathe, letting Y/N know she is not alone.

Y/N followed Taylor's instructions and took a deep breath, inhaling slowly to calm her system. She then continued to follow her breathing, feeling her chest gradually slowing down. Taylor decided to do a few more breaths to help her relax.

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