CHAPTER 16 - Talk

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The unexpected news surprised Y/N, but not as surprising as she would've thought. It explains about earlier as she probably guessed. When the phantoms tried to make noise, the only one to have heard it was Ashlyn.

"So what's the plan then? Use your magic hearing to save the day?" Tyler said with a hint of sarcasm and annoyance.

Ashlyn seemed to be in thought of the question, but after a few seconds of silence she replied, "No." She then paused, "-Well yes, but later."

"I think we should stay here for now so we can rest and... prepare ourselves. Once we go outside, there's no telling what we'll encounter. And let's not leave the living room. If something happens, I don't want to be split up. There's isn't much we can do right now, so do some mental exercises."

"Mental exercises?" Aiden questioned.

Y/N turned her head towards Aiden and saw him lying on the ground with his two feet up against the wall. 'Why is he on the floor?' She let out a sigh and decided to just leave him as is.

"Imagining yourself in certain situations and seeing how you will react. Any time you aren't asleep, that's what you should be doing." Ashlyn explained while slowly starting to get back on her feet.

"Yeah, great plan. Daydream and sleep with monsters outside the door." Tyler said with a stubborn attitude.

"We'll take turns keeping lookout. Logan, is the time still twelve?" The redhead asked.

"O-Oh um- I'll check..." Logan said stutteringly while getting out his phone from his pocket. "...It hasn't changed."

"Alright, we'll keep resetting a timer every hour then. I'll take the first shift, who wants to go after?"

The rest of the group then went to sleep as Ashlyn was keeping watch. Using the resources they had
each of them grabbed a blanket and picked their spot to sleep. Y/N slept in the same spot from earlier, but just closer against the wall with her back facing it while Ashlyn was sitting beside her.

Though before Ashlyn started to keep watch all of the lights were turned off. Things started slow as Y/N at first couldn't find herself sleeping just yet. To keep herself company though she stared at the ceiling with her weapon next to her.

However, the girl seemed restless because after a while of shuffling and turning she found it hard to fall asleep

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However, the girl seemed restless because after a while of shuffling and turning she found it hard to fall asleep. She decided to sit up not knowing the time since it was still. As she got up, however, she noticed Aiden awake playing with his weapon as he was lightly swirling the metal bar around in the air.

He then caught sight of the familiar H/C-haired girl awake and waved her way with a smile that seemed to never decrease. She looked towards him with an unamused look and just glanced around the room to see if anyone else was awake. However, her gaze caught sight of Ashlyn, who had her head turned and her elbow on her lap. The E/C eye girl couldn't exactly tell if she was awake with her head turned, so without thinking she inched closer towards her.

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