CHAPTER 13 - Trick

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"I'm going to tie the door to the pole over there." Ashlyn responded as there was one right next to Tyler.

"Two weak strings and a pole shabby pole?!" Tyler exclaimed, "Yeah like that's gonna keep it closed!"

"Maybe not but it'll stay closed long enough for me and Ben to make a run for it." She explained, "You guys go!"

Y/N saw the door almost being opened, but she managed to use her body to close back the door. Using her body weight managed to keep it closed for the time being with the help of Ben.

The others were hesitant to leave, but with the help of Ashlyn, snapping, "I said go!!"

"Tsk!" Tyler clicked his tongue in annoyance while pushing back some of his hair slightly, but left as told, running back to their room with Logan and his sister hand in hand as they all left in a haste.

While the others left Y/N, Ben, Aiden and Ashlyn were the ones left behind. Y/N still kept ahold of the door, but while at it she could feel the continuous bang of the phantom banging against her back as she held the door. Her eyes were closed and her head was against the door as it continued, feeling herself being lost in her world she began pleading to herself that this was yet another one of her lucid dreams. However, she was soon snapped out of it by Ashlyn.


"Hm!" She jolted awake at her name suddenly being called out. "Y-Yes?"

"Tie this to the door handle." Ashlyn requested as she handed her a string.

"Alright." Y/N started to tie the string to the door handle, a double knot was placed as extra security while Ben was keeping ahold of the door.

As Y/N was handling the door, Ashlyn was in the process of tying her string to the string she gave to Y/N to hers. However, she was then interrupted by the familiar blonde Aiden, placing a hand on her shoulder and grabbing the string that she was holding in her hand. His appearance of popping up from behind her startling her.

"I'll tie this end, you tie the other to the pole." He says.

They all did their respective parts. Ashlyn tied the string to the pipe, Aiden tied the string that Ashlyn was holding with Y/N's, and Ben was holding the door so the phantom wouldn't come out.

Once the H/C girl was finished she alerted the others, which was the same time they were finished as well. "Done!" Yelled Y/N.

"Okay-" Ashlyn stepped back slightly, shouting words that sent them all running. "RUN!"

Footsteps of the approaching danger were getting near, meaning that the phantoms were soon to be on the same floor as them. Then, the door handle to the room suddenly snapped. On the other side of the corridor was a group of phantoms now on the same floor as them.

The door then burst open revealing the horrific creature. It then started coming towards the four teens, dashing at a speed that startled them which prompted them to pick up their pace.

Y/N eyes widen at how intense the situation is, questions filling her mind drastically. Though, despite her feeling panicked she knew that it won't do her any good. So, she only had one thing on her mind that would resolve the situation and would be beneficial for them to survive this chase. Taking a deep breath she turned around with determination in her eyes, ready to face the creature head-on.

The others watched her with horror, concern edged on their faces as Ashlyn and Aiden yelled out the girls with worry while Ben stared with widened eyes. However, she wasn't backing down easily. Even with her heart racing she charged towards the creature. She then leaped into the air, stepping on its face and immobilizing it in its tracks temporarily as she did a backflip with her landing, it being with precise precision.

This resulted in the creature being pushed back slightly, which caused it to collide with the others chasing behind them. The three who were watching all this stared in awe, surprise evident on their face as they witnessed her skills. Y/N turned around quickly, noticing them in a trance she snapped them out of it.

"No time to stare! It won't do much," The H/C girl started running back to the group, "But enough to do something!" The others soon started following suit with her actions.

The situation began to grow tense once again as the creature got back up again. However, luck was on their side somehow, since in the distance was a yellow janitor wagon, giving our redhead an idea. Even so, they didn't stop running as the phantom was closing in behind us. Ashlyn was getting a faster pace and wasn't planning on stopping.

"Aiden, Y/N, Ben!" Ashlyn yelled, grabbing their attention before once again yelling, "Move!!" She grabbed the wagon, and at the last second, the three teens moved out of the way before Ashlyn slammed the wagon into the creature as it was pushed back into the wall with much force.

Y/N was a bit caught off guard by her actions but also impressed with her quick thinking. Suddenly, the phantom reached out its claw, attempting to grab Ashlyn. Ashlyn and Y/N saw this and began to panic, but before any of them could react a hand emerged out of nowhere.

"Y'know..." Aiden held the phantom while grabbing a spray bottle from the wagon. "...This could be fun." He said with an excited smile, gripping the spray bottle close to its eye while holding it as if it were a gun.

Oh boy…

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Oh boy…

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