CHAPTER 14 - Plan

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Aiden then sprayed the chemical in the phantom's eye, making it squirm in pain. However, the surprising thing was, that it made no sound whatsoever.

'This day just keeps getting excessively weirder...' The H/C girl stared with a wide expression, feeling slightly disturbed that she glanced away.

With an insane look on his face, Aiden said, tilting his head in confusion as he asked, "Lol, why isn't it screaming?"

Before Y/N saw the scene in front of her she was busy worrying about on the others. However, she noticed Ashlyn covering and clenching her ears tightly, blocking them from the sounds the phantom was making. She looked to be experiencing pain, and it sounded intense, but Y/N didn't understand what. Ben was behind the girl, noticing her state alerted him to try to act on the situation, but he was not sure what was happening or what do to.

'Is it the creature's doing?' Y/N thought, glancing at the phantom with nervousness as a single sweat formed on her face. Looking back at the blonde she saw the thrill in his eyes, which gave her the creep of seeing a smile on his face; in a way, it matched the phantoms.

Ashlyn then looks at the blonde boy. "Aiden come on!"

"Aiden! That's enough, let's go!" Y/N yelled.

"I think we can take em! There are more bottles-"

'Is he deaf?!'

Aiden was then grabbed by the arm as the two girls shouted, "No!" Ashlyn and Y/N yelled in sync, looking back at the blonde with disapproval expressions.

The chase continued, and uphead Y/N spotted Tyler and Logan at the door of the boy's room.

"Ah! I see them!" Logan said, seeing the four running in their direction with speed while the phantoms followed closely behind.

They all made it inside the room with haste, seeing everyone in the door was then closed shut, and locked it for their own safety. Once inside everyone breathed a sigh of relief, relaxing every nerve knowing that they were safe. However that only lasted for a brief moment as the phantoms started banging the door loudly. They all jolted, shivers running throughout their bodies.

"We should... put the couch up against the door." Ashlyn suggested.

"Agreed..." Y/N said with exhaustion hinting in her voice while her body leaned against the nearest wall for support. This states the obvious that the weight of the situation is unbearable to handle.

However, despite these circumstances, everyone managed to pull through temporarily and move the couch against the door. Once the task was finished, the group split up separately in different corners of the room, trying to calm themselves of what had just occurred.

They all tried to be comfortable and calm about the situation, but knowing that couldn't be possible made them feel frightened even more. Unidentified creatures were just banging and lurking at the door, waiting for the right moment to strike. Some of them shook and trembled in fear, but they tried their best to remain calm. The room was silent, and it's not like that was the most obvious thing in the room.

Y/N sat in the concern beside Ashlyn (on her left), leaning on the wall behind her while holding her knees as her mind explored the crazy events of today. Hugging her knees gave her comfort and warmth as she felt the air in the room feel slightly cooler at the tenseness. Staring into space had her wondering quite a lot. The questions she swarmed herself only confused her more and more as she tried to get to the bottom of this situation.

Silence remained in the room. That was however broken in an instant by the active Aiden as he let out a chuckle.

"Why are you laughing this time?" The tan boy asked with annoyance feeling annoyed knowing he wasn't taking this seriously.

"It's like we're in a zombie movie." Aiden replied.

"And that's supposed to be funny?"

"Yeah." He says with a nonchalant attitude.

"Is he insane or something?"

As they were arguing Y/N was still cooped up in her mindset, but that was until she could smell the scent of blood. Though it was meek she could have smelled it, and it was nearby too. She then lowered her head slightly and upon looking around she saw the scratch from earlier still on her arm, untreated.

"Ashlyn, your arm." Y/N said while pointing to the girl's arm.

"Hm?" Aiden then noticed Ashlyn's cut in the corner of his eye,  "Your arm is scratched up? I thought I got you out of the way in time?"

'Looking at the cut, it would probably be infected if she left it like this.' Her E/C eyes started to trail her arm, having her lost in thought, and as she stared deeply it made her feel like she was forgetting to say something about it.

"...You did." Ashlyn said, looking down at her arm as a single sweat appeared. "I think this happened at the Sorrel Weed house."

Everyone fell silent after hearing her come out with the news. Y/N had her suspicion and was planning on telling the others about it, but her thoughts were so caught up in the situation that it slipped her mind.

"You mean you knew it was real and didn't think to mention it to any of us?!" Tyler yelled, anger evident on his face as he stood up feeling furious.

Ashlyn stared at him with a surprised look. "I didn't tell anyone because I didn't think it was real. And right now isn't exactly a good time to talk about it, we should be coming up with a plan or-"

"And why should we listen to anything you say? This is all probably your fault in the first place."

Ashlyn's patience right then and there suddenly snapped.

"I don't think you should be blaming her since that wouldn't be the most logical thing to do right now. And I believe Ashlyn's right, we should be coming up with a plan if we-" Y/N was caught off guard when Ashlyn put her finger inches away from her lip, looking at her with a slight smile on her face, a smile that showed reassurance, signaling to her she has it under control.

Ashlyn's eyes slightly narrowed as she glanced in Tyler's direction.

"Alright, fine." She got up and started walking his way. "I get where you're coming from. Maybe I should have said something. And if blaming me helps you deal with the situation better, so be it." Ashlyn then suddenly grabbed him by the collar of his shirt.

"Hey what are you-!"

"But if you aren't going to make yourself useful, make yourself scarce." She said, which surprised him while leaving the others to listen in their talk.

"Playing the blame game and figuring out what's going on can come after we are safe enough to talk it out. The facts are those creatures can kill us at any moment. Instead of arguing, our time is better spent coming up with a plan. So unless you are going to help me do that."

As they argued the rest of the group stared at them dumbfounded.

She then loose her grip on his shirt, but not before glancing back and warning him, "Keep your trap shut and don't cause trouble."

Tyler was then left standing there dumbfounded.

"Well that was unexpected." Aiden whistled

'Though she handled that good.' Y/N thought in surprise while watching her walk in their direction.

"And you need to stop taking this lightly!" Ashlyn said to the blonde.

"Aye! Aye!" He said in defense with his hand slightly in the air.

Ashlyn then lets out a sigh. "We need weapons and materials, so let's gather up everything in the motel room and sort through what we can use." She said, and with that, they all started to look for supplies.

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