CHAPTER 22 - Debating

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Some time went by, and Y/N was quietly waiting for the others to return and inform her of the situation with the phantom. After more time passed, she felt a sudden lightness on her shoulder. Turning to her side, she saw the brunette boy resting on her, slowly awakening from his slumber and looking drowsy. In a daze-like state, he raised his head and noticed a faint scent and the soft, warm feeling of body heat nearby. Turning his head to the side, he finally noticed Y/N looking at him.

"Awake so soon?" Y/N honestly hadn't expected him to wake up so soon, with his injury and all, she had guessed he would have more time to recover. But he seemed to be quick with his stamina.

It took him a few seconds to realize his position. His cheeks became a tinge of red. Quickly sitting up, he redirected his gaze to ease his embarrassed state.

"A-ah, sorry," he apologized.

"You don't have to apologize, it's completely understandable."

Nervously, he returned his gaze. Seeing him confused made her wonder if he was all right.

"Umm, do you know what happened?"

"Well... When Ben was treating your wounds, you fell asleep on my shoulder."

Logan understood and gave a small nod, yet he still couldn't control the rising blush on his cheeks. As he looked around, he realized the others weren't with them.

"Um... Where are the others?" he asked curiously while reaching out for his glasses.

"Disgusting is more like it."

Her gaze turned to the side slightly at the sound of the voice. Returning her gaze, she replied, "They're checking out the phantom. I'm not sure exactly what they are doing, but my best guess is that they're seeing if they can find anything useful about it." Noticing that he wanted to stand up, she got up. "Let me help." Lifting him slowly, they both went to check with the group.

The two individuals started to get up towards the group. Without even realizing it, she was holding Logan's hand. It was an instinctive move because he looked weak and had just woken from a nap, so she thought having a bit more support would be helpful. Despite his shock and embarrassment at this newfound physical contact, he blushed yet stayed silent so as not to make it awkward. He also felt a lack of courage to pull away since she didn't seem to realize her own actions. However, despite this, he found her grasp to be safe as her hand felt warm and comforting.

Even so, he couldn't help but feel his waist still in pain. Sensing something, the girl turned her gaze and saw she was holding his hand. Seeing his expression, she could tell he must be embarrassed. Feeling his grip tighten slightly, she knew something was bothering him. She then suddenly released her grip on his hand. Logan was surprised, turning his head they both made eye contact as she could see his confusion evident. Unexpectedly, instead of holding his hand, she got a good grip on his arm.

Logan then realized that she must have sensed the gravity of the situation, and showing his appreciation he gave a small, weak smile as he held his waist with the hand she was previously holding onto. As they stood up, they saw the group from a distance. They were all gathered around the seat where the deceased phantom lay, lifeless. She questioned their purpose for standing there, noticing their expressions. She decided to investigate further by inching closer to the group along with Logan.

"What..?" Logan mumbled while putting on his glasses.

"Oh, you're up," Taylor says. "Are you feeling any better?"

"Not really-"


Y/N and Logan looked at the seat where the phantom was and were stunned, yet disgusted. It dripped a kind of substance from its body which melted away as multiple weird eyes appeared on its body.

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