CHAPTER 15 - Phantom Whisperer

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The group had scattered around the room in search of supplies. Surprisingly, they managed to find some useful supplies, such as potential-looking weapons, blankets, and all the medical supplies they could find. Ben was currently handling Ashlyn's wound, and he was surprisingly good at it. He started pouring the antibiotics on her arm which caused her immense pain since it stung, and with the pain being unbearable to even handle she started tapping her feet uncontrollably on the floor.

Y/N watched as he dealt with her injured arm before shaking her head in approval knowing he was doing the correct steps. Suddenly, sounds of glass shattering were heard in the room, startling them all.

"Aye look, another weapon." The voice of the culprit said. Aiden stood there holding a broken, yet sharp bottle in his hand with a smile. The impact caused some shards to be scattered around the floor, which proved to be dangerous.

"Hey watch it! You should've done that in the bathroom, now there's glass everywhere!" Tyler exclaimed.

"I-I'll get the broom." Logan stammered, though nonetheless proceeded to get it to clean the mess on the floor.

While Logan cleaned the mess Y/N turned her head towards her knees as thoughts and questions filled her mind about the voice in her dream.

'I still can't wrap my head around this. That voice... They said we were all in danger, but how could it have known? That's the kicker, how could they have known this would happen? Could have they been the ones behind this? Though if are then why would they warn me? But again, they sounded so genuine about helping me.' She jolted slightly, shaking her head, 'Focus! Then, if was it's not them, but who, or what?'

Y/N felt stuck on the topic, yet so lost on what to do or even believe. 'Damn, am I really going to get into the topic of the paranormal?' She spaced out with her thoughts still intact as more and more questions hit all at once.

As she was deep in thought she didn't know an approaching figure coming near her. Soon, Y/N snapped out of her state of mind, and as she did so she noticed someone's shadow in front of her. As she raised her head she was startled to the blonde boy crouching in front of her, their faces being inches away as he stared at her with a smile.

"Ah!" Y/N yelped, her eyes widening in fear, which caused Ashlyn and Ben to jolt, pausing him briefly.

Her heart was pounding upon seeing the sight of Aiden as her head and body backed away, latching herself against the wall. Since there was a wall behind her, and not to mention nowhere else to go so she hoped he wouldn't come any closer.

"Hi," Aiden said with a casual tone as his face filled with a smile, the most noticeable thing she saw while he kept his eyes locked with the H/C girl in front of him.

"Um... Hi?" The girl's heart slowly began to decrease, but that still didn't make her feel less terrified as a single sweat formed on her face. The moment felt intense for the girl, which made her thoughts go all around as she questioned his purpose.

He stared at the girl's E/C for a couple of seconds, but then he turned his gaze towards the redhead. In his hand was a single cloth, stretching out his hand he handed it to her.

"Here, wanna squeeze this?" The blonde offered.

"...Thanks." Ashlyn took the cloth and held it close.

"Yep!" He then sat on the ground with his hands on his legs while it was crossed as his face had finally distanced itself from Y/N, making her breathe a sigh of relief. "I never took you for the leader type."

"...I'm not. But my parents are."

"Your parents?"

"They're both from the military," Ashlyn said as her scratched-up arm was being bandaged up by Ben.

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