CHAPTER 21 - Injured

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Y/N immediately saw its huge claw about to swing in her direction, and without thinking she backed away, thinking Logan did too. However, still seeing him in his same position made her eyes grow wide. As she was going to help, in the blink of an eye, the phantom slashed its claw on the right side of his waist.

He then lets out an agonizing scream of pain, "AGH!"

In the end, Logan was the only one to get hurt while Y/N remained unharmed

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In the end, Logan was the only one to get hurt while Y/N remained unharmed. Seeing this her eyes were filled with horror upon witnessing the large injury.

"Logan!!" The two girls exclaimed with worry, surprise seen on their faces as they saw him wounded.

He crouched down, his left hand gripping his waist tightly as he cried in pain, trying to hide the blood slowly flowing from his injury. His glasses fell from his face, tears streaming uncontrollably as he felt intense pain that grew to an extreme level. Seeing him like this triggered something in Y/N, prompting her to quickly stand up. She grabbed the phantom's wrist, squeezing it tightly out of anger while also keeping it in check. Despite its struggles, she didn't dare let go as it tried to break free from the tree's hold. The phantom was putting up a strong resistance, with even Aiden and Ashlyn having a hard time holding their end.

Luckily, it wasn't long before they all heard the other approaching. "Ashlyn!"

This caught Y/N and Ashlyn's attention, turning their heads they saw the others seen rushing to their aid with weapons in each of their hands-Taylor with a crowbar, Ben with a big pair of secateurs, and Tyler holding a wooden bat-like machete.

Urgency and relief were evident in the redhead expression of the other's arrival. 'Finally!' She thought before continuing with her role as leader. "Twins, grab the legs!" She ordered while looking at them individually, "Ben, you stab it!"

Without a doubt, each person played their assigned role. The twins each grabbed a leg of the phantom, holding them tightly to keep it still. Then Ben approached, raised the secateurs above the phantom, and quickly stabbed it in the back of the chest. The phantom coughed up a dark substance, and soon after its body started to tremble and feel weak. The seat it was holding onto also became softer.

Once Y/N felt it go limp, she then slowly, yet cautiously, released her grip on the phantom as its hand fell lifeless. Thankful for it all to be over she sighed, relief and gratitude showed on her face for the other's help. Once they all settled down a bit, the twins and Y/N quickly checked on Logan. The others could see he was in pain, and yet she couldn't help but feel the most guilty. If she had reacted quickly enough to save him, then none of this would've happened.

Logan was seen back into the seat while his body curled up in the corner trembling with his head slightly facing the other way. Even so, he still kept a hold of his waist to try and ease the pain. Tyler then came forward, concern evident as he inched to his side.

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