CHAPTER 18 - Enduring Pain

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Everyone (minus Ashlyn) -as she was upstairs in her room getting ready to leave for her ballet practice. While she was dealing with herself Aiden, Ben, and Mrs. and Mr. Banner were playing cards. As they played with cards, Y/N was seated on the other couch, scrolling through her phone while peacefully waiting for Ashlyn to arrive.

She then raised her head, staring at the ceiling with a bored expression while with a blank state of mind. Lowering her head she let her eyes wonder itself to ease herself from her boredom. But then, a figure slowly started emerging down and it caught Y/N's interest. She looked in the direction of the staircase and saw a familiar figure, revealing Ashlyn and her loose hair, her locks practically being the center of the H/C-haired girl's attention.

Despite her trance, she noticed her wearing a black sleeveless shirt with short jeans matching the color of her eyes. "I'm ready Mom. Can you do my hair?" Asked Ashlyn as she looked up slightly.

Emma-Ashlyn's mother looked over her shoulder, seeing her daughter and acknowledging her request she answered, "Sure!"

'Snap out of it, snap out it-' Y/N kept repeating this phrase in her head as her eyes were glued to the lovely color of her loose, curly hair.

After a while, Ashlyn caught sight of Y/N in her trance state, and by calling out to her she snapped out of her spaced-out state. "Y/N?"

Y/N had to blink a couple of times to process what just happened, looking at the redhead she responded, "Sorry, yeah?" As looked at the redhead with her functioning mind she glanced around the room seeing Aiden and Ben staring at her.

Ashlyn then made her way into the living. Once she made her way into the room she walked near Y/N, standing by the couch she then lowered her head slightly and stared at the H/C girl with a confused look.

"You okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. What happened?" She looked up at the redhead with reassurance in her eyes.

"You were doing it again."

"O-Oh, sorry. Thanks." Embarrassed, the H/C-haired girl then looked away from her emerald eyes, lowering her head to not further draw more attention toward herself.

After a few minutes of watching Emma do Ashlyn's hair, it was then done in two cornrows while being pulled back into a back bun. With that finished they all set off for the ballet studio. The drive went on for another few minutes, and in the meantime of this the H/C- girl was playing a game to bypass the time. Soon, the car made a stop upon arriving at Ashlyn's destination.

"Alright, we're here," Emma said as she and Mike glanced back at the four sitting in their seats while Y/N was seen at the trunk due to the lack of space.

Aiden was in the middle seat, sitting between Ben and Ashlyn. Ben was sitting on the right side beside his cousin with his head leaning on the side of the car with both of his arms crossed while with his seatbelt as he was currently sleeping. Ashlyn was seated on the left side beside Aiden as she two had her seatbelt while staring out the window with a abit of a displeased look.

"So, this is the place? Cool." Aiden leaned his body forward slightly to get a better view of the place as he stared through the window. He looked to be fascinated by its big structure.

Ashlyn began unbuckling her seatbelt and stepping out of the car she then lowered her head slightly as she stared back at Aiden, "Satisfied?"

Ashlyn began unbuckling her seatbelt and stepping out of the car she then lowered her head slightly as she stared back at Aiden, "Satisfied?"

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