CHAPTER 37 - Sense Of Relief

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While swerving, Ashlyn shouted to Logan over the walkie-talkie, ["Logan, go press the button!"]

"O-okay!" he stuttered.

Logan hurried to the button and pressed it just in time before the group burst through the wall. He then closed the wall as the jeep skidded to a stop, leaving a trail of dust. The air was filled with tense, quiet breaths. Taylor opened the door of the jeep and stepped out, feeling dizzy.

"Is… Everyone okay?" Taylor, the driver, asked as she clung to the door. The rest of the group got out of the vehicle with a slight stumble.

"I'm gonna be sick." Tyler quickly ran to the side and mostly vomited.

The feeling was mutual as Y/N felt a bit car sick from Taylor's driving skills. Taking deep breaths, she was assisted out of the car by Ben, who had his hand around her waist, while Aiden held onto his shoulder and hopped on one leg for support. Ben, despite looking tired, still helped her out. As they were getting out, Logan approached them. They both helped each other with their injuries. For example, Taylor supported Ashlyn by wrapping her arm around her neck.

Logan immediately noticed Y/N and rushed over to her. Seeing him, Y/N wobbled into his arms and he caught her. He hugged her tightly, relieved that she was okay, but also noticed a bruise on her neck, feeling sorrowful. He placed a trembling hand on her back, feeling guilty for not protecting her better. Y/N rested her chin on his shoulder.

"Y/N… I'm sorry I took too long," he whispered. His tone sounded hurt as he couldn't even begin to express how grateful he was that she was alive.

At the same time, he couldn't help but blame himself for her current state. She had done so much for him, from looking out for him to protecting him, and he had never felt more grateful to have someone like her in his life. He was touched in a way that words couldn't express. And all he had done for her was let her down. He felt like he had let everyone down, and that weighed heavily on him.

"It's okay, I'm fine and alive, and wouldn't want it any other way." Even though she almost died, she was grateful he took that risk. Y/N wouldn't have blamed him for feeling doubt in such a dire situation. The pressure he was under would have been understandable, as it can be overwhelming.

The group gathered around each other, nursing their minor injuries. The atmosphere was tense, filled with silence as everyone processed what had just happened. They were exhausted from running, dodging, and coming close to death. For Y/N, it was overwhelming. Facing the phantom's strength in battle was challenging, and she felt like she wasn't good enough. She blamed her own lack of strength for the predicament she found herself in - coughing in mid-air with no solid footing, facing an almost impossible opponent. The terrifying experience of almost losing her life was still fresh in her mind, saved only by Ashlyn and Logan's assistant. It was a traumatic event for her.

After a moment of silence, Taylor, in particular, had a realization. Holding the single key to the car, she paused to reflect on their achievements as she gazed down at the key in her hand.

"We did it," she whispered. A smile of joy spread across her face as she repeated, "WE DID IT! HAHA!"

 A smile of joy spread across her face as she repeated, "WE DID IT! HAHA!"

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