CHAPTER 1 - Unsettling Presence

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In a desolated atmosphere was a roadside covered in fog in a small rural neighborhood

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In a desolated atmosphere was a roadside covered in fog in a small rural neighborhood. It all looked to be empty. And for starters, this wasn't normal, the sky making it the most obvious thing.

The sky was a dark crimson color, followed by the moon being a bright yellow one. It was also dark and filled with something other than humans. The atmosphere felt abandoned.

It was usual, to say the least since nothing like this has happened before. Who could imagine such a mystery? There was no one except absolute silence.

Although, not completely abandoned.

In a place filled with tall trees covered with fog were a couple of teens running away from something, something dangerous.

A total of seven teens with some carrying weapons, gripping them tightly while running through the forest. Their loud steps echoed throughout the area as something fast and unknown chased them from behind.

A girl with H/C hair knew if she looked back now it would be over for her. Since if she did, she'd lose focus.

'Keep running! Don't stop, don't look back!' The H/C girl thought with a frantic expression. She knew 'it' was close, but didn't look back.

They all wore panicked expressions knowing 'it' was getting closer.

"Time!" Ashlyn yelled as she turned her head around.

"8 minutes!" Logan responded while looking at his watch and holding a shotgun in his other hand.

'Just a bit longer-' Ashlyn thought with a wide-eyed expression. 'It's close!' Her eyes slightly glanced over her shoulder which made some sweat trail down her face, but she kept running.

It was an intense situation for the group where they were all running for what seemed to be their lives. Y/N could hear the others' heavy breathing which they seem to be out of breath, but they didn't and couldn't stop running. They were all nervous and panicked, chills reaching around their whole body. But whatever was chasing them didn't make them want to stop.

They then started running at a faster pace and after a while of running, they spotted a miracle in the distance. "The graveyard!" Wasting no time, they used all their energy to sprint to the gate.

Ashlyn was the first person as she then skidded to the red button. Right after Y/N arrived followed by Ben, and Taylor. As Tyler was approaching Y/N and the others could see the phantom right behind him.

"Close the gate, close the gate!" Yelled Tyler as he rushed over. Once everyone was inside the redhead slammed her hand on the button as it then started to close. While it was closing, the figure that was chasing them was getting clearer to see.

Disturbing was what it was. It was tall and Its whole appearance was completely black. Its face was nothing compared to humans and its eyes were small and white-like dots. It had a big and very wide creepy smile plastered on its face, showing its teeth.

Just as the inhuman creature was getting close the gate finally closed making everyone breathe a sigh of relief. Even so, it started banging continuously on the wall.

Y/N raised her head back as she breathed heavily. "H-How...are we still alive at this point..."

Our main protagonist Y/N, was slightly panicked and also on high alert. Considering she doesn't feel safe in a world like this, even though she is at the current moment. However, this place isn't what she calls eco-friendly. So it's natural for her to keep her guard up.

Those creatures the group saw are what they call phantoms. Unpredictable creatures that are very much a mystery to them. The only thing they know is that they kill, which seems to be their only intent, or is it? They're not sure.

One thing is for sure. No matter who the person is, they will do whatever it takes to get their hands on their prey, even if it means killing you.

"Alright, let's head to the bus," Ashlyn spoke, and with that being said they all made their way to the bus as continuous banging was still heard.

"Ugh, that sucked." Tyler groaned loudly while leaning against the seat.

"Yeah, don't say..." Y/N replied with heavy breaths.

Y/N was in a seat right beside the window while sharing a seat with Logan. They were also the seat right behind the seat of Ben and Aiden. However, she didn't pay any mind to it since she felt too out of breath from all the running. Everyone was currently in the same boat as they all struggled to breathe.

It soon fell silent, and in the moment Y/N wondered why but thought that it had given up. However, as she was staring out the bus window with a tired expression she saw something in the distance, but before she could confirm what she saw it then vanished.

 However, as she was staring out the bus window with a tired expression she saw something in the distance, but before she could confirm what she saw it then vanished

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'W-what...what was that?' Y/N thought as she questioned nervously, she then grew cautious while knowing something was off.

Outside looked dark, quiet, and gloomy, which in this case it was as if it seemed to have nothing out of the ordinary. However, her eyes never deceived her. She knew that something was there. She called out to the group, but they seemed to not hear her due to her voice being sore. Still, she knew something was wrong and remained vigilant.

"Guys..." She tried raising her voice but they still couldn't hear thankfully, Logan was right beside her so he could be able to comprehend what she said, although her voice was still in an audible tone.

Logan slowly got closer so he could hear her better. "Y/N, everything okay?" He said in a whisper tone.

Y/N shook her head as she held her throat, "No- you have to..warn them! It's here!" Her voice sounded cracky as she forced herself to speak.

He looked at her confused before catching the hint.

"It probably gave up or -someth..." Tyler trailed off his words when he caught sight of something at the entrance.

Ashlyn gasped as she seemed to sense something wasn't right. Before anything could be said from Logan they all turned their attention followed by Tyler's lack of wording and the noise that was coming from the entrance of the school bus.

The group froze in their seats once they saw one of the phantom claws by the entrance of the bus. A sense of panic came across the group's faces as it slowly entered the bus.

"How!?" Everyone thought in sync while also in shock at the fact it managed to get over the wall.

They all then slowly started to move from their seats while walking backward to not break eye contact. Y/N looked over the phantom and saw the weapons, which were clearly out of reach.

As the group stepped back they realized they could no longer walk back, making it impossible to escape. They all stared at the phantom, feeling paralyzed where they stood, and unsure of what to do.

'We're screwed...' Y/N thought with a nervous look.


(I had to rewrite this because it was too long and I didn't like it. Also, I'm writing it short so I can spare you all the time.)

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