CHAPTER 38 - Hopelessness

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Y/N sat on her bed, looking exhausted and feeling a headache that was worsening due to her constant thoughts. Her eyes had dark circles under them, and she felt pain in her body from her recent encounter with the phantom. She had a sheet draped over her shoulder, trying to cover herself slightly. Despite this, she still felt very tired. She knew she needed to treat her pain, so she decided to take a pain reliever pill. The pill was in the bathroom cabinet, which was not far from her room.

She unsteadily walked in that direction, holding onto the rail that connected the downstairs to upstairs. The door to the cabinet was slightly open, so she pushed it the rest of the way open. As she reached for the cabinet, she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror and looked disheveled. She sighed, ignored her appearance, and grabbed a small white container of pain relievers. Since she didn't have any water to swallow the pill with, she decided to just swallow it dry. She placed the pill in her mouth and swallowed it down with her saliva.

After taking the pill, it will take a few minutes for it to start working, so she decided to wait it out. She placed her hands on the sink and looked at herself in the mirror for a moment before slowly kneeling down, still holding onto the sink. She rested her head on her hand as she sat there, motionless and lost in thought while waiting for the pill to take effect. At that moment, she heard footsteps getting closer. As she looked up, she noticed her dad standing in the doorway, looking surprised to see her on the ground like that. Worried about her, he knelt down and gently placed a hand on her back.

"Hun, are you okay?" He seemed really concerned.

Y/N didn't respond to his question, instead she found herself staring into space with a drained expression. "You wouldn't understand," thought the girl.

"Why are you on the floor? Is it... Is it that time of the month?"

"No." Y/N replied blankly, turning her head back to its original position. She tried to focus on finding peace in her mind. They had just achieved their goal, so she was puzzled as to why she was feeling uneasy.

Was it because of her encounter with the phantom?

The thought of almost dying after making promises to herself to survive, see her family, make her mom proud, and make him proud.

"Are you sure you want to go to school looking like that? You appear pale." He placed his hand on her forehead and then on his own to check if she was sick. "Well, it doesn't seem like you have a fever."

She thought about school and sighed as she looked at her dad. "I'm okay to go, I just felt a little pain. I just need to drink some water and I'll be fine."

"Sure, I can get you some water. I'll be right back!" He promptly went to the kitchen to grab a bottle of water for her.

That night, she realized there was a concept she had forgotten to mention - the voice. It had appeared after some time, and she wondered why it was helping her, warning her, and doing all these things for her without any apparent reason to tell others. Maybe it was best to keep this to herself for now, as she wasn't even sure how to approach it. She doesn't know who this person claiming to be her savior is. They act like they know her, but she has no idea who they are. There's no need for them to be so mysterious when it's just the two of them. It's clear to her that they are hiding something, especially since they were nervous when she asked them questions on the first night they met in Savannah.

After some time, her dad's footsteps echoed up the stairs as he returned with a bottle of water. He knelt down and offered her the water, but she didn't take it, so he placed it on the ground near her.

He asked, "Hun, tell me, what's wrong?" showing more concern than before. He had noticed that her mental state seemed to be declining, and when he tried to talk to her about it, she seemed to shut down. It seemed like bringing it up only made things worse for her, as she didn't seem ready or willing to share.

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